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Aibu to expect more

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Sammie24 Mon 04-Mar-19 07:57:59

So I pretend that I don’t care, but really it pains me . My boys are 4 and 6 and there dad is not interested in them anymore, my 6 year old doesn’t want ago and actually got so frustrated at the thought of going home with daddy after after school club that he tipped chairs and got really cross in his school classroom, ( he had slept at daddy’s the night before, and was getting picked up by his aunt) I had to visit my ex to tell him about what is going on with his boy because he ignored 5 calls and 2 it’s urgent text messages, and he had a missed call from the school too!. As I left he was actually laughing with his new gf! It was the second incident with our 6 year old in that week. I’m calling on him because at the end of the day he is meant to love his son as much as I do and because we need to support him as much as we can and although we are separated our son deserves us to work together to support him. He has had the boys once in 4 weeks and that is only because I pushed for it! , there is no contact any other time, he was having them every other weekend but now that has fizzled out.
I’m left trying to juggle a degree, placements and kids/childcare on my own we live in a remote village and I cannot find any childcare for my boys just to take the pressure off when I’m meant to be at placement 2 hours before the kids start school, and with my 6 year olds extra needs atm I just lost, i have gone down the early help route, and I’m waiting for confirmation of the lady’s second visit, I have contacted the drs for them to only offer me a telephone appointment and the school are involved in help too

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