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Smoking weed - what’s your take on it...

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Notcontent Sun 03-Mar-19 23:50:27

I don’t know much about it but on balance think it should probably be decriminalised. However, it is addictive and it obviously can have a negative impact on people’s lives and mental health. It does seem very prevalent around my part of London - I feel like I can smell it in the street all the time when I am out and about.

RonaldMcDonald Mon 04-Mar-19 00:00:39

I’m fine with it and view it as less harmful than alcohol or tobacco which I see everywhere

HaroldsSocalledBluetits Mon 04-Mar-19 00:04:53

Can't stand the stuff and hate that people smoke it openly. It can get you high being around it so unlike tobacco smoking it has a direct and immediate effect on people nearby.

Claw001 Mon 04-Mar-19 00:05:56

I dont know much either. Tried it in my younger days, a few times. just made me either paranoid, giggling or sleepy!

ThorsMistress Mon 04-Mar-19 00:06:41

DS's dad used to smoke it and it made him a paranoid, nasty person.

He's been off it for a few years now and is a completely different man.

Mrskeats Mon 04-Mar-19 00:07:30

I hate it and have seen people become paranoid because of it.

pollypockett Mon 04-Mar-19 00:08:58

It’s fine if you smoke the “good” stuff. Skunk is what usually affects people negatively. I do wish the smell
Was a little more pleasant though

pinkboa Mon 04-Mar-19 00:12:46

You can't get high from being around weed smoke...

If that was the case I would have been high all my life 😐 as I'm from a place where it was accepted and my dad smokes it.

I only got high when I first smoked at the age of 26! And even then it was far less impactful than weed edibles I used to eat with friends. Ive never smoked around my parents and I was never offered anything from them.

Its the only thing I've ever smoked... I would never try "hard" drugs... but I have no issue with weed. I looked forward to vacations at home because I could indulge with friends. Well used to... I can't anymore because I have kids and it's not worth the risk.

PickAChew Mon 04-Mar-19 00:15:40

It's a really occasional indulgence. Any more and you've probably checked out as much as anyone who can knock back the best part of a bottle of voddy.

HaroldsSocalledBluetits Mon 04-Mar-19 00:16:56

Being around second hand cannabis smoke shows up in a urine dip and affects performance, memory and emotions, according to at least one well regarded study. People who smoke it around others are exposing them to a psychotropic substance.

donajimena Mon 04-Mar-19 00:17:04

I see no problem with relaxing with a nice spliff (are they still called that?) at the end of the day. However I have a friend whose ex couldn't start the day without one and spent the whole day stoned on the sofa.
I wouldn't touch the stuff nowadays though. It stinks and its too strong. Bring back resin! (Not really) wink

GunpowderGelatine Mon 04-Mar-19 00:17:25

I wouldn't have a problem with decriminalisation as long as there were restrictions on where it could be smoked in public - the stuff bloody stinks!

However I will say everyone I've ever known who's smoked it regularly is a nasty, grumpy lazy git with serious paranoia. BIL has smoked it for years, I was went round to his and was wearing my blue work lanyard. He saw it through the frosted glass and wouldn't answer the door because he thought it was the RSPCA confusedhmm . He has cats that he adores and on confirming he does not in fact abuse them I told him to get off the drugs. But he swears blind he's not paranoid

HaroldsSocalledBluetits Mon 04-Mar-19 00:19:31

Also the same respiratory concerns re second hand tobacco smoke apply to cannabis smoke - obviously, particularly if you do actually roll it with tobacco.

WombOfOnesOwn Mon 04-Mar-19 00:19:48

Secondhand marijuana smoke has never been shown to show up in a urine dip unless being smoked in vast quantities in an unventilated small room, and even then only on especially sensitive dip tests.

What nonsense is peddled in the UK about marijuana. It's amazing how stark the difference is. Our laws here are quite different, and the sky isn't falling.

Yambabe Mon 04-Mar-19 00:22:01

It's not for me but I don't think it's any more harmful than alcohol or tobacco and I don't really have an issue with others smoking it if they choose to.

I believe it's only psychologically addictive rather than physically, so easier to stop than harder drugs and alcohol and tobacco.

Not sure if I agree with full legalisation, I think personal use should be decriminalised, although supply of large amounts should still be against the law. Not sure if that would work though?

I'd like to see a lot more research into the claims made for both THC and CBD derivatives when used medicinally.

HaroldsSocalledBluetits Mon 04-Mar-19 00:26:51

Non smokers were testing positive and showing cognitive impairment almost a day after exposure to second hand pot. Lots of rooms don't have fan ventilation. If you're around someone smoking pot in a room without fan ventilation then it will affect you.

LikeYouSaid Mon 04-Mar-19 00:31:24

I have no issue with it, but I dislike people smoking it openly in front of DC (but I also dislike people smoking normal cigarettes in front of DC!)

esk1mo Mon 04-Mar-19 00:33:03

would 100% rather smell it in the street than cigarette smoke 😷

Aquathest Mon 04-Mar-19 00:41:14

Hate the smell of it and have to echo GunpowderGelatine in that my experience of those who smoke it regularly fit a certain type (lazy, grumpy, selfish, paranoid)

Sorry to be so judgemental but this is based on the people I know who smoke it. I can't see how someone can lead a productive life, especially if they have DC, while smoking that shit.

whathaveiforgottentoday Mon 04-Mar-19 00:49:14

Not got a major problem with except
some people seem to think it's ok to smoke all day every day. If they drank alcohol like that they would quite rightly be judged an alcoholic but for some reasons they think this is acceptable with weed. I suppose if it were legalised, the education regarding its use might be more realistic.
I also have concerns with its links with mental illness although evidence is unclear and I think it's suggested they are using it to self medicate rather than it be the underlying cause?

Aquathest Mon 04-Mar-19 00:49:27

Sorry OP - just remembered you asked about decriminalisation.

I wouldn't be in favour as I do think it is quite harmful and addictive but then so is alcohol...
I have heard of 'dodgy strains' so if legalising it made it safer for those who indulge now anyway that had to be a big plus.

ChakiraChakra Mon 04-Mar-19 00:49:36

My opinion is tainted by a horrible first hand experience - I presume it was skunk, and I was noticeably mentally "off" for a few months after it. I have known enough people who have poor mental health who smoke it to correlate it, though in some cases I think they'd say it was treating/helping it. I'm not at all convinced.

Prescribed for medication? Absolutely, I genuinely believe it's useful for that. But not decriminalised as a recreational drug, especially not now it seems like a battle is being won against smoking with smokers vaping instead, wouldn't it put that back too?

TheseThingsAreFunAndFunIsGood Mon 04-Mar-19 01:06:05

My experience of marijuana is that it accentuates a person's natural personality/character (much like booze in that way in fact) so those people it turns lazy/paranoid/nasty you can bet are pretty much like that anyway just better at covering it when less uninhibited! wink

On a more serious note, I have ADHD with all the trimmings and some of the usual associated issues (OCD, anxiety, prone to depression) and I have found that for me mild dosing of marijuana - I used to smoke one weak spliff a day, gradually, throughout the day - worked wonders for my mental state and actually made me a better person and more productive member of society. More research - and open minded, optimistic research at that - should be carried out into how it can help people like me and improve our lives because believe me, in controlled form and properly managed, it would do so much good for so many people. I still partake occasionally now but I vape so not even harmful to my health or those around me as such.

We are so closed minded in this country - we just hear the word Pot and go screaming to the hills in a fearful panic clutching our daily mail propaganda in one hand and our pitchforks in the other (probably whilst stashing a bottle of vino about our persons, so healthy 🙄) - We should go back to the biological beginnings and the raw materials and see how we can make it really work.

IMHO, Obviously! wink

TheseThingsAreFunAndFunIsGood Mon 04-Mar-19 01:09:59

Incidentally, I used to live in Canada and smoked a fair bit of weed over there, came back to the UK and obtained some and was horrified at how potent it was!! So there is definitely that argument, that legalization would help manage the quality, as tbh it was a worry for me for a while as I don't think it's a positively comparable product at all.

SurgeHopper Mon 04-Mar-19 01:10:16

Live in Canada and its recently been legalised.

I don't see the problem with it at all. Alcohol is far more damaging.

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