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Teach me how to relax!

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Timetheworldsaysicantafford Sun 03-Mar-19 22:42:45

Even in the little time I do get to myself (young kids, work from home, busy DH and no family nearby) - I feel like I can't switch off. The jobs feel endless and a new hobby feels a bit too much of a stretch just at the minute. If you get an hour to yourself, what do you do to relax??

JenMumma Mon 04-Mar-19 01:24:12

I feel your pain. Hmmm usually ..
Bath, book (or audio book), those 15, 30 or 60 minute guided meditations really refresh me! I find I can usually relax if I'm just BY MYSELF for half an hour, even if it's walking down to the shops and having a coffee. I phone my funny friend for a natter, maybe light some candles and try out products that have been dust collecting, all depends how much time I have and where I am 🤷🏼‍♀️🙂xx

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