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To think this is a pro anti vaxxer meme on Facebook?

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Someone I went to school with has posted the following on Facebook this evening. I’d like to credit her with a modicum of sense, but it reads like a pro anti vaxxer meme...

“Here is the current list of companies who are censoring medical information that doesn't align with the pharmaceutical industry profits.

Amazon (removing books and movies)
Etsy (will not sell homemade products)
Pinterest (deleted entire accounts)
Facebook (deleting groups and accts)
Google, Bing, Yahoo (deindexing search results)
Instagram (banned accts and hashtags)
YouTube (demonitizing)

Do you understand yet? It's about making sure you have NO ACCESS to have information to think for yourself.

This is a problem. If your info is correct, why do you have to delete the opposing info?”

—Lindsey Evans

**Vimeo has been added to the list too”

Is she falling for this nonsense, and if so, is there a balanced and sensible link I can send her to extol the virtues of vaccination oh wise MNers?

RoseAndRose Sun 03-Mar-19 19:59:35

She's falling for nonsense, and if you can, get her to read the WHO report on accounts nuts linked with proven Russian trolls inventing and promoting thos stuff

Thanks @Rose. I’m just so surprised she’s being sucked in by it!

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