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Why are theatre tickets so expensive

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TheoriginalLEM Sun 03-Mar-19 17:00:54

I want to take my dd to see harry potter and the cursed child. I had to have a little lie down when three tickets (ok both shows) cost nearly £700. They were the only available seats.

That is more money than i spend on a holiday!!!

Then i tried to book war horse locally. Ok ish seats £200 for three if us.

I really want dd to see cursed child. I cant justify £700 without train fares and food.

Am i doing something wrong? They were by no means the most expensive seats and there were some cheaper but sold out. My worry is that the cheaper seats will have limited view.

So my question is twofold

1. How can i book reasonably priced seats and 2. Where do people recommend to sit that isnt £££ but doesn't compromise view?

Also is it even worth it? Ive been told its excellent but for that sort of money id want life changing!!!

whiteroseredrose Sun 03-Mar-19 17:44:56

We went to see Hamilton last Saturday night. Tickets were £37.50 each - very back of the top tier but the view was fine. Friends and family railcard paid for itself.

The trick is to plan well in advance. I booked the tickets in July for February half term. Same with the apartment. Train tickets as soon as they became available.

gowgow Sun 03-Mar-19 17:46:11

My local theatre has not only touring productions, but "Live" or "Encore" screenings of stage productions. Fantastic value @ £15 per seat.

SoftPlant Sun 03-Mar-19 17:49:33

We bought our Cursed Child tickets over a year in advance, just through the normal website, £30 per person per showing (so £60 per person for both parts). So would be £180 ish for three people to see the whole thing. £700 is crazy. You just need to check the website when new tickets are released, and buy well in advance. The cheap ones sell out first.

There will always be tourists willing to buy tickets for a couple of hundred quid on the day, hence the high prices.

ClosestThingToCrazy Sun 03-Mar-19 18:02:09

Tickets in the West End tend to be dynamically priced - the more the tickets are in demand, the higher the ticket price- hence show posters say "tickets from" on them.

Try booking tickets on the day they release tickets for an extension. I bought Hamilton tickets for £37.50 on the day they released tickets for the next booking period.

Some shows run lotteries on the day for cheap tickets. And Today Tix is a good app for finding low price tickets, but you won't find tickets other than Friday Forty on there for Cursed Child. I bought Come From Away tickets on there for £25 each when other websites were selling the seats behind for £55 (there's currently an offer on until 10th March for selected shows).

West End shows are expensive to put on. A musical can be £1,000,000 to get to first days of preview, and I don't imagine Cursed Child cost much less. But it's cheaper to mount a West End show than a Broadway one. Most West End shows don't make money (About 1/10 do).

ClosestThingToCrazy Sun 03-Mar-19 18:06:59

It says the next lot of tickets will be released in the spring, so should be fairly soon. There's a link on that page to sign up to the newsletter that will tell you when they're next released

Paddington68 Sun 03-Mar-19 18:06:59

The Cursed Child is not that good.

elizzza Sun 03-Mar-19 18:08:38

The most expensive tickets for the Cursed Child (through the official site) are £80 which would be £480 for 3 people to see both parts, so yes I’d say you are doing something wrong - were you looking at buying second hand through a tout website?

Aragog Sun 03-Mar-19 18:08:39

Were really big HP fans. Have been for years. And we are, fortunately, financially good. However, although we'd love to see it I just can't justify the cost. When you add in travel costs and hotel, which we'd need, it's the cost of a week abroad for the three of us. And I don't want a rubbish view so the cheap tickets won't cut it for me, esp after reading too many reviews of the cheap seats. And not close enough to go for the special offer last minute type seats.

I'd rather go to see other shows locally for far far less and have a few weekends away, than spend it in one go.

I know there's a lot of money that goes into shows etc but I guess ultimately for us we have other priorities we'd rather spend the cash on. Maybe one day.

TheoriginalLEM Sun 03-Mar-19 19:44:49

Elizza no from the main people (i think!)

melj1213 Sun 03-Mar-19 19:53:29

Did you buy them through Nimax or ATG websites? Elizza is right, according to the website, currently the max price is £80 per part (though you can get VIP tickets at £100 per part)

Arnoldthecat Sun 03-Mar-19 19:54:30

A couple of years back i went to see the lion king at the Lyceum in London. The most shocking part was the scandalous,rip off bar prices.

Hunter037 Sun 03-Mar-19 20:02:00

Book further in advance (so there will be cheaper seats available) or wait until it comes to you.

We saw Wicked at our local theatre recently. Seeing the same show at their "home" theatre in London was 50% mpre expensive for similar seats.

Happierlife Sun 03-Mar-19 20:06:13

I bought the £15.00 tickets for War Horse. Right at the top and where the aisle is so hoping for unobstructed views for Saturday afternoon. Didn't want to pay anymore than that.

modgepodge Sun 03-Mar-19 20:07:31

I have seen £350 per ticket (for both parts) on the proper cursed child website, I don’t know where the max £80 per part thing came from. It is expensive.

However, I went to see it for £40 pp in the summer. I’m a teacher and was available basically all summer. Every singe day I checked the official website - they release all returns daily. I checked every date I could do, individually, every day for about 3 weeks. Eventually 2 tickets at £40 pp came up for a day u could do and I snapped them up!! Mostly it was wading though individual tickets or ones which ere £350, but eventually something affordable came up. Took a considerable time investment though!!!

It was AWESOME. However we were right st the back in very small seats with a limited view. I’d like to go again and would spring for stalls tickets. Can’t justify £350 pp though.

Boysnme Sun 03-Mar-19 20:16:02

That seems really expensive! How many people is it for? We booked in May for Feb past and got stalls seats for £270 (£67.50 per part). We absolute loved it (DS & I) but I would not have paid £700 for it.

Boysnme Sun 03-Mar-19 20:17:23

Also just to add I completely agree with you that prices are so high now. We’ve also booked to go and see Matilda locally and o would have been cheaper going to London to seen it!

TheoriginalLEM Sun 03-Mar-19 20:21:45

melj1213 thanks. That is the site i looked at. It does appear to have seats available but when i try to select them it says unavailable. I think its because i need 3 tickets.

Will keep looking.

Was hoping for stalls as i have bad eyesight. What is the dress circle?

SellFridges Sun 03-Mar-19 20:22:04

We went to Cursed Child yesterday. It’s utterly amazing and worth it.

We’ve actually been twice now - first time in the £15 restricted view seats which was fine for DH and I. Yesterday we were in the Stalls at £75 a seat with DD and we did feel much more a part of it. DD wouldn’t have been able to see from the cheap seats at all.

cardibach Sun 03-Mar-19 20:22:19

Theatre can be very expensive to put on, especially musicals.
Booking ahead is the answer - I’ve seen Hamilton twice, once for £50, once for £37.50. I’m going to two other shows in London this year, both under £30 per ticket. They are always near the back, but I’ve never been disappointed with the view.
Provincial theatre can be a bit cheaper, but not always.

ZippyBungleandGeorge Sun 03-Mar-19 20:22:40

@TheoriginalLEM what about one of the longer running shows, Les miserables, phantom etc you'll get good seats at reasonable prices especially if you let her have a cheeky afternoon off school (dentist...) and go mid week. I saw Les mis the first time at 14 and was enthralled

ErickBroch Sun 03-Mar-19 20:23:12

Should be £100 per person for very good seats, I have seen it 4 times and always paid that with excellent seats.

ErickBroch Sun 03-Mar-19 20:23:32

Hamilton tickets are £200... crazy, for one play.

Technically Cursed Child is £50 per play

TheoriginalLEM Sun 03-Mar-19 20:24:07

Happier are you in the south east? Cheapest tickets at Canterbury were £19.50 with limited views. Mostly unavailable. Only tickets now available are £65 each.

StoorieHoose Sun 03-Mar-19 20:48:16

Hamilton tickets are not £200! What nonsense. I paid about £80 each and the view was excellent

modzy78 Sun 03-Mar-19 22:33:05

Get the newsletters and be on your computer the second new tickets are released. We did that with both Cursed Child and Hamilton and were able to get tickets fairly soon after they opened (so original casts for both). Just be aware to stay away from seats on the sides for Cursed Child. Ours were not the cheapest, but we still ended up with a restricted view. Hamilton, on the other hand, has no bad seats. The theatre was gutted and redesigned in order to guarantee views from all. The only issue is that if you have the cheapest seats in the last couple rows of the balcony, you won't be able to see all of the actors' heads when they're on the higher platforms.

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