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To be despairing over constant viruses?

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redshiv Sun 03-Mar-19 15:14:03

Ftm just needing some encouragement really because I am in despair. DD started nursery mid-December, a week before I finished maternity leave. Literally her first full day I came down with tonsillitis for which I was given antibiotics, and went back to work as planned. First day back at work she was sent home with S&D.
Since then we've have had one infection after another. Coughs, colds, S&D. As soon as I think we're over one, the next one starts. Barely a day of feeling well in between.
I'm teacher. In the half term between Christmas and Feb half term I had 7 days off work - 2 with DD (mil has been amazing and travelled loads to come and help out) and 5 because I'd completely lost my voice and was coughing so much I was vomiting. Half term week she was well enough for nursery but I was vomiting again all week.
Last two weekends I've had S&D, plus the latest cough has lingered for the last month or so.
Have been back to the GP repeatedly but they just keep saying its viral, have time off work and rest. I can't have more time off work!
I just can't take much more!

redshiv Sun 03-Mar-19 15:14:45

Sorry it's so long! Thank you anyone who has read it all!

Littlebird88 Sun 03-Mar-19 15:20:03

I would say the nursery needs to tighten up their rules on infection particularly the 48 rule for vomiting or diorrhea.
hope things improve soon

Osirus Sun 03-Mar-19 16:16:18

Same here with colds. I swear I’ve been coughing since October.

redshiv Sun 03-Mar-19 20:46:23

To be honest I think I'm bringing more home from work than she is from nursery (they are pretty tight on the 48 or rule as they're NHS run). Because we suffer from low attendance we often push children to come in when they should be at home in my opinion (and parents send them when they should be at home).
Just feel like everyone else can fight it off but whether it's because I'm so tired or what I can't and it means I'm doing a crap job.

bobstersmum Sun 03-Mar-19 21:03:11

I think if you're run down or have anything underlying it's easy to pick up everything going. One of my dc is waiting for tonsils out and he picks everything up. He's just got over a ten day virus that absolutely wiped him out.
I also think schools should be strict on when kids should be absent. Ours says only 24 hours after v&d which is crazy. And they don't care at all about high temperatures. They want them in.

Merryoldgoat Sun 03-Mar-19 21:16:01

I hear you OP. Without exaggeration I’ve not had a single week from someone being unwell since before Christmas. My DH has taken more time off in the last 2 months than in 10 years combined. I’ve been back at work 2 months (after mat leave) and already taken 2 days for the baby being sick.

Older DS has had nearly 2 weeks I. Total off since October.

We’ve had:

Chest infections
Random fevers
Ear infections.

I work in a school, DH in a university, DS1 is at primary school and DS2 is at s childminders - between the 4 of us we get everything known to man and share it about. It’s exhausting.

Plus baby doesn’t sleep and we’ve not had an unbroken night in months and months.

I survive on codeine*

*only half joking.

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