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I believe my husband has cheated

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appledaisy Sun 03-Mar-19 14:34:48

I think my husband is cheating on me -he's either been with a prostitute or I am just going insane.

I will try to not drip feed but last years we almost split up because I found out he spent some of our mortgage money to pay for live sex cams. I suffered but we remained together. We have a 3 years old child. He is a very "sexual" person, loves pornography, cannot see a pretty woman on Facebook that he'll spend a good time looking at her photos. I do not know if it matters but I am quite young and also not bad looking. I have never had proof of "real" cheating.

He recently bought some viagra (he's 40) and said he would like to experiment with me. I declined as I believe he does not need.

This morning our child reached the drawer where the pills were so I moved it to a tall cupboard in the kitchen. But I opened the box - I don't even know why I did it - but the package was already opened with one pill missing.

Last Wednesday he messaged me saying he would not complete his work as he got a problem with his car but he would be back home in the usual time. We work in the same place a few days a week.

Now I cannot stop thinking he saw someone on Wednesday and took that pill. Everything sounds like a piece of evidence as I remember now he was talking with such level of details about the car problem and wondering how it did happen.

Do you think I have got a point or am I paranoid? I will not confront him because this time I want to investigate further and keep proof of whatever I may find.

I am planning to check his card transactions when he leaves his phone around - I can access through the bank app and find out what he did that Wednesday.

Any bits of advice please?


SalliSunbeem Sun 03-Mar-19 14:50:28

Put friend finder on his phone and track him? Check his clothes for unusual scent odours?

Just ask him outright? But expect him to lie if he's been cheating.

appledaisy Sun 03-Mar-19 15:01:01


I think he did something on Wednesday but I did not suspect until this morning when I checked the viagra box and there's one pill missing. That's why I want to have a look at his bank transactions. However you have got a point, he might be seeing someone that is not a prostitute. sad

SalliSunbeem Sun 03-Mar-19 15:30:01

It's a horrid feeling, been there, but you need to find out. Can you check his satnav, phone, bank acct?

Hoopaloop Sun 03-Mar-19 15:50:53

Are you sure he's not just had some me-time on the sofa after you've gone to bed?

LuckyLou7 Sun 03-Mar-19 15:57:13

Tell him you've noticed there's a tablet missing. Gauge his reaction. Then dump him on his sorry arse if he's cheating on you. I would never have got past the cam girl thing.

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