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World book day. High school

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bullyingadvice2017 Sun 03-Mar-19 11:37:06

So am I the only parent of high school pupils that thinks this is a bit ridiculous.

My dd has a letter saying dress up for world book day or detention... and characters that wear normal clothes are not allowed.

Now I personally hate dressing up and if invited to a do I'd not go rather than dress up and feel a twat.

Honestly at school I'd have bunked off. No way would you have got me in there dressed up!

Also I now have to go and spend however much on a dressing up outfit for a 14 year old who will never wear it again!

GerryblewuptheER Sun 03-Mar-19 11:38:37

What characters are in books that a 14 yr old would read that dont wear normal clothes confused

my2bundles Sun 03-Mar-19 11:39:35

This is ridiculous. My now year 6 hasn't dressed up for the just 2 years as it's babyish. I really hope his high school don't do this.

endevo Sun 03-Mar-19 11:39:49

Seems crazy, I teach in secondary and the teachers dress up but not the kids. The school have just made life difficult for themselves there!

x2boys Sun 03-Mar-19 11:40:37

Ds1 informed me yesterday his high school is doing it hmm

TabbyMumz Sun 03-Mar-19 11:40:39

After doing it every year for years throughout infant and junior school, I would rebel on that one Im afraid.

iklboo Sun 03-Mar-19 11:41:04

How can they justify a detention for not participating?

Bigearringsbigsmile Sun 03-Mar-19 11:41:07

Well no you don't. You cobble something together from what you have.
Buy some fake tattoos and dress her in jeans and a top and send her as the tattooed mum from Jacqueline Wilson?

All in black with a witches hat....any witch from a book.

Etc etc

bullyingadvice2017 Sun 03-Mar-19 11:42:10

I have no idea! I have suggested we get down to tesco and see if they have a age 14 gruffalo or Paddington outfit!
Dd not impressed... she is very worried about the prospect of a detention. Never had one and is very worried about this. I have told her to bugger it and do the detention. To be honest if she's really stressed about it I met just decide she's a bit pale on the day and keep her off.

Carolcool Sun 03-Mar-19 11:42:14

Detention if they don't dress up?? Are you sure? I work in high school and have never ever heard of this. Kids and parents would mutiny!

Sirzy Sun 03-Mar-19 11:42:48

That’s madness.

I would hope they wouldn’t enforce if for children like ds who due to his autism can’t cope with dressing up.

An optional dress up with uniform if not taking part would be much better surely?

JudgeRindersMinder Sun 03-Mar-19 11:42:58

At senior school? They could get to fuck with that idea if my kids were there! My ds hated being forced to dress up for it at primary school, good luck with telling the now 6’ tall almost 17 year old he has to still do it!

iklboo Sun 03-Mar-19 11:43:13

What do they class as 'normal clothes'?

Vinorosso74 Sun 03-Mar-19 11:44:08

I think that's ridiculous! Surely kids that age aren't interested in dressing up?! It should be optional.
My 9yo DD was a bit reluctant but after hearing her friends are dressing up decided to. Personally I hate fancy dress and trying to think of ideas.

LadyPenelope68 Sun 03-Mar-19 11:44:20

In all the years I've been teaching, I've never come across a High School that have dressed up for Book Day. How ridiculous.

Hoppinggreen Sun 03-Mar-19 11:44:28

14 year old dd and her friends are very unimpressed with this
Her and 2 more are threatening to go in very short skirts,, crop tops and deerstalker hats as “Sherlock Hoes” ( her 10 year old brother is Sherlock Holmes)

GerryblewuptheER Sun 03-Mar-19 11:44:57

My ds hated being forced to dress up for it at primary school, good luck with telling the now 6’ tall almost 17 year old he has to still do it!

That's a good point actually. Many teens will be in adult clothing. Have they seen the woman's range of costumes,? All like Anne summers outfits. Not really suitable to wear to school

SileneOliveira Sun 03-Mar-19 11:45:31

That's absolutely ridiculous.

Our Primary school isn't doing dressing up this year and most parents are delighted. Asking 15 and 16 year olds to dress up in fancy dress is nonsense.

bullyingadvice2017 Sun 03-Mar-19 11:46:48

Exactly my thoughts. Now I didn't go to school much as admittedly I was a nightmare... I would have fucked off for the day without a second thought. Dd is very good and worried about being in bother. It is ridiculous.
They seem to baby the kids and constantly send messages about checking your child's bag for letters.
Now maybe I expect too much of teens but if my 14 year old cannot get a letter about whatever trip signed and returned without mums having to check the bloody bag then they will deserve to miss out.

Passmethecrisps Sun 03-Mar-19 11:47:16

Have you actually seen this in writing? It seems absolutely bizarre.

I hope they have a very large detention room

For WBD in my secondary school we are all reading for a period. That’s it

GerryblewuptheER Sun 03-Mar-19 11:47:43

Not just you op

I expect the same of my 12 yr old

bullyingadvice2017 Sun 03-Mar-19 11:48:36

Any characters that wear normal clothes. Ie tracksuits, jeans, jumpers and trainers. !!!
So basically everything

minionsrule Sun 03-Mar-19 11:51:35

Ds's high school did it for Yr 7, i was really put out as thought it stopped after primary. Some kids dressed up but most didn't..... it was not compulsory tho.... thats bonkers

GregoryPeckingDuck Sun 03-Mar-19 11:52:50

We used to do these dress up days regularly for charity (no threat of detention mind you). Just dress her head to toe in black, stick on some cat ears, draw on whiskers with eye liner and voila. OMG the cat.

GregoryPeckingDuck Sun 03-Mar-19 11:53:03

Mog the car

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