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What does an “average” work day look like for you?

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Youngandfree Sun 03-Mar-19 11:12:39

Just for fun, in AIBU for traffic;what does an average go like for you?
Mine goes something like;
6.50 get up get dressed and ready for work.(clothes set out previous night)
7.10 wake up DC and get breakfast/finish my make up.
7.30 get and help DC dressed, teeth brushed, hair brushed etc.
7.50/8.00 finish lunches if necessary/put all necessary bags and lunches in the car, and sort out washing machine on a timer.
8.10/8.15(latest) leave house
8.20/8.25 drop DC to school/Montessori
8.25 go to work
9.00-2.40 work (I’m a teacher so these are my contact/school hours)
2.40-3.00/3.10 sort out some planning/photocopying etc
3.00/3.10 leave work
3.30/3.40 collect DC
3.50/4.00 home
4.00-5.30/6.00 this is our free time so it varies depending on day or weather , take DD to swim lesson/gymnastics/etc or light the fire and stay home or go to the park/visit friend/family for an hour. And also make dinner
5.30/6.00 dinner time
6.00-6.30 DC play for half hour
6.30 bath/get ready for bed. Listen to DD read.
7.00-7.15 bedtime
7.15....get all bags and lunches (most of) ready for the next day, set out clothes and uniforms for the next day.

My DH Works away for weeks at a time so this is a day when he is away.

littlecloudling Sun 03-Mar-19 11:14:08

You have such a nice day! I doubt many teachers can arrive for 9am

KaleidoscopeEyes Sun 03-Mar-19 11:15:58

Oh mine is soooo different. I work horribly unsocial hours and sometimes have to get up in the middle of the night. Your day sounds heavenly!

IceRebel Sun 03-Mar-19 11:15:59

(I’m a teacher so these are my contact/school hours)

3.00/3.10 leave work

Looks through the post for the 4th time... you leave work at 3.10pm and I can't see any planning in the evening. shock

Where do you work?

Youngandfree Sun 03-Mar-19 11:17:15

@littlecloudling I usually arrive for 8.50 which is pretty normal. When DH Is home he does the school run and I get to school for 8.35/8.40. Not many teachers in my school arrive before 8.15 (school doesn’t open until 8) and I’m never first to leave either. It’s just the way it is here.

Youngandfree Sun 03-Mar-19 11:18:28

@IceRebel I’m in Ireland

Owlettele Sun 03-Mar-19 11:18:56

I teach. I leave home at 7.15 and pick up the kids at 16.50. when they are asleep I inevitably have work to catch up on. What heavenly school is this?

SuperMoonIsKeepingMeUpToo Sun 03-Mar-19 11:19:00

When do you do your planning/ marking/ reporting? No staff meetings? You've got a very cushy teaching job!

Youngandfree Sun 03-Mar-19 11:20:13

@IceRebel yes so sometimes I do planning in the evening (but only 1 evening a week) we have allotted planning time on a Friday (about an hour). It’s quite different here.

MinisterforCheekyFuckery Sun 03-Mar-19 11:20:59

Another one who's jealous of your school hours! I work in a school but I'm not a teacher. I start work at 8am and by the time I get there all the teachers are already in and always look like they've been there for a while. I am allowed to leave at 4.15pm and the teachers are all jealous I get to leave so early. They often have parent meetings/CPD that starts at 5pm that I don't have to attend.

littlecloudling Sun 03-Mar-19 11:21:53

@Youngandfree is that in England? The teachers at my DD school arrive before 8am and the children can arrive from 8am.

SkaTastic Sun 03-Mar-19 11:22:56

I'm a HLTA.
Get up at 6am
Get kids up at 6.30am
Leave absolutely no later than 7
Drop kids at school/childcare and drive to work.
Get to work for 7.45
Do planning things
Work from 8.30 till 3 with no break
Leave work at half 4ish after writing up any incidents from the day
Home for about 6
Make tea
Kids in bed
Planning/ uni work until maybe 10pm
Consume vast amounts of wine in preparation for next day.

IceRebel Sun 03-Mar-19 11:23:20

we have allotted planning time on a Friday (about an hour)

I'm not sure how you manage to fit all panning, marking and other admin into an hour. You're at work less than the TAs at my school smile

amymel2016 Sun 03-Mar-19 11:24:25

6.15 - get up, DH is already up and I get ready
6.30- get DC up
7.00- out the door
7.20- drop DC at nursery
7.30 - start work
4.30 - finish work
4.40 - pick DC up
5.00 - home/tidy up/play with DC
7.00 - DC in bed (DH does bed whilst I cook tea, DC has tea at nursery)
7.30 - eat tea/watch TV/ do odd jobs
9.00 - shower, get stuff ready for the next day
10.30 - bed

That’s 3 days a week whilst I’m at work, the other 4 days differ depending on what we’re doing.

mumto3girlys Sun 03-Mar-19 11:24:57

Packs bags ready to move to Ireland......

I'm in school no later than 8am and at least twice a week I arrive at 730am. I do leave at 305 once a week though. I do have it good though as I work in my youngest child's school so she waits in the library at home time unless I have a staff meeting.

Youngandfree Sun 03-Mar-19 11:25:33

-Planning is done fortnightly/ monthly (obvs there is long term planning set too) we have allotted planning times on a Friday And “some days” I stay a little later. We have our monthly planning ya to hand in at the end of a month so those days I’m a little later.
Marking- it happens in class, as we go, we just tick it if it’s right and give verbal feedback. No faffing and sharing of marking etc.
Reporting- do you mean school reports? Again this is a scored system, tick the boxes as such, and then a quick little remark at the end. Very easy going 😂
Meetings- usually happen once a fortnight they are usually over by 4/4.15 latest.

categed Sun 03-Mar-19 11:25:40

Deends on the day...
Days where i am dropping kids off at my dads before work...

6.30am get up dresses
7am wake kids get them dressed
7.25am do hair, never a happy time as dd1 has waist length hair.
7.45am leave house to drop kids off.
7.55am drop kids off.
8.05am arrive at work, (teacher as well)
8.55am kids come into classroom
3.00pm kids leave (work through breaks)
3.15-5.00pm meeting or collegiate work
5.15pm pick up kids
5.30pm home put tea on/homework/games
6.40pm bed time for kids
7.30pm kids asleep
7 30-9.30pm time with hubby
9.30-12.30- planning and prep work
12 30am shower and bed.

I only work 3 days a week so it's not oo bad but work about 40h paid for 21h which does pyt a strain on family life.

twolittleboysonetiredmum Sun 03-Mar-19 11:27:17

I’m a teacher in England and my day is mental compared to yours!
6am get up
Crazily run round getting 3 small children fed/dressed/read reading books to leave for 7:30. Get to school for 7:50 (they’re all at my school thankfully)
Lesson prep and emails etc until 8:45
Teach 8:45-12
10 mins for lunch then club or booster group or dirt
1-3:15pm teach
3:15-5pm plan/prep/mark
Get all kids and go home
5:30-7 cook, tidy, bath kids, put them to bed
7-7:45 exercise
7:45-8 manically tidy house
8-9:30 work (3 nights a week) other two nights do longer exercise then watch tv
9:30 bed
And repeat!

shellysheridan Sun 03-Mar-19 11:27:23

Wow. I'm a teacher.
Up at 6.30.
Drop kids off at 7.20
At school for 7.30
Leave work when I'm chucked out at 5.30
Kids to bed for 7.30
Work till 9.30/10pm

Missmarplesknitting Sun 03-Mar-19 11:30:01

Teacher contrast....
Up at 6
Shower and leave at 6:50. DH does kids.
Arrive 7:15am. Prep, photocopy and get through marking a set of books.
8:15: duty or briefing
8:25: registration.
1:10.....lunch eaten at desk or on duty outside.
2:45 lessons finish.
3pm meeting. Either school, department, mentoring student teacher or I work til 4:30.
5pm pick up kids.
Get home, cook food, do any evening activities. Put kids in bed (hubby works Flexi later hours to do the mornings)
8:30pm - planning til about 10. Usually on sofa with laptop.

On Wednesdays I leave earlier to get DD to dance class and on Fridays I don't plan on the evening.

Youngandfree Sun 03-Mar-19 11:30:12

@IceRebel yes it’s not enough which is why I do some at home (maybe an hour per week) we use a lot of text books and workbooks so it’s just follow in the chapters/curriculum.
@SkaTastic NO BREAK! That would not go down well here. We have 10 mins in the morning and half hour at lunch. The children do not come near the staff room at breaks here! Staff have yard duty once a week on a rota. So we do morning and half of lunch once a week.

categed Sun 03-Mar-19 11:31:09

I wish uk school would look to Irish schools at work/life balance. Here it seems a race to see how many hours we can actually work in a week regardless of pay.

elQuintoConyo Sun 03-Mar-19 11:31:20

8am wake up, wake DS, make 3 breakfasts and 2 cups of tea.
8.50 take DS to school, walk dog on the beach.
10-3 faff.
3pm shower and go to work.
9pm walk home from work.
9.30 take dog found the block for her late-night widdle.
9.45-ish have dinner.
11.0pm lights out.

Except Fridays when I don't work. Or days where DH takes DS to school and Lady Woofsalot for her walk.

maddiemookins16mum Sun 03-Mar-19 11:32:14

Tomorrow I’ll leave home 0750, get to work 0815.
Check emails, allocate appointments made overnight for the 9am slot.
Make tea, have a fag 😳, chat.
Start at 9am.
Deal with post/scanning/urgent weekend emails/sort out more appointments for the morning.
Allocate stuff out for the team from the weekend.
Deal with more tricky emails.
Call listening and feedback to those whose calls I’m grading that day.
Lunch at 12.30.
The afternoon consists of mainly allocating files/claims that need to go to the 60 plus staff that I provide support to for the next day.
I’ll also take some appointments myself (tax stuff).
Finish at 5.30, home by 6pm.
I took this job because it was really close to home, I used to have a 4 hour round trip commute.
It’s 7K less a year but I’m saving 4K on train tickets a year and the time at home well makes up for it. Great company, fab colleagues and I’d be delighted if it sees me out to retirement (14 more years).

Youngandfree Sun 03-Mar-19 11:33:13

@elQuintoConyo I would love to get a dog to walk on the beach they always look so happy on a beach 💕💕😂

Longdistance Sun 03-Mar-19 11:33:14

School secretary here 🙋🏼‍♀️
Very similar to yourself except send emails, sort registers, website, newsletter, SIMs, reports, letters to parents via a parent mail system, but I’m at work until 5.30pm. I then rush out to pick dds up from ASC (they’re usually the last ones there).
Get in.
Cook dinner.
Sit down for dinner.
Dds in shower.
Read to me
Lights out
I eventually sit down at about 9pm to watch some tv.
My dh works away a lot too.

Youngandfree Sun 03-Mar-19 11:34:07

@Owlettele I should have added it in. I live in Ireland

MiaFarrowsWheelbarrow Sun 03-Mar-19 11:35:02

I have a great day, I work part time and my children aren't living at home at the moment. A typical work day is:

6.30 wake up and go out to feed pet chickens and rabbits
6.45 back to bed with a cup of tea and snooze until
8.00 wake up properly, shower, make up, dressed ready for work
8.30 walk dog and get home for
9.00 settle dog and double check hens/rabbits then
9.10 drive to work and arrive by
9.30 start work, open cafe at
10.00 work right through until approx
4.30/5.00pm drive home
5.20pm check hens/rabbits and change out of work clothes, start dinner
6.00pm settle on sofa for knitting/reading/doggy snuggles

All household chores are done on my days off. I know I'm lucky to have the work days I do.

BlessYourCottonSocks Sun 03-Mar-19 11:36:03

Another teacher here. (In England).
6.15 Shower, eat, dress;
7.00 Bellow up stairs to DH (retired) and teenage son to get up and I head out the door to work.
7.45am In work, photocopying, sorting lessons, reading emails etc.
8.30 In briefing
8.45 Tutor time
9.00 - 3.30 Generally teaching 5 lessons. Break duty once a week - rest are generally taken up by a student who wants something. Most lunchtimes are taken up by stressed students (far too many A level and GCSE classes/pupils). Spend a lot of my time calmly offering reassurance and suggestions.
3.30 - 4.00 Moan and bitch with colleagues and my cleaning lady - drink coffee, eat biscuits. Send stuff to printer for next day.
4.00 - 5.30 Generally mark a set of exercise books so I don't have to haul 30 of them home.
6.15 Home - DH has cooked tea. Spend till about 8.00pm with family
8.00 - 10.30 Work. A level essays to mark, planning to do. Always some shit like reports to write, or another damn 'student voice' survey to sort out. I'm a HoD so have a real burden of useless admin tasks and no time to do them in.
10.30 - 11.00 Bath. Or Gin. Or read. Something to unwind before I fall into bed and do it all again.

Clearly I need to teach in Ireland. Sadly, I am probably too old and expensive to take the move. And have a DC doing GCSEs that I don't want to move.

Bigearringsbigsmile Sun 03-Mar-19 11:37:14

Christ. ...I am moving to Ireland!
I'm sorryou of don't believe that that is a true representation of a teachers day anywhere!

RottenTomatoes959 Sun 03-Mar-19 11:39:09

Ok first off, day I'm in college.

6.15: Up, get dressed, brush teeth.
6.40: Wake DS, dress him, brush teeth.
7.10: Walk to creche. (He gets breakfast in creche)
7.35: Train into work.
8.30: Arrive into work.
5.30: Leave to head to college (uni)
6: Four hours of classes.
10: Finally escape and get home at 11 and straight into bed.

Day I'm not in college.
All day as before.
4.30: Leave work and collect DS.
5.30: Home, dinner, pyjamas and bed for DS.
7: Study for two hours.
9.30: Pass out from exhaustion.

RosemarysBush Sun 03-Mar-19 11:40:07

My Dc are away at university.
6am get up, shower, breakfast
7am leave for work
7.30 start work (Nurse)
12:30ish first break (half hour)
17:30ish second break if it’s quiet
20:00 officially finish
20:30-20:50 leave after documentation
21:00 stuff lots of food in!! Bit of tv
22:00 bed

Youngandfree Sun 03-Mar-19 11:40:19

@Bigearringsbigsmile its pretty much average sometimes I leave at half 3 and I can tell you no word of a lie... there’ll be 2/3 other cars left.

JaniceBattersby Sun 03-Mar-19 11:45:00

That sounds great Youngandfree. I think heremin England we have got a totally skewed idea of what a normal day should look like. No wonder so many people are suffering from such severe anxiety and mental geslth issues.

isseywithcats Sun 03-Mar-19 11:46:01

Monday to Wednesday
6.50 get up let cats out
have a shower and get dressed
make a brew for me and OH
let cats in and feed them
tidy up and go out
8am till 11 am
pull apart a commercial kitchen
clean everything put back together
clear down dish area take down any rubbish
walk across town center to charity shop
11.30 till 3,30
run the Ebay page in an office for the charity
paperwork, packing, listing sorting,
go home and cook dinner
Thursday 8am till 11 am kitchen cleaning etc go home
Friday day off housework etc
Saturday front of house cleaning in restaurant
Sunday day off ironing washing housework etc

Unescorted Sun 03-Mar-19 11:47:49

Civil Service..
Get up at 5:45
wash, dress, make lunch and train coffee - get out of the door by 6:10
Cycle to station for 6:30 train
train to work - listen to Today programme, prioritise emails, respond to urgent ones and drink coffee.
Get to desk for 7:15
7:15 - 7:30 log onto the sodding computer and make 2nd cup of coffee
7:30 - 4:30 fire fight, answer the same question eleventy billion times to 5 different people spend lots of tax payers money, chase people for responses.

4:50 - catch train home. respond to urgent emails, random requests from family to pick up things on my way home.

Cycle home - arriving about 5:15. Put domestic hat on, clean up kitchen, washing, cook dinner, have the same conversation with my mother about how busy she is, collapse into bed.

Justgivemesomepeace Sun 03-Mar-19 11:47:50

I'm not a teacher. My day goes....
Up at 6.10
Got myself and ds up and dressed
Leave house 7am
7.10 drop at childminder and drive to work
8am start work
2pm leave work
3pm arrive home
3.15 collect ds from school
4pm put tea on
5pm clear up kitchen
5 PM until bedtime we attend clubs twice a week
2 evenings a week DD has netball fixtures
Ds in bed by 8pm.
Dd goes when she wants as shes 16.
Lots of washing goes on in the evening and keeping on top of housework but looks easy compared to some of you. DP works away during the week.

SeaViewBliss Sun 03-Mar-19 11:49:56

Up at 7
Shower, hair makeup and dressed
7.30 breakfast and start work checking emails and what’s on that day
8.20 drive DS to school and go on to meetings/office or back home if wfh.

No two days the same but work until 5ish.

Chores, laundry, nag DS to do homework.

We eat between 6 and 7 then I’ll be reading, occasionally a bit more work, watching tv with DH or faffing on phone.

Bed between 10.30 and 11.

TwinkleTits70 Sun 03-Mar-19 11:53:01

I'm a theatre nurse

Up at 6.30am
Arrive at work 7.30am.
Breakfast and catch up on emails.
8am Run round like a blue arsed fly trying to find all the equipment needed for the days list. Beg, borrow and steal from other departments sometimes other hospitals. I average at least 8 miles per day on my fitbit. No time to go to the toilet, but that's ok because there is no time to get a drink either.
4pm 'Lunch'. Get called back at 4.15 to sort a problem out.
Supposed to leave work at 5.30pm.
6.30pm Ring home to say I'll be late. For the 4th time that week.
8.30pm. Leave work.
9pm Home, shower, bed.

Anyone who says we do this job is off their rocker.

elQuintoConyo Sun 03-Mar-19 11:55:21

Youngandfree woof woof!

BridlingtonSand Sun 03-Mar-19 11:56:02

If I'm working from home I tend to do...
7am read or surf the net for an hour.
8am get up, shower etc.
9am start work.
2pm/3pm finish work. Do housework, pop to the shops, cook, eat etc.
7pm tends to be another commitment like a hobby, the gym, an evening class etc. or travelling to a hotel (see below).

Not working from home,
7am get up, shower etc.
8am head out to work venue and work.
4pm finish work and travel home (might get an hour to mooch around the city I'm in).
7-9pm arrive home.

I'm pretty lucky with this and earn a full time salary.

OhTheRoses Sun 03-Mar-19 11:56:19

Here goes.
Up at 5.30am
Make tea - drink tea
Dishwasher and washing machine duties
Quick glance rpund for untidiness
6.10 in shower - hair, make-up, dressed by 6.50
Grab coffee and jump in car
Park at work and at desk by 7.30.
Deal with overnight emails and sort papers for day. Probably deal with a complex matter before 9; take calls from exec team
From 9 usually meetings all day. Always try to grab 30 mins for lunch. Work occupies a large site so meetings are often far apart and can cover 1.5 miles.
Usually try to meet team members at some point during the day.
Occasionally get 30 mins between mtgs to catch up on emails.
Get back to office at about 5.30pm and deal with urgent emails and deal with issues arising from mtgs.
Try to leave by 8pm; home by 8.30.
Glass wine, sort dinner
Have an hour to unwind and bed by 10.30.
Catch up with reading on Saturday morning
Catch up with major pieces of work on sunday afternoons
If I have to I work until I have to to get critical stuff done (10.30, 11.30, gone midnight)
It's a high stress v senior role and I have 20+ staff.
9-5 got nobody up the greasy pole.
I coasted when the DC were at school. I went for it once they left.

eurochick Sun 03-Mar-19 11:57:24

We're a pair of lawyers.

Up at 6:30. I look after our 4 year old for 45 mins while my husband showers then we swap
8:00 child out the door with nanny who does school run
8:01 we run for the train
9:00 arrive at office
Work work work
Then if no travel or events
Just before 1730 run for train
18:20 home
Handover chat
18:30 nanny leaves
Child wrangling, bath, teeth, stories, bed
19:30 (hopefully) child in bed
Empty dishwasher, do a load of washing, have dinner (or more often a slice of toast cos we can't be bothered with anything more)
20:00 watch an episode of something on tv
21:00 pre-bed yoga and get ready for bed
22:00ish try to sleep

The above is quite often thrown of course by early meetings, drinks events, overseas travel, etc.

FromSussexWithLove Sun 03-Mar-19 11:57:31

5.45 alarm
3 snoozes later...
6am up and in shower/sort myself
6.30am kiddos packed lunch/bags etc. depending on whether it's nursery or preschool
7am my mum arrives and takes over kiddo so i can start thr 2.5hr commute. Some days I get a seat part way so can work. Others I don't
9.30am arrive office
5pm start commute early so I definitely have a seat to work
7.30pm get home
7.35 do 4 year old bedtime
8.30pm cook dinner
9.30pm kids either an hour tonrest before bed or (more likely) do work/take calls with other time zones
10.30 collapse

Also considering doing my Msc part time. The above makes me realise I have nowhere to physically slot that in though

BrizzleMint Sun 03-Mar-19 11:57:34

arrive at 8am
get stuff ready
make a cup of tea if I remember
welcome children
three lessons
pour tea away and make another one
get lunch and mark books, do admin work
two lessons
assembly sometimes
say goodbye to children
eat lunch and mark books
5.30pm go home
make dinner
put laundry on
plan lessons
go to bed

Girlinthegarden Sun 03-Mar-19 12:00:10

Mine looks weird compared to other people's!

4.30ish am - get up. Housework and life admin, make packed lunches etc.
7.15am - DCs up and ready for school. Take to school.
9am - more housework and garden maintenance (huge garden).
10am - get ready for work
10.30-7 - work
Evening - bugger all usually

Youmadorwhat Sun 03-Mar-19 12:01:24

Yes fellow Irish teacher here and the latest I leave is half 3. (Also 2.40 finish time) I have a friend who works in a different school who leaves later but their school has different hours of 9.20-3.00

RunningRingsAroundTheMoon Sun 03-Mar-19 12:02:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fitflopqueen Sun 03-Mar-19 12:02:36

work part time, kids at uni, husband away during week
7.15ish shower, dress, walk dogs
8.30 feed dogs, make tea
8.45 switch on laptop,
9am work
12;30 get official 30 min break but usually spend writing up reports so always make soup at start of week and have it on the slow hob for when i am free
5pm dog walk- about an hour as day light improves
feed me and them, clean floors, do some house jobsetc.
settle down for evening on sofa.
don't work mondays/fridays, spend fridays doing beds, cleaning, cooking etc for weekend

hopefulhalf Sun 03-Mar-19 12:03:04

Hospital doctor here
Up at 5:30, make 2X coffees, 2X breakfast, 2X lunches
6am exercise , shower and dress
6:15 wake dcs
6:30-6:45 breakfast
6:45, teeth, make-up, hospital ID, final check of bag
7am out the door
7:20 drop dcs to bus
either at work for 7:30 or run from 7:20-8.
7:30/8- 4:30( 2X a week) or 6 (3X a week)
Either pick dc up at 4:45, drop at activities
5:15-7 Make dinner/supervise homework
7ish Eat
7:30-8 clear away
8-8:30 check homework diaries, make sure bags are packed, encourage bathing etc. Remove phones
8:30-10 chill (read/watch TV/have sex)
10pm asleep

Youngandfree Sun 03-Mar-19 12:03:29

@elQuintoConyo 💕💕

buzzbobbly Sun 03-Mar-19 12:03:49

Office days:
5.00: Alarm goes off
5.30: Leave for work
3-4pm: leave work
5-6pm: Gym
Then dinner, perhaps more work, bed.

WFH days:
7-8m: Get up and start working.
<work - also dentist, doctor, laundry, errands etc>
5-6pm: Gym
Then dinner, perhaps more work, bed.

hopefulhalf Sun 03-Mar-19 12:05:30

On the days I finish at 6-6:30 I pick up Dc from activites and home for home cooked food (by DH ) at 7 or eatout with 1X Dc between activites once a week.

IWentAwayIStayedAway Sun 03-Mar-19 12:06:18

5am alarm
6am v latest out the door
Arrive work 7.30 and work till 9.30pm
11pm arrive home

happytobemrsg Sun 03-Mar-19 12:06:36

I work 3 days a week & most of those days DH has DS.

6am DS wakes up & I coax DH to take him downstairs. DH will get him dressed & give him milk.
7:15am I get up & dressed
8am DH & DS drives me to the station for work. DH will have DS all day.
7pm DH & DS pick me up from the station. DH already has DS ready for bed so I give him cuddles & milk.
7:30pm make/order in dinner. Watch tv with DH or on my own if he's in the gym.

Yura Sun 03-Mar-19 12:07:38

5:20 get up and get dressed
5:45: get kids up and dressed
6:00 breakfast
6:20 brush teeth
6:30 do some playing and some homework
7:10 leave house to get kids to breakfast club/childminder
7:35 walk to station
8:00 get train
8:45 arrive on office
16:45 leave for train station
18:00 get kids from childminder
18:20 dinner and play
19:00 bedtime kids
19:30-20:30 work
20:30-21:30 housework with tv on
21:30 bed

Fiontar649 Sun 03-Mar-19 12:11:02

Operations Manager in small office.
No DCs

Mon- Fri
7am alarm goes
7.30 -8.30 breakfast/shower/dress etc
In work by 8.45
Spend a day dealing with staff, clients and producing reports. Take an hour for lunch.
5.30 - finish up. Very rarely stay later. No work in evenings.
Usually home by 6, unless doing a grocery shop.
Spend the evening catching up on washing, giving the house a tidy. Also quite a bit of time sitting on my ass watching TV!
Dinner between 7/8
Bed around 10.30

I am realising that I don't do very much!

happypotamus Sun 03-Mar-19 12:12:17

5.55am alarm goes off
6am get up, wash and get dressed, feed cats, have drink
6.25 leave house, get bus, eat breakfast on bus or while walking to work
7-7.10ish get to work, get changed
7.30 shift starts
Work, may or may not have time to eat, drink, go to toilet etc
8.30pm shift ends
9.15pm average kind of time I actually leave work
9.30-10pm get home, empty dishwasher and washing machine, make DD1's packed lunch, have a drink, collapse on the settee with the iPad
11ish get ready for bed much later than intended, put washing in machine, collapse into bed

There are also night shifts.

reefedsail Sun 03-Mar-19 12:12:22

SEN Teacher (England)

6am get up
7.15am drop DS into his school for breakfast
7.35am arrive at work- admin
8.45- 3.00pm with the children all day, including eating with them, no breaks
4.00pm or 4.40pm leave school
4.20 or 5.00pm collect DS
Sort dinner, life admin etc
6.30pm take DS out to sport (4x week)
8.30pm get back from sport
Bed time routine
9pm - 10pm down time.

starabara Sun 03-Mar-19 12:12:30

Alarm at 5am
Kettle on, dogs out, horses out.
Coffee with the news on TV until 5.30
5.30 shower
5.50 leave for work
6-9am commute
9am emails and phone calls
9.30-3pm ish work
3-6pm commute home with telecons and Skype sessions on route.
6pm home, ride horse, dinner with DC and DH
7/7.15 bedtime for DC
7.30pm relax, work, exercise, chat, shag

Bed at 11.30pm ish

I drive to work, different place most days, in summer I run the dogs first too. Husband does all school runs, after school clubs, yard chores and dog walking. I do life admin and financials. He works a few hours a week on a Friday and Saturday night.

SunnyNights Sun 03-Mar-19 12:13:12

Work as a Senior Comms Manager in the public sector, hours are 8-2pm but generally get in for 7:30:

6:20 - get up, shower, get ready, make up etc

7:10 - wake kids up, then husband takes over as he drops to school every day

7:10 - leave for work, takes 15 mins to get to the office

7:30 - 2ish - work, mixture of meetings and actually getting things done!

2:20 - get home, squeeze a quick walk in on way to collect from school

2:45 - school finishes, walk home

3 - 6 - mixture of after school clubs, homework, dinner prep, light housework (husband sorts washing and hoovers in the morning)

6 - dinner, husband gets home at 6 so we all eat together unless clubs are on

7- run for 30 mins three days a week

7 - 8 - bath, bed (for kids) and pack lunch boxes and sorting uniform

8 - 10pm - sort clothes for next day, check work emails (depending on what's going on, if it's a busy period etc), have a cup of tea, try not to eat anything blush and catch up on tv with husband

user1457017537 Sun 03-Mar-19 12:14:01

School car parks are always empty by 4.00 pm where I live.

Slowknitter Sun 03-Mar-19 12:14:20

Teacher here too, of sorts!

7:00 Get up, make breakfast and packed lunches
7:40 Dh and dc1 leave for school, I have shower, get dressed etc
8:10 ish Get stuff done until dc2 goes to school at 8:40
8.45 Walk dog except on Tues and Weds when I leave for work at 8.45 so walk him earlier.
10:00-12:00 Teach some mornings, housework on others
1:00-3:15 Teach
3:15-3:30 Pick dc1 up and walk with him and ddog to meet dc2 from bus stop
4:30-18:00 Hang out with dc, faff around, admin stuff, then make dinner
18:30 ish Dinner with dh and dc, clear up dinner, chat to dh, supervise homework etc
21:00 Watch box set/series with dh
22:30 Bed

I do all my lesson planning etc at the weekend.

user1457017537 Sun 03-Mar-19 12:14:58

Schools have started coming out at 2.30 pm as well to stagger the times so that there is no trouble with rival schools.

Fishwifecalling Sun 03-Mar-19 12:15:12

The life of a teacher in Ireland sounds Fab.

Helpmytrousershavesplit Sun 03-Mar-19 12:15:14

My working day:
5am Cats wake me up to be let out for wees
6am pointless alarm goes off as I'm already up
6-6.30am Feed cats, dressed, lunch packed and make up and leave for work
7.45am arrive at work
Lunch at desk and lots of coffee and pointless meetings
4pm finish work
5.20pm ish arrive home
6-8pm husband, degree study and tv (usually all at the same time)
8-10pm have some toast, shower, mumsnet! Then bed grin
Chores mostly done by lovely DH during the week and me at weekend depending on study/cats. I'm an accountant.

hopefulhalf Sun 03-Mar-19 12:16:43

Realise that should say 7:30/8-4:30/6 work.
Try to take a lunch break (eg leave my desk)on the days I don't finish till 6. On the other days I will eat at my desk. Usually admin (often dictation ) first thing 7:30-9.
Clinics twice a week 9-1 and meetings on the other days. I usually have some teaching or training to deliver for a couple of hours.

SockQueen Sun 03-Mar-19 12:17:24

5:15 get up. Tiptoe around house to shower and dress.
5:45 eat breakfast.
6:00 leave house. DH and DS still asleep; DH will take DS to nursery when they're both awake.
7:10ish arrive at work, get changed.
7:30 morning handover, work starts
17:30 finish and hand over to whoever's covering the long day shift, if there are no emergencies which require me to stay. Get changed, drive home
18:45ish (if I'm lucky with traffic) get home. DH has picked DS up from nursery, we usually have a snack and a cuddle/play before bedtime.
19:30 bath and bed for DS.
20:30 whichever of DH and I feels less knackered throws some kind of dinner together. Eat in front of TV.
21:15 Do house admin, work admin, laundry etc.
22:00 bedtime.

I also do occasional long days (7:30-20:30) or nights (20:00-8:00) plus weekends, but thankfully only average 3 days a week so have time to do other stuff and spend time with DS on my off days.

Youngandfree Sun 03-Mar-19 12:20:14

@user1457017537 yes my DDS school finishes at 2.20!! Teachers are long gone by the time I get there to collect her at Afterschool. I pass the head teacher leaving at about 3.20 😂

Currywurstmitpommes Sun 03-Mar-19 12:21:59

I teach.
0600 up,
7.15 leave the house with kids
7.30 drop at nursery/ breakfast club
7.50 get to work (all my colleagues are already in)
Get days lessons prepped and sorted/ admin.
9.30-4 in lessons teaching.
4.00 lesson prep/ admin/ tidying up
5.20 leave to collect kids
6. collect kids from nursery/after school club
8 pm sort planning/ admin prep.
9.30 watch TV
10 sleep

reefedsail Sun 03-Mar-19 12:24:20

starabara you commute 6 hours a day! shock

starabara Sun 03-Mar-19 12:26:41

@reefedsail I do. I cover an area of over 14 counties. From the West Midlands over to Telford to the bottom of east anglia and the lower East Midlands such as Kettering.

Iamclearlyamug Sun 03-Mar-19 12:27:17

I'm self employed so things can change depending on the clients I'm seeing but an average day is

5.20 - alarm goes off
5.30 - attempt to drag self out of bed, get dressed and wake DD7
5.40-6.30 - get both of us ready, dressed, teeth cleaned, hair brushed and plaited (for DD) mine just gets scraped up in a bun, and make up on
6.30 - leave house
6.40 - first client of the day
7.30 - second client
8.30 - drive to school
8.45 - drop off DD at school
9.00-11.30 - work
12-1.00 - work out at gym
1.15-3.00 - more work
3.15 - collect DD from school
3.30-5 - chill time, shower, homework egg
5.00-6.00 - cook and eat dinner
6.00-7.00 - clean up after dinner, make sure school clothes and bag ready for next day
7.00 - DD bed time
7.15-8.15 - catch up on laundry egg
8.30 - watch movie or tv series, mumsnet, social media
9.00 - sleep

RebeccaWrongDaily Sun 03-Mar-19 12:27:48

Monday and Thursday looks like this- I am in my local office I get up at 7.30, get kids ready, make lunches, take to school, Get to office about 9am. I work solidly for 6 hours, no lunches etc. doing a variety of things (social media/ Allocation of work to others/ sending emails/ reading briefings/ writing notes) I leave at 3 and pick my children up.

Tuesday I drop my children to school, get the train to London, and work probably 12-14 hours inc working on the train. I get the train back from London on Wednesday to be back in time for bed. DH works shorter hours on my away days.

Friday my boss is around and for example this past week we started work with an 8am breakfast meeting and ended at midnight on Friday at a function... having had no real breaks between any of the meetings to eat. Thankfully we got fed at the event on Friday night or I'd have gone through the whole day on just a bowl of porridge at 7am and a slice of birthday cake.

MWNA Sun 03-Mar-19 12:28:54

I'm a clinical nurse specialist in palliative care.

Up at 6
Shower and dress
Get 2 youngest children up - 4 & 2 - they drink milk and then we get them dressed
Make breakfasts
Eat breakfast
Put a wash on
Vacuum and tidy
Cuddle children on sofa and play for 15 minutes
Leave wife and children at home at 8
Arrive at work at 8.30
Coffee in canteen with older daughter (same job, same place)
Arrive in office at 8.55
Look at diary, read emails, research and familairise myself with the patients on my clinic list
First patient at 10.00
Clinics all day with lunch for 30 minutes at my desk usually
Leave at 5 and home by 5.30
Play with children and talk to wife for an hour and eat standing up in kitchen (wife is on Huel - we don't eat together)
Tidy, vacuum again, supper for chidren, bath them, bedtime routine
7pm wife's first tutee arrives. I potter for 2 hours while she teaches - I do prep for the next day etc
9.30 bed and watch Netflix for an hour.

wonkylegs Sun 03-Mar-19 12:39:08

5.30/6 woken up by toddler, 10yo gets himself up at 6
Put a load of washing on
6.45 shower & dressed me
7 .15 breakfast
7.30/45 get toddler dressed shout at 10yo to get dressed,
8.10sign reading record/letters/check bags
8.20 school run/ nursery run
9am-3pm work no breaks (own practice)
3-3.30 school run
5.30-6 nursery pick up
6-6.30 make dinner
6.30 dinner with kids & rarely DH
Some nights take DS1 to clubs otherwise, cleaning up, washing into tumble dryer etc + a bit of a play with DS2
Otherwise bed for toddler at 7.30
DH usually home between 7&8
8pm bed for 10yo
8.30 catch up with some work or stuff for being chair of an association I belong to, or sort out stuff for my mum who has Alzheimer's usually in front of the tv.
10.30 bedtime
Toddler is in nursery 3days a week so try to get bulk of work done in that time but as I own my own practice there really aren't enough hours to rely on that being enough so evenings and weekends catch up stuff.
Should be a little less hectic next year when DS1 goes to secondary school as he can get a coach rather than needing me to drive (village life) but that only lasts until DS2 goes to school!

Mumtoone39 Sun 03-Mar-19 12:39:13

up at around 7.30, make lunch , get toddler up and dressed for nursery. Leave house 8.30, nursery drop off then work. I work part time 3 days a week mon -wed, 2 days a week my husband does nursery pick up as I am on call, so not home till late then in and out over night depending what is happening. One night I do nursery pick up at about 6.30pm , then home quick dinner, bath, tidy up washing etc. Toddler of to bed then I my go too or stay up till about 10.30 depending how much sleep I had night before. 2 days a week thurs-fri , toddler has playgroup , I sometimes do a few hours at work 9-11.30 those days. I am a vet in mixed rural practice.

Nodancingshoes Sun 03-Mar-19 12:39:49

615 get up, shower
630 Open kids curtains, get dressed, dry hair etc.. whilst they wake up
645 drag kids out of bed... Downstairs for breakfast
700 Kids get dressed, brush teeth whilst I make packed lunches
730 Leave the house, drop Ds1 to his friends, Ds2 to breakfast club
800-500 Work (dh gets home 330 sorts kids pickups and tea)

MujosMama Sun 03-Mar-19 12:41:32

I think the biggest surprise for me reading this is how early most people's start to their morning is. At the moment our day is;

7.15-7.30 get up, get ready for work (shower, makeup, clothes)
7.45-7.50 wake up DS (18 months) and get him dressed, usually this is 3-4 days/week and my partner has him at home 1-2 days (shifts)
8am leave
9am nursery drop off
9.30 am arrive at work
Work until about 6pm if doing nursery pickup, usually I take advantage of the days I don't have to to work until between 9 and 10pm
6.30 nursery pickup
7.30 get home (nursery is near work, 25 mile drive home)
7.30-8.30 do dinner for DS, cook dinner for us, get DS bathed and in PJs
8.30 DS goes to bed, one of us still has to stay with him to settle him for between 10 and 30 mins until he is asleep
Rest of the evening - catch up on housework (washing up, washing, hoovering, everything else waits for days off), log in to finish work for usually an hour or so a night, spend time with DP
11pm bedtime

I'm not a teacher but kudos to all of your who are working 2-3 hours a night to get their stuff done, I struggle to even fit in the extra hour

I guess once DS goes to school it will all have to change as he will need to go to a childminder close to home and I'll need to leave earlier to pick him up, but that feels like quite far in the future!

BrokenWing Sun 03-Mar-19 12:43:24

IS Business Analyst (says 35hr week on my contract)

Get up 5:25, leave house at 6:10 while everyone is still in bed to meet my car share. Early start /finish is by choice as avoiding peak times takes at least an hour off my daily commute and also suits talking to Asia timezone.

Get into work for 6:45 power up laptop
Juggle multiple project requirements, back to back meetings and calls, firefight/manage any critical IS issues that come up that the off shore support partners can't deal with 🙄 all day.

Breaks in reality consist of 5 mins to go downstairs and grab some porridge, 5 mins to go downstairs and grab something for lunch to eat a desk (both regularly get missed due to back to back meetings /calls) and trips to the loo or water cooler.

Leave office at 15:45 for carshare wondering where the day has gone. Friday I can WFH and it should be a 1/2 day but don't always finish at noon.

Home around 16:25, and most days ds(14) will be in doing his homework, will catch up with him on his school day and homework/revision see if he needs any support. Dh or I will get dinner on which we all eat together at table.

Evening is spent taking ds to activities, or me visiting/helping my elderly mum, or relaxing. Probably sign onto laptop outside work for an additional 5-6 hours a week when ds is out or on games console, and occasionally (once/twice every 2-3 months) work long weekends on top of this if project is going live or if there are critical issues with weekend processes. Bedtime routine starts around 9pm (bags ready for next day, chat, wind down) when ds comes in or comes off his game console and ds and I are in our beds for 10 or 10:30 latest.

Probably average 50hrs work each week (not including weekends).

LonelyandTiredandLow Sun 03-Mar-19 12:49:20

6-7am - up to feed dog/cat, have coffee and check news
7:15am - Make breakfast for dd and wake her
7:30 - wash/dress/hair both of us
8:10 out for school run
9:10 back from school run - turn on dishwasher/washing on/hoover/call friend on maternity leave
11:00 dog walk
12:00 home for lunch
12:30 mop/clear surfaces/bleach loos/clean bath and showers/check what is for dinner/put tumble dryer on from morning wash/general stuff like changing lightbulbs/dusting/garden/fixing broken things
2:30 out for school pick up
3:30 home - dd watches TV for an hour while I go through her bag/check news/emails
4:30 put on dinner and take dog for shorter walk with dd's bike/scooter/rollerskates
5:00/5:30 eat dinner and feed dog/cat/put dishes into dishwasher
6:00 homework/reading with dd and a bath or playing
7:00 dd into PJ's and bed, read to her for at least half an hour
8:00 hopefully dd asleep, let dog out for another wee before bed
8:15 into bed to read/check emails/watch something on laptop
9:30/10:30 sleep. Or more likely decide to worry about Brexit grin

Every other day I work from home, so where I hoover/mop I'd check spreadsheets and make a few calls/emails. It's enough to keep us afloat but earnings aren't massive (time spent working isn't so it's fair!) so not many luxuries at the moment. Luckily I own my home so as a single parent I've decided to focus on DD rather than tear my hair out working and rushing about like I did when at Uni for last 3 years. It's much calmer but I always feel busy!

justaweeone Sun 03-Mar-19 12:53:47

Careers Advisor in a school 4 days per week
2 Dc, Dd away at uni and Ds year 11

Alarm 6.40
Make tea( Dh makes it if at home)read news online, shower. Take breakfast to eat at work later
Ds gets himself up( I take him a cup of tea) lunches prepped night before
8 am leave for work 45 min commute, son gets school bus
5.45am Get home, prepare dinner etc
Evenings can include taking son to activities depending if Dh home or other mums sharing
Bed 10pm

If Dh away with work Ds generally walks the dogs am and pm but often I do or Dd if she's home from uni
This is all so much easier than previous years as used to do shared before and after school care with another mum who worked part time and also used to have to drive Dd to sixth form as no public transport. Dc very self sufficient, they have to help around the house,etc
We all work together. Everyone is happy to cook, put a wash on etc.

Penners99 Sun 03-Mar-19 12:55:50

Up at 5am, at work by 6am. Work through to 4pm. Then back at work 6-8pm to check emails etc. 6 days a week.

NewYoiker Sun 03-Mar-19 12:57:54

5am get up
5-6 walk dogs
6 shower
6.15 coffee
6.30 leave for work
7.10 arrive at work (if I leave any later I'm late for work)
7.15 second coffee
7.30 get changed for work
7.30-8. Chat to colleagues see what theatre I'm in
8- start checking theatre equipment and do who safety briefing.
8-6 various operations
6pm get changed to go home
7pm arrive home and start cooking tea
7-10 chill out- maybe the gym maybe binge greys anatomy and then go to bed at 10

joyfullittlehippo Sun 03-Mar-19 12:58:44


10am: Wake up.
10-11: Breakfast, exercise, pets, a bit of cleaning.
11-1: Emails, phone calls, general work admin.
1-2: Housework, errands.
2: Lunch.
3-6: Writing.
6-7: TV, getting dressed, general faffing.
7-10: Generally at the theatre, a press night, or some party or just meeting people in a bar. Most likely will end in drinks with colleagues that will turn into a work meeting.
11pm-2am: Writing.
2-2.30: Reading in bed.
2.30: Asleep.

Lwmommy Sun 03-Mar-19 13:04:43

6.15am - get up, DD will usually already be awake and playing in her room. First thing is coffee.
6.30 - 7.25am - Breakfast, getting washed and dressed, some basic housework like wahsing up, getting a load of washing done and out on the line or in the tumble dryer ready to be turned on after work.
7.25am - Getting DD washed, dressed, teeth brushed
7:45am - DD to breakfast club
8.25am - Get to work. No time for lunch, may grab a coke from the newsagents next door at some point, or beg someone to go for me.
5.00pm - Leave work, usually have a conference call or 2 using bluetooth in my car, lots of my colleagues are in the US which is just getting started so often have calls till around 7pm which i do while I'm driving home. and while cooking dinner etc.

DH will pick DD up from after school club and bring her home.

6.30pm either me or DH get DD to bed, she'll be asleep by 7pm
7pm-9pm - Dinner, tidying up, Washing dried in tumble drier then needs folding and sorting, finish up any notes from the work calls.
9pm-10pm - my 1 hour of quiet sitting down before bed

OneKeyAtATime Sun 03-Mar-19 13:08:37

I like the poster who manages to exercise, shower and dress between 6 and 6.15am. that's my kind of exercise:-)

HeyNannyNanny Sun 03-Mar-19 13:09:06

9.30/10am: Get up.
10-1: Mooch around, read, paint, Internet type things
1-2.30: exercise with personal trainer
3pm: Arrive at work. Do half an hour of ironing if there's any to do whilst waiting for charge to get back from school.
3.30pm: Escort charge to after school activity.
3.30-5/5.30pm: Wait at nearby coffee shop with book.
5/5.30pm: Escort home charge from activity (or sometimes go to next activity)
6pm: supervise homework set by school.
6.30pm: supervise free play
7.30pm: Eat dinner with charge (food prepared by other staff so no time spent on prep for me)
8.15pm: Read book to charge
8.45pm: Make sure shoes are scrubbed for next day, set up the bedroom for sleep (turn down bed, close window and curtains etc)
9pm: Cycle back to my apartment. Shower. Read. Watch film. Do admin for my business.
1am: Go to bed

Though this is a very different story when the family I work for travel during school holidays.

dramaqueen Sun 03-Mar-19 13:09:57

6am get up but can be 5am depending on where I'm commuting to
6am shower
6.30 am get in car to station and grab a drive thru coffee on the way
6.50 - 8.15 Train & tube and clear emails on the way
8.30 arrive at work & have second coffee
8.30 - 5.30 ish client meetings, internal meetings, problem solve immediate issues
5.30 - 7.15pm commute home but sometimes leave office earlier, checking emails & having Skype meetings on the way
7.15pm arrive home and have dinner cooked by DH (he works from home)
7pm - 9.30pm chill out-watch shite tv or talk to the DC about their day (both older teenagers) then go to bed soon after 9.30pm

Namechange8471 Sun 03-Mar-19 13:09:59

Carer here.

7.00 up, dressed, mam comes round for dd.

7.30 bus to work

8.00 start work

12 hours later...

20.00 finish work

21.00 return home, say goodnight to dd.

Youngandfree Sun 03-Mar-19 13:15:10

Oooh I’m loving these responses! I’ll have to sit with a cuppa later and read them!!

LyndaLaHughes Sun 03-Mar-19 13:15:20

This is why there is no teacher shortage in Ireland- quite the opposite in fact. We've got it so very wrong here.

ketchupormayo Sun 03-Mar-19 13:15:36

7.00- wake and have a shower and breakfast, get ready etc
8- walk to work
8.30-17.00- work. 20 min break and an hour for lunch 💃🏼
17.00- walk home
Then do whatever I want!

Wordle Sun 03-Mar-19 13:27:44

If it’s possible to carry out a teacher’s role by working 9-3, why is it so vastly different at other schools?

Also, I may be a bit naive here but if the syllabus doesn’t change dramatically year to year, why is there a need for so much lesson prep? Can it not just be a reprint of last year’s?

BottomleyPottsSpots2 Sun 03-Mar-19 13:40:56

I'm a full time academic with 3 kids aged 6, 9, 10. DH is a full time GP and practice owner (i.e. he has the more demanding job).

7.30am - up, breakfast, school prep, 'encouragement' to practice instruments and tidy up bedrooms, I do work emails
8.30am - walk DC to school
9am - train to work
9.30am - walk from station to office
9.45am to 5pm - work; lunch typically eaten at desk or on the run
5.25pm - train home
5.55pm - collect DC from after school club (they have tea there)
6pm - take DC to after-school activities (running, Brownies)
7.30pm - DC in bed, I start work again
8.15pm - I consider what I can be bothered to cook for dinner.
9.30/10pm - DH arrives home and we eat, I am typically working whilst eating
10.45pm - I stop work and read in bed.

I have also spent 10 hours this weekend working. I'm contracted 40 hours, average is 65 hours per week at non-busy times and 90+ during exam or other marking periods. I do still love my job and my life though ... but writing all of that down has made me realise how tired I am.

Slowknitter Sun 03-Mar-19 13:47:01

Also, I may be a bit naive here but if the syllabus doesn’t change dramatically year to year, why is there a need for so much lesson prep? Can it not just be a reprint of last year’s?

You don't teach the same classes each year. Different classes require different approaches and resources. Resources become old pretty quickly. Some lessons don't go as well as others and need re-thinking. Some classes have kids with specific special needs who need differentiated resources. Some people may be teaching several subjects, some of which may change topics every year. There's a lot of variety. For example I teach 3 languages to a range of students from 3 years old to 76 years old.

Wordle Sun 03-Mar-19 13:53:08

I see, that makes sense. Thank you for explaining.

Bigearringsbigsmile Sun 03-Mar-19 15:24:31

syllabus doesn’t change dramatically year to year

plus some bugger isists on changing tthings all tthe bloody time!

BrizzleMint Sun 03-Mar-19 15:30:01

In a class it's possible to have children working at 4 or 5 different levels and all that needs planning for and resources getting ready. I do think that primary is more work in some ways as you have to prepare 4 lessons a day whereas secondary subject specialists only have one to prepare. They have to work with teenagers though - DBro and I both teach, him secondary and me primary and we both think the other has it easier grin

Youngandfree Sun 03-Mar-19 15:40:15

@Wordle one of the big differences here in Ireland is that there are very little changes to the curriculum and not very often. It’s quite a solid curriculum. We have learning support teachers who remove children who are struggling in maths and English so they get smaller group lessons. Often they can pre teach a topic or re teach a topic to help them and always go over basics with them too. So technically the class teacher doesn’t have to differentiate for them. We also differentiate by outcome (how many questions a child completes) usually the page in the workbooks start of easy and get harder as such. I will usually set the class off and go around to each child that may need extra input.

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