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AIBU... to stop DS16 from hanging around outside after he nearly got beaten up?

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Alphabetsoup4 Sun 03-Mar-19 11:02:57

My DS, age 16, had a big scare yesterday. I picked him up at 9pm after he called, he was covered in scratches, he’d run through a hedge trying to get away from a group of lads that they didn’t know, who had punched one of his friends. We had the talk about phoning the police, but I didn’t know until later his friend had actually been punched, and he was adamant he didn’t want this. I’m in two minds but my main worry is preventing this some happening again. I checked all his friends were safe.

Him and his friends sometimes hang around outside in evenings, it’s not often, it’s because two of his friends have started drinking and it’s where he meets his girlfriend. They seem like good lads, I only know one of the other parents, who although nice is totally fine with them doing this. My son hadn’t drunk anything, nor had his best friend there, which was good as I’m not sure he’d have reacted as fast and got away.

I’m not happy with them meeting outside anymore and I’ve said that. They meet in cafes or houses but then move on out to get pizza and then often end up eating it / drinking so will gravitate to the dodgier places like car parks, greens etc. I actually get DS to be home by 9.30pm or I pick him up, and he’s a good lad, but I just think it’s getting a bit risky. They didn’t know who these other lads are, but I doubt this will be the last time something happens. They hear through the grapevine, my son said. I feel that they are too niave and vulnerable.

The trouble is, all the other kids seem to do this as normal. Let them out for ages and there is not a culture of having them in houses. I’ve said I’d rather they come around the house, to DS, but the trouble is they are now used to wandering around in a pack of 10. I can’t have that at my house all the time. This won’t be a one off incident, that’s my fear.

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