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Would Clearblue detect 3+ ever if I had a very early miscarriage?

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panicker654 Sun 03-Mar-19 09:14:27

I found out last Tuesday that I was pregnant, I initially tested 2 first responses and then in the evening a clear blue digital. All positive and the clear blue read 3+ weeks. Being in shock, I tested again Thursday (still bfp) and then a clear blue this morning (Sunday), which again showed 3+.
So this would be my first, and I'm just panicking a little - I last bled 7 weeks ago, but it was a strange 4 day period, and 7 days prior I had very light spotting for 1 day.
So my question is, was that a chemical pregnancy 7 weeks ago, and if it was would a clear blue still be showing 3+ ?

Sorry for the stupidly long question, I'm just in shock still and panicking with all the googling I'm doing

tor8181 Sun 03-Mar-19 23:09:42

bit confused here as i dont/never had periods so not understanding 100% but the gist i got is you think youe less than 3 weeks?

im just writing to day i found out when i was 2 and half weeks by a 3 for a pound test from pound land

LessLivid Sun 03-Mar-19 23:18:22

Bit confused, but if you’re still showing 3+ and haven’t bled since I’d assume that was your LMP date and you’re seven weeks preg. You should be able to get an early scan and see a heartbeat at 7 weeks.

Divgirl2 Sun 03-Mar-19 23:22:15

I'm really confused by your wording, but if you last bled 7 weeks ago then you're about 7 weeks pregnant. I don't really understand where the confusion is coming from, or the idea that you had a chemical pregnancy?

SpotlessMind Sun 03-Mar-19 23:28:46

I don’t understand why you think you’ve had a chemical pregnancy? You last had a period 7 weeks ago and the pregnancy test correlated with that. I’d say you’re 7-8 weeks pregnant, congratulations! Book with your midwife, if you’re especially concerned then book a private scan to date the pregnancy. Pregnancy tests make things so complicated these days!

AlmostAJillSandwich Mon 04-Mar-19 00:06:05

3+ is the highest they say isn't it? so 3+ would show anytime after 3 weeks, even if you tested at 8 months?

AllesAusLiebe Mon 04-Mar-19 00:50:26

I’m not convinced that I understand the question either, but ClearBlue, like any other pregnancy test detects the level of HcG in your bloodstream. If you miscarry, you would still have the chemical in your bloodstream and therefore the pregnancy test would detect it.

Is there a reason you’re asking this and wouldn’t this be a more appropriate question for the pregnancy forum?

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