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Nervous and anxious

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panicker654 Sun 03-Mar-19 08:50:42

I found out last Tuesday that I was pregnant, I initially tested 2 first responses and then in the evening a clear blue digital. All positive and the clear blue read 3+ weeks. Being in shock, I tested again Thursday (still bfp) and then a clear blue this morning (Sunday), which again showed 3+.
So this would be my first, and I'm just panicking a little - I last bled 7 weeks ago, but it was a strange 4 day period, and 7 days prior I had very light spotting for 1 day.
So my question is, was that a chemical pregnancy 7 weeks ago, and if it was would a clear blue still be showing 3+ ?

Sorry for the stupidly long question, I'm just in shock still and panicking with all the googling I'm doing

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