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To worry that DC still haven't caught chicken pox?

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ASnowballsChance Sun 03-Mar-19 08:03:27

DC aged 10y and 5y still haven't caught chicken pox. I know it can be more severe the older you get. This is slightly complicated by me not being immune to CP despite having it as a child and being in contact with it since via siblings.

Anyone else have older DC not yet caught it?

Roomba Mon 04-Mar-19 17:54:49

When DS hadn't caught it by age 6 I worried like you, OP. I worried he;d get it as a teenager or adult and be very ill, so I booked him in to have the vaccine privately. Which I then had to cancel because he came home with chickenpox a few days before! He had it mildly, thank goodness (PoxClyn/piriton thank you too). DS1 had it as a baby and was horribly ill and sore with it. He still has scars whereas DS2 has none that I can see.

BlitheringIdiots Mon 04-Mar-19 17:50:00

I thought I was reasonably confident of not catching it until someone took their CP infected child on a plane on seat next to me when I was 21......

JassyRadlett Sun 03-Mar-19 23:53:02

Probably what my mum was told, that I’d had it without symptoms.

Except it turned out I hadn’t. I also know a bloke who got it from his kids aged 40, he was horribly ill.

ASnowballsChance Sun 03-Mar-19 22:20:59

Although interestingly enough, the last GP I spoke to about me not being immune to CP said that she reckons I would be fine if/when my DC catch it. I wonder what that was based on, I didn't think to ask at the time.

JassyRadlett Sun 03-Mar-19 22:14:24

Yep. Having had the disease in my 20s, I’d take a 75% chance of not getting it!

ASnowballsChance Sun 03-Mar-19 22:07:51

That's quite a steep decline in effectiveness for adults and teens, suppose it's still better than nothing though.

JassyRadlett Sun 03-Mar-19 22:05:12

Both children have had it but if they hadn’t, I would have got them vaccinated in their late teens

Sorry to butt in here, but in case others are reading - it’s much better to get children vaccinated in childhood, when the 2-dose vaccine is around 99% effective; it drops to 75% in teens and adults.

I’m not absolutely sure of the drop off rates and thresholds but it’s definitely worth bearing in mind - it surprised me when I first read it!

Usingmyindoorvoice Sun 03-Mar-19 22:00:10

I’d get them vaccinated.
I got it when I was 29 and 35 weeks pregnant with my second child, it was awful.
Thankfully it was before Dr Google so I didn’t know about all the possible complications, but I was plastered with spots, including where the sun don’t shine!

Graffitiqueen Sun 03-Mar-19 21:57:09

My kids are 9 and 12 and have never had chickenpox. Thank you for this thread as I had no idea Boots and Superdrug did immunisations so I’m going to book them in.

capercaillie Sun 03-Mar-19 21:54:06

I got it when I was 32 and pregnant. Luckily all was fine. I had asked for immunity to be tested during my first pregnancy but midwife refused - apparently she shouldn’t have done. They tend to assume you’ve had it and not noticed. Tested for immunity during 2nd pregnancy and not immune - hence catching it from toddler DS. I had been in contact with it before though as child and adult and not caught it. Both children have had it but if they hadn’t, I would have got them vaccinated in their late teens

Bloggee Sun 03-Mar-19 21:46:08

Placemarking too
My 10yo has had it but her younger sister had, I was baffled as my 10 yo was an extreme preemie and I expected her to pick up all sorts , but nah

Any recommendations other than Superdrug? Don’t fancy them since I’ve seen them join the crappy ear piercing club

itsabongthing Sun 03-Mar-19 21:41:28

My second child got to 7 and still hadn’t had it so got her and the younger one vaccinated at the Superdrug clinic. It cost £60 for each dose (they needed 2 doses) but I could have easily spent that money on extra childcare to work extra days at work to make up missed time if they’d both had it plus it can be mild or can be horrendous. Many countries have it as one of their standard vaccinations.

tor8181 Sun 03-Mar-19 21:29:00

my 14 y old and 8 y old have never had it or any other illness apart from the odd cold
my niece and nephew had it bad 3 weeks ago and youngest still went visiting to see him(only 4 months between them)and i was convinced he was going to be ill as he got in bed with his cousin but no nothing

im 38 and never had the pox or measles or anything like that

YouBumder Sun 03-Mar-19 18:37:51

That’s horrendous Mitzi. I had it in adulthood too and was pretty poorly but not as bad as you and at least I wasn’t pregnant. I had them up inside as well, horrible. The ones on my face became infected with MRSA which was a joy.

Whatelsecouldibecalled Sun 03-Mar-19 17:34:36

I had chicken pox as a kid (4) and the had it as an adult (30!) last two weeks before Xmas last year! Doctor said having it as a kid doesn’t 100% mean you won’t get it as an adult.

MitziK Sun 03-Mar-19 16:51:26

I caught it when 25 weeks pregnant.

Ended up on oxygen in A&E within 6 hours of the first blister appearing as a result. Nobody from Maternity would come to check whether the baby was OK because of the fear of taking the infection back to the wards. So I spent the time pushed away in the furthest corner of A&E until my sats came up a bit. The only interaction I had was somebody looking in through the curtain to check I was still alive every few hours. No food, no water, nothing past the first person who saw me who stayed past his end of shift, saying he'd already had it, so was prepared to put the mask on me and one nurse calling through the curtain to let them know if I go into labour.

I had them everywhere - inside and out - for weeks. Vaginal chickenpox is not something I'd wish upon my worst enemy. Had it been any later in my pregnancy, DD could have suffered horrendous effects (including blindness) and, any earlier, I could have miscarried.

My entire body felt like it was on fire. I've had severe sunburn before and that was a walk in the park in comparison. I've spilled boiling water over myself and that was nothing compared to the pain of chickenpox.

Calamine lotion burned and stung. Water burned and stung. Clothes burned and stung. Breathing burned. I lost over a stone and became anaemic when I'd previously been fine - but I couldn't be checked/have a blood test until I was clear of the blisters, as the GPs wouldn't have me in the surgery when they had immunosupressed and/or elderly patients there and their HCA hadn't had it.

Had I not caught it then, but did when I'd started medication for Psoriatic Arthritis, I'm told that it can easily become fatal (which is why I suppose I was barred from the GP and Maternity/Antenatal unit for the duration).

Vaccination is worth every penny, IMO.

Gindrinker43 Sun 03-Mar-19 16:49:19

Chickenpox can be fatal, just like all childhood illnesses, vaccinate.

iklboo Sun 03-Mar-19 16:33:20

I was 40 when I caught it from DS.

HavelockVetinari Sun 03-Mar-19 16:30:17

DH and DS were vaccinated together as soon as possible after DS turned 12 months. Since then CP has gone through his nursery like wildfire but DS swerved it.

Dutch1e Sun 03-Mar-19 16:10:59

@Auramigraine yes I'm pretty sure there are services that offer titre tests. They're problematic though as they can give a negative result even in people who are immune.

BalloonSlayer Sun 03-Mar-19 16:05:48

Sorry just placemarking as I want to book an appt.
Thanks for this thread by the way flowers

Janus Sun 03-Mar-19 15:39:23

I vaccinated my 7 and 15 year old last year as despite their other siblings having it neither of them had had it and it was going around youngest’s class. Youngest got chicken pox 2 days later as it must have already been in his system!! 15 year old still didn’t get it so I’m convinced she’s immune so didn’t have the second injection. Both of them didn’t even flinch having the injection so must be a very small needle. I’d definitely recommend having it. I was convinced we’d get it just before a holiday or middle of GCSEs which is why I did it in the end.

missyB1 Sun 03-Mar-19 15:39:20

Got my ds vaccinated at two years old. Chickenpox can be a bloody horrible illness, I had it aged 10 and was very ill for weeks

Thesearmsofmine Sun 03-Mar-19 15:34:05

My dc have never had it either(8&6), I thought they would get it when DH had shingles a couple of years ago but nope. I think if we get to 10/11 and they still haven’t had it we will get them vaccinated.

tinytemper66 Sun 03-Mar-19 15:34:02

I had it at 21 despite my twin having it at 10.

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