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What do you do if one child is grounded but other isn't?

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Fullofregrets33 Sun 03-Mar-19 08:00:56

Morning. I am having a really rubbish weekend. My husband has grounded our son who is 7 for the weekend he has to play in his room and can't join us on visiting relatives, going the park, out for lunch etc.

Aibu to be really pissed off about this? Our kids are still young and I'm still getting to grips about what I think are suitable punishments for things. I think my husband has been too harsh this time and it has really spoilt our whole weekend as a family.

My husband and I have fallen out over it and aren't speaking to theres a horrible atmosphere in the house, the dog is crying and pacing up and down constantly because my son is his playmate and they are separated.
My daughter now has noone to play with so she's playing up. We usually see grandparents, just me and daughter went so they were upset to not see my son. And now got another day of it. One parent staying home whilst the other takes daughter out.
It has made the family really disjointed and the weekend has been just horrible. I feel like all of us are being punished, not just my son.
My husband and I disagree over almost everything, and I am far too soft but I just want this weekend to be over

Idonotlikeyoudonaldtrump Mon 04-Mar-19 23:31:31

the punishment inspite of what’s said isn’t actually that bad his sat in his room with his tv etc comes down for 3 meals a day - mine do that on a normal day people only see it as bad because it’s “punishment”

Blimey loz85 ... I see it as very bad, that it’s the norm for your children. Very bad indeed.

canadianbanana Tue 05-Mar-19 05:11:13

StinkyCandle - I’ve run a home daycare for many years and have seen many parents, children and punishments. Grounding is a ridiculous punishment, and rarely works. Discipline should be about teaching children, not punishing. Kids who are told/taught WHAT they are doing wrong and WHY learn self control and to behave appropriately. Children who are punished learn how far they can push before punishment is meted out. They learn to manipulate and they learn which parents cave. Grounding is not a way to reach children to behave.

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