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To feel so deflated and ask for some encouragement and ideas?

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FrazzledNeedingCoffeeNow Sat 02-Mar-19 17:18:21

First new thread, so NC.... please be gentle.

So, we couldn’t afford going skiing on half term, so decided to go just for this weekend when we could borrow an apartment and we were so looking forward to it.

When we took the flight last night, my youngest DD 6 was a bit off with a cough and a sore throat, but no temperature, but I packed a thermometer and bought calpol and nurofen just in case.

The night was horrible, we arrived really late, DS had a nightmare and it took almost an hour settling him - and then youngest DD came at 4am, so I just went to her bed and stayed there (I was exhausted), but couldn’t sleep.

This morning when I crawled out of DD’s bed I realised she had a high temperature (40.2 C/104.4 F). It went down with calpol, but obviously she and I stayed at home when DH and our other two DC went skiing.

I am just so exhausted, sick DD has watched the iPad all day. She has drunk lots of water and is relatively happy (but tired), but her temperature spikes to above 40C/104F as soon as calpol/neurofen wears off. DS came home really upset as he had fallen down so many times and says he doesn’t want to ski tomorrow. Oldest DD is preparing for an important exam next week and I am currently trying to make her do one test paper per day and she is good, but just is obviously trying to take the easy way out and I have to nag her. DH is really tired and so disappointed as well - he has gone out to buy something. sad.

Any ideas of what I can do? I am trying desperately not to let this ruin everything, but I am completely exhausted and the children are currently watching some rubbish on YouTube (Sofia the First). Am trying to find to energy to start correcting oldest DC’s mock exam, the table is a mess and they are arguing about what to watch and DS asks me every 5 min how long it has been (I told them they have 30min each of video of their choice). I know we are so lucky to have been able to go away at all and to borrow a flat for skiing, but I feel so exhausted and deflated sad.

ATBhinchers Sat 02-Mar-19 17:22:36

Honestly this is why I take my kids as far as a caravan holiday in the UK because theres always someone ill/moody etc or something going on (like the exam thing) that could ruin a good holiday. I pay about £200 for a few days away and if I need to cancel it then so be it and if we do need to travel it's just an hour or so in the car.

Write this off for now then get home and plan a really good cheap UK holiday OP.

madeyemoodysmum Sat 02-Mar-19 17:25:02

I’ve had many a holiday when a child is ill.
Maybe you can do a half day ski with a well child each do you don’t both miss out.

It’s a bummer.

madeyemoodysmum Sat 02-Mar-19 17:25:38

Ps. NEVER go to soft play within 7 days of you holiday starting. My rule.

FrazzledNeedingCoffeeNow Sat 02-Mar-19 18:18:23

Thank you both! I think Easter holiday will be with my in-laws! UK country side and baby sitting the occasional evening so DH and I can go to a pub for a meal with the saved money smile.

You are right, I just have to write this off! I am OK to be home with our sick DD. I am not a good skier, so she is my ski mate - the older DDs are too fast for me and loves skiing with my husband.

DH just came back with pizza, so we have had a nice dinner. Starting the bath for the children, might try to get everyone to bed early and have a G&T with my husband (and pass out in bed after).

FrazzledNeedingCoffeeNow Sat 02-Mar-19 18:19:10

Madey, good rule!! This is from school sadly, but will follow the rule going forward!!

LuckyLou7 Sat 02-Mar-19 18:48:13

Enjoy your G&T and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Perhaps your sick child will be a lot better and you can get out onto the slopes. If not, don't worry, it's not the end of the world.

RedHelenB Sat 02-Mar-19 18:52:03

Relax with your daughters exam.Let her enjoy the break and she'll be much more relaxed and perform better.

prestondad Sat 02-Mar-19 18:53:02

ive been whete you are and the lack of options can be very stressful. im involved in the development of stories to reduce screentime with acrange of results. weve published our first ascs podcast with more to come. the little ones can be encouraged to just listen or to draw etc. why not give it a try? happy to receive sny feedback to help us tune the format.

FrazzledNeedingCoffeeNow Sat 02-Mar-19 19:45:34

Thank you Lucky! I can almost taste it smile! sadly little one just had another 40C/104F spike, so she is cuddling with DH waiting for the Calpol to kick in before we put her to bed, so no skiing, but I am writing this holiday off.

Red, we are trying to do the minimum (still some shaky areas and exam technique ie read the question properly and double check), but she just passed a mock with a small margin, so am feeling more optimistic. Exam is Wednesday, otherwise I wouldn’t bother, but she had a brilliant day skiing and is now building some Lego with her brother, so at least one happy DC.

Preston, will try to have look tomorrow. We are usually decent with screen time, but today has been a bad day blush

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