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To think ALL porridge oats are the same...

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WFTisgoingoninmyhead Sat 02-Mar-19 10:28:14

This is somewhat lighthearted, but can a person really tell the difference between Scott’s Porridge Oats and Harvest Morn (Aldi) Porridge Oats. My DH claims he can! The ingredients on both boxes say 100% Oats. I think he is just being a bit precious and a little snobby but I am happy to be proven wrong. I make muesli with the offending Oats and that tastes just the same to me.

FreeButtonBee Sat 02-Mar-19 10:52:45

Only flahavans here. Nice big chunky oats, need a decent amount of slow cooking to get porridge but never descends into glue.

Hahaha88 Sat 02-Mar-19 10:52:46

This post has got me shock I've genuinely never thought there was a difference in porridge oats

IwantedtobeEmmaPeel Sat 02-Mar-19 10:54:57

I agree with your husband, but would second/third the recommendation for Flahavans porridge oats, tell your DH to give those a try.

BitchQueen90 Sat 02-Mar-19 10:55:38

I use Asda value ones. I'm not picky about things like that, I put fruit and milk in mine so you can't really taste the oats anyway.

PrivateIsles Sat 02-Mar-19 10:56:32

Yes Flahavans all the way! I think I can definitely tell the difference if we get anything else...

FuckyNel Sat 02-Mar-19 10:56:52

Lidl oats are great. Better actually imo than the Waitrose essential tiny ones

NWQM Sat 02-Mar-19 10:58:31

Oh my yes you can. I’m all for shops own brands and no fancy packaging but sometimes spending a little bit more is very justifable.

bellabasset Sat 02-Mar-19 10:59:20

I like the jumbo ones am unable to get Jordans but the 750g Tesco Organic jumbo ones are a good substitute. Your dh is right.

Time40 Sat 02-Mar-19 11:01:10

Oh gosh, yes; there's a huge difference. Massive. Quaker are the only oats I've ever been able to eat with any pleasure. Every other type I've ever tried hasn't come close. Scott's make particularly horrible porridge - tasteless and lumpy, with hard bits.

Nothinglefttochoose Sat 02-Mar-19 11:03:42


babycatcher411 Sat 02-Mar-19 11:03:42


This post has got me shock I've genuinely never thought there was a difference in porridge oats

Ditto, I’ve always just picked up a big bag of the cheapest. I love anything oaty, particularly home made, I can’t believe I’ve been potentially missing out.
I think I need to re-evaluate my life choices.

Dieu Sat 02-Mar-19 11:05:27

I think there is a difference, probably in texture more than anything. Good oats are bigger and firmer in texture. Cheap oats are more 'dusty'.
The nicest I've found are Tesco organic oats.
My kids still prefer the microwaveable porridge sachets though. They prefer soft oats to chewy ones confused

StoppinBy Sat 02-Mar-19 11:07:54

I have a certain brand I like and I wont but the quick cook oats as I don't like the texture.

Not really sure why though - maybe it has something to do with the area they are grown in?

Hahaha88 Sat 02-Mar-19 11:09:30

Me too!! My ds and I love a bowl of porridge. I like mine thick though so maybe cheap ones are my thing? hmm I'm not keen on microwave or instant one's, they seem too much like ready brek than porridge

FriendOrFaux Sat 02-Mar-19 11:12:16

Quaker Jumbo oats here. Highly recommended!
I'm just having a bowl now for a late breakfast.

cariadlet Sat 02-Mar-19 11:12:37

I assumed that all porridge oats would be the same and we generally just buy supermarket own brand anyway, but my dp once brought the supermarket value ones and they were horrible.

After reading this thread I might treat myself to a bag of Flahavans.

MaybeitsMaybelline Sat 02-Mar-19 11:12:53

Dh can tell the difference between Quaker and Scott’s but he prefers Scott’s not Quaker. I have to say I prefer the original Scott’s to the Scott’s jumbo oats. I like mine with banana in the bottom, mixed nuts on the and a drizzle of golden syrup.

NunoGoncalves Sat 02-Mar-19 11:14:57

The difference, as pointed out, really only relates to size, but that does make quite a difference to texture. I don't like certain brands because they're too big and that makes chewy lumpy porridge.

WhentheDealGoesDown1 Sat 02-Mar-19 11:15:31

Definitely not the same, DH will only eat Scotts original porage oats, my favourites are Flahavan's Irish porridge oats. I used to like Dorset foods ones in the sachets but they have been discontinued.. I don't like cheap dusty oats or the quaker sachets of oats.

My absolute favourites are the Flahavan's 3 seed and oat bran sachets or Apricot, Raison and Sunflower seed. I buy in bulk from Waitrose the rare times they are on offer.

Rory786 Sat 02-Mar-19 11:18:47

Jumbo oats are far superior, we eat the ASDA brand and its much better than regular.

WhentheDealGoesDown1 Sat 02-Mar-19 11:18:52

cariadlet Definitely get the Flahavans you won't regret it as many on this thread agree

MustShowDH Sat 02-Mar-19 11:21:30

I'll happily eat most cheapie brands like Tesco value etc, but Aldi changed theirs a few months ago and seem really husky/rough not very nice now.

GreigLaidlawsbarofsoap Sat 02-Mar-19 11:24:51

Absolutely with your DH! there's a huge difference in texture and the smoothness of the porridge produced.

My favourite is Stoats, makes amazing porridge (especially with double cream haha) I'm not sure if they are just a Scottish brand but if you see them (on lowest shelf in our Tesco, swines trying to push their own brands!) then definitely get them for your DH to try.
Haven't seen the Flavahans recommended here but will keep an eye out! 👀

Lifeofa Sat 02-Mar-19 11:25:56

You need to blind taste test different ones then issue a grovelling apology! I am not fussy but I have been traumatised by cheaper porridge which proved wasteful ( Do I need to say lighthearted?)

Waveysnail Sat 02-Mar-19 11:27:47

Love Tescos value oats or whatever brand the are now but asdas cheap ones are disgusting.

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