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Had only else been struck down with this illness?

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Toughtips Sat 02-Mar-19 06:47:18

It's hit me like a tonne of bricks!

Achey, shivery, thick head, temperature, heart palpitations, feeling sick.

Had it for 3 days now. Was hoping it was only going to be 24hr.

Sally2791 Sat 02-Mar-19 06:58:23

If it's the one going round here it lasts 2-3 weeks. Feels like it's getting better then comes back. Don't fight it just rest and drink lots of water

Trumpton Sat 02-Mar-19 07:06:06

Oh it’s foul. Still coughing up yuk 3 weeks later !
Look after yourself . I was in bed for 4 days . Unheard of for me.

Toughtips Sat 02-Mar-19 07:06:48

Oh god. Can't cope with that. I can hardly breathe properly without it hurting yet I have no signs of chest infection or even a runny nose

SerenDippitty Sat 02-Mar-19 07:12:36

Doesn’t sound like the one I’ve had which hit on Tuesday night. Terrible sore throat and feeling shit, on Wednesday morning felt like I was dying, burning up literally could not move from bed. Thursday morning felt a bit better, spent some time downstairs on sofa but woke up Friday with my chest on fire and sounding like a 50 a day smoker. Now I’m feeling catarrhy and throat still sore and a really irritating tickly cough.Anyone else had this?

Hope you’re feeling better soon OP.

woodwaj Sat 02-Mar-19 07:14:56

Swap sickness for sore throat and yes! It was awful I'm just feeling better a round 3 weeks later! I wish I'd got a note and rested more!

Toughtips Sat 02-Mar-19 07:33:52

I've been on antibiotics for an infection and my body feels like I've been hit by a bus. Paracetamol takes the edge off but I was absolutely freezing last night and now I'm sweating. Rubbish.

Fiveredbricks Sat 02-Mar-19 07:35:21

It's called flu 🤨

Toughtips Sat 02-Mar-19 07:41:31

I had flu as a teen n had the chest infection and runny nose to boot. This time I just feel sick hot and achey.

cinderfrickingrella Sat 02-Mar-19 09:16:22

I did. Lasted 3 weeks. Was awful.

Even though I didn't have runny nose, etc, I found sinus tablets helped the most.

I really feel for you. Had so many different stages for me. Hope you feel better soon.

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