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Worried about ecoli

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Idontlikecheesecake Sat 02-Mar-19 02:25:00

Not really AIBU but posting in here for traffic

As i was getting my nearly 2yo ready for for bath time, dp was shouting me and I couldn’t hear him so I stepped away from the bathroom for like 5 seconds. I came back and DD was playing with the bristles on the toilet brush! 😱🤮 I quickly said no thats dirty, and picked her up, took it off her etc, but she started crying at being told off and put her hand in her mouth before i could wash it. (After bath I checked the toilet brush and there were tiny pieces of poo on it, and dp had not long used it after doing a number 2)

So ever since my mind has been racing about ecoli and all the other bugs she could get. Please put my mind at ease/tell me some of your stories

Ive tried telling myself she has once licked the sole of my shoe and she was fine but need more

Aquamarine1029 Sat 02-Mar-19 02:54:29


Idontlikecheesecake Sat 02-Mar-19 03:00:10

I sound a bit neurotic don’t i? But im a worrier

AssassinatedBeauty Sat 02-Mar-19 03:02:25

All you can do is wait and see if she gets a tummy upset from this. Probably not likely to happen, and there is no point stressing about it when it may not happen.

lljkk Sat 02-Mar-19 05:12:08

What Beauty said, and...

Most E.Colis are harmless. If you or someone else in house was carrying (& shedding) a nasty E. Coli to potentially share (like O157) you'd probably know all about it from them being quite ill very recently.

I'm a crap parent... linked to nappy free time with immobile babies, some manage to ingest their own excrement. Then there was the time I found crawling baby Dd had put discarded chewing gum (from the park grass) into her mouth.

My stories only get worse after that. Point being that nothing bad ever happened from those. Humans are meant to interact with a world full of germs & mostly not ill from them.

Whenisitover Sat 02-Mar-19 05:48:38

Ds1 caught eColi 157 from a sandwich at a service station - which DH had given him a bite of - the lettuce in it was the likely culprit EA said

He was 9 mo and was "ill" ill for c24 hours - off nursery for 13 weeks as it stayed in his system
What I mean is you can catch all sorts of stuff when you least expect it and even if you do it doesn't mean the worst

(DH was really quite ill for a week which is how we found out about the eColi btw)

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