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Psycho driver

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Catbell82 Fri 01-Mar-19 18:27:53

Just had a slightly scary experience. Sat in car at traffic lights. There are 2 lanes - both can be used for going straight. I was in the left lane with lots of cars behind me, no one was in the right. The lights turned green & seemingly out of nowhere a car sped down the right lane obviously trying to get ahead of everyone else. They weren’t quite quick enough to get in front of me (I didn’t speed up) so they started driving really close to me, beeping their horn & flashing their lights. They continued doing this on & off for the next couple of sets of lights before turning. It was quite unnerving. Just wondering what other crazy road rage experiences people have had the misfortune of.

MotherOfDragons90 Fri 01-Mar-19 19:08:56

I was driving down a very windy country road in shit weather not so long ago, two cars in front. The first car was (sensibly) doing about 30mph even though the speed limit was national. The other car was being a total arse about this, going right up close to him, beeping, trying to overtake dangerously (too narrow). When we got to a bit of road wide enough to overtake, he did so, then pulled back in literally cm from the other car and slowed right down to about 10mph. Obviously deliberately to get the first car back for holding him up. That car then starts the horn going as well.

I kept well back from both of them - i see cars in the ditch on those roads far too regularly!

sayanythingelse Fri 01-Mar-19 21:44:15

Some people just shouldn't be on the roads.

I was driving to work on the motorway, it's inner city with a 50mph speed limit and has cameras on people tend to stick to the speed limit. I was overtaking in the 3rd lane when this car came up behind me and drove inches away, clearly unhappy that I wasn't going faster. I moved over to let speedy past but he started driving right up beside my car as if pretending to ram me then pulled infront of me and slammed his brakes on in the middle of the motorway confused ... the best part is, he had his wife and kids in the car.

At the time, I worked for a luxury car manufacturer and got to drive some pretty expensive cars around. I got absolutely sick of people constantly trying to race me angry now I drive a crappy 6 year old estate car and don't have that problem grin

Jonsnowsghost Fri 01-Mar-19 21:48:00

Sat at temporary traffic lights on top of a slight curved hill on a country road, spot car in rear view and think "that's going a bit fast, hope he slows down" nope just barrelled on through at around 80mph whilst I'm still sat at the red light. Dread to think if someone was coming the other way or if a worker walked out into the road. People think they're time is much more important that everyone else's.

Slarti Fri 01-Mar-19 21:58:32

I'm a bit confused OP. You say the car was speeding but wasn't going fast enough to overtake you. Does that mean you were speeding too? In that situation it's probably best just to slow down a bit and let the other driver filter in, which it sounds like they were trying to do.

1Redacted1 Fri 01-Mar-19 22:07:08

Assuming the two lanes merge into one after the lights, it rather sounds like you saw them coming and decided to speed up and block them from merging.

lostelephant Fri 01-Mar-19 22:19:07

Sounds like a knobhead, good on you for not speeding up or pulling over for idiots who think they own the road.

Also ignore the couple of previous posters saying you must have sped up, it's clear from your OP that you got to the merging part before they were able to get there.

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Fri 01-Mar-19 22:34:31

I met a car overtaking on a blind bend the other day. He came barrelling round a lorry like a bat out of hell. I literally stood on the brakes before we hit head on. Luckily he obviously thought better of it too, or scared the shit out of himself, and fell back in behind the lorry. He had a tiny little hatchback and I drive a Landrover. He would not have come out of it very well, if at all, little twat.

Slarti Sun 03-Mar-19 14:23:17

ignore the couple of previous posters saying you must have sped up, it's clear from your OP that you got to the merging part before they were able to get there.

With all due respect the OP clearly says they drove side by side for two sets of lights. If he was speeding, as the OP says, then I can't see how he couldn't have overtaken her unless she was also speeding. That's just simple physics isn't it? And if he wasn't able to filter in for such a long time it's not unreasonable to wonder if the OP deliberately blocked him from doing so.

VampirateQueen Sun 03-Mar-19 14:38:49

@Slarti actually the OP says that he was flashing his lights at her, which to me suggests he was behind her. So they merged after the first set of lights and he didn't manage to get there before she did, so she was in front of him for the next 2 sets of lights and he wanted her to magic herself out of the way.

Slarti Sun 03-Mar-19 14:44:47

Ah I think you're probably right there. I think I've mixed up the OP's events with another pp further down.

CoraPirbright Sun 03-Mar-19 14:53:09

The other day I saw a blue car trying to join the A road from a slip road. Quite busy and cars not letting him in and he was quickly running out of road so tried to squeeze into a space in front of a red car causing him to brake. Split second decision, probably gave the red car quite a fright. Not great but there you are.

However, the red car then drove hooting and flashing right up behind him, then overtook and then deliberately swerved into the blue car causing the blue car to career onto the hard shoulder. Could have caused such a nasty accident with such aggressive behaviour.

I overtook both wanting to get away from such pillocks. Blue car was driven by a young man who looked red faced and on the verge of tears. Red car was driven by a middle aged man who, if he doesn’t get a hold of his anger is going to end up in an early grave with a fury-induced heart attack.

Dakiara Sun 03-Mar-19 17:39:56

We've a similar merge near us - I've seen a few take offence like that for no reason. 😣

It happens to us all from time to time unfortunately. My latest was when I didn't push past some cars parked on my left when there was a car coming towards me in the right lane. It would have been very tight, so I gave way. Wasn't my right of way anyway.

Sh*tstain behind me decided I had room and followed me right around to the roundabout two hundred yards later, beeping like a toddler driving a little toy car and so far up my arse that we really should have been on first name terms. Even my seven year old asked what was wrong with him, bless her.

I was very sorry that he went a different way to me though at the roundabout, as I would have driven past the court security cameras ten metres further on. 😪 😈

I'm currently researching dash cams, though they all seem to be naff.

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