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Inconsiderate neighbours

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akmum18 Fri 01-Mar-19 17:35:57

My neighbours are at retirement age and causing excessive noise daily it’s starting to make me feel depressed and miserable. The routine is similar every day so I know what to expect and dread it constantly. First we’ll be woken at 5/6am by their dog barking non stop in the garden until we leave at 8am, then their grandchild will arrive for school drop off and scream/bang around etc. We aim to be up for 7.30 so I can do the school run and get to work so this does cut our sleep down as I’m terrible at getting back to sleep once their dog disturbs me. We are out most of the day but as soon as we arrive home in the evening, there will be loud music played, screaming grandchildren, barking dog every half an hour until 1am and regular fights. We’ve had our fences smashed and the roof of our shed when they ‘accidentally dropped the ladder used for window cleaning’ on them, their dog chewed through a brand new fence panel which they refused to replace and their cat has taken to sh*tting in my flower beds. I did report them around 6 months ago and they knocked on my door aggressively shouting they know it was me and making threats. I retracted my complaint as I was worried for my children and what the other neighbours would say, and I have just put up with this every day since. I can’t speak to them as I think they will do it more to upset me and I’m nervous about making another complaint. I hear nothing from other neighbours even the ones with several children, the walls aren’t thin and people are generally considerate around here. If I knew a couple aged 75+ could make so much noise I would have stayed where we lived before! also to add its not retaliation etc as we are a very quiet family, early night every night, out all day apart from Sunday’s as my partner works nights on weekends so I don’t think they are ‘trying to get us back’ it just seems like this is what type of people they are. I’m at the end of my tether, sleep deprived and fed up, i’d Really appreciate some advice.

StinkyCandle Fri 01-Mar-19 17:54:12

Honestly? Is there any chance at all you could move? I don't know your circumstances, but it sounds horrific, there's nothing worst than noisy neighbours. Yours are an antisocial nightmare.

If you already tried to speak to them, but got threatened in return, I don't think talking with them again would help.

I would report them, dog barking and noisy music at antisocial hours. Do they rent, owe the place, are in council accommodation?

Unfortunately it takes time for anything at all to happen, and people can suffer for too long, so brace yourself.

akmum18 Fri 01-Mar-19 18:03:45

Thanks for your reply. We moved here less than a year ago so still tied by a contract and cannot move yet. We’ve spent so much money making this house nice I feel resentful at moving and wasting it all just because of them but I am seriously considering it. They are in council property and it was taken seriously, I wish I had the courage to see it through as maybe by now action would have been taken against them. I just thought and hoped the shock of a complaint would make them think more. They never walk the dog so the barking is going to be expected, i can’t make sense of why they have it. They claim no one else is bothered so it’s all in my head but someone who lives a road away can hear their dog in the mornings too and previously questioned them about training and was laughed at. Feel let down by neighbours who would feel the same if they had to put up with it yet give me filthy looks for being a ‘grass’ since they announced I’d complained.

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