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To hate the way some people talk to cleaners?

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clairemcnam Fri 01-Mar-19 12:55:47

Or anyone else they see as below them.
I have seen this in a variety of workplaces, both small private firms, the public sector and universities. Staff with well paid jobs being patronising, talking down to people and making it clear that they think they are better off than cleaners and any other staff with a low status. I hate it, and yet it is fairly common.

BlueJava Sat 02-Mar-19 16:44:26

Personally I always say hi and have a chat because I see that many people at work don't do it and I don't like it - we are all colleagues after all. However, at my last company there was a cleaner there and I'd often see her, say hi, ask how she was etc. She hardly responded but I just thought she wasn't used to people at work speaking to her. Finally, one day just after I said hi, how are you? She shouted "Everyday you say how are you, I tell you same as yesterday, no change for me. Why you ask every day?" I was like "oops, that told me" and just smiled and said hello after that! Made me laugh (to myself) afterwards though!

amusedbush Sun 03-Mar-19 16:00:44

I don't really get this. Are you saying all staff are part of the team?

There are thousands of members of staff across the University. No, the cleaning staff do not work in my immediate team but what I mean is that I do not view the cleaners, security or maintenance staff as any different to my colleagues in Finance, IT, HR, etc. We have our own day to day teams but we're all as crucial to the University functioning as the Principal is.

I couldn't respect someone who spoke down to a person because they viewed their job as beneath them.

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