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To take myself out of the running for job

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tealcoat Thu 28-Feb-19 21:43:15

I'm soon to graduate a university course (mature student) and have started applying for jobs.

I've got a fair way along the recruitment process with an international firm who were advertising a position in the city I live in. Their office is 2.5 miles from where I live and I was looking forward to the prospect of cycling in.

After a telephone interview, the company have informed me that the position is not in their city office but in a ruralish town 50 miles outside of the city I live in. They've asked if I still want to move forward to the next stage of recruitment.

The commute will be at the very least 1.5 hours each way if I get the train and a season ticket for a year is around £2,300.

The job will pay between £25 - 28k (probably nearer the lower end). My problem is that I could have this lined up and start within a week or so of finishing my final exams about 3 months time. I haven't yet had much interest from firms elsewhere and am worried about not having a job to go to. We don't have enough disposable income for me to sit around all summer.

But equally, I could get a job that pays the same within 5 miles of my house and have zero travel costs. That job just hasn't come along yet and I really don't know what to do.

No DC's but plan on starting a family in the next few years.

Thequaffle Thu 28-Feb-19 21:44:51

I would go for it - it will be easier to move to another better located job when you have some relevant experience on your cv.

tealcoat Thu 28-Feb-19 21:53:22

I had considered this, DH and I currently rent so could potentially move slightly closer as well. At least I could get the commute down to under an hour by moving.

Rtmhwales Thu 28-Feb-19 22:04:49

I would go for it as well. There's no guarantee you'll find another job nearby soon. You could do it for a while and get some experience and then find a job closer to home if the commute is killing you. £25k minus train fares is still £23k better than no job.

JonSnowsCloak Thu 28-Feb-19 22:08:01

I'd go for it too. Even if you stayed for a year or 2, the experience you would gain would easily set you up for the next role closer to home. My first role was an hour (often a lot more because of traffic) away and now my job is 15 minutes away x

BlimeyCalmDown Thu 28-Feb-19 22:28:17

Yes go for it

PtahNeith Thu 28-Feb-19 22:41:23

If it's that big a firm generally there will be opportunities sooner or later to switch offices, once you've proven yourself etc. Large firms do tend to struggle to recruit for their regional offices, so working towards an office move to the city would likely be competitive but not impossible.

It's easier to find a job when you have a job.... Keep your options open. You don't know what this one would lead to if you got it.

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