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To ask what TV series you have stuck with?

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ParmaViolet44 Thu 28-Feb-19 19:26:48

I just finished watching this week's Grey's Anatomy, Season 15 episode 14. I just checked and it's been running since 2005! It pre-dates my marriage and 2 of my children and yet I still watch it religiously every week. I've stayed with it all these years and can't explain why!

Even though it is often ridiculous/utter pants and I get pissed off when characters die predictably (usually when they're happy and everything is going swimmingly for them!) I always forgive it and come back and start watching again.

Anyone else have a long term relationship with a TV series? grin

Mof3K Thu 28-Feb-19 19:28:33

The walking dead.
I love it! We're on season 9 so been going since 2009 !
Its recently had an overhaul with a new show runner so fans approve. But honestly I've never stopped loving it!

MichonnesBBF Thu 28-Feb-19 19:32:24


Agree and second everything you have just wrote hence my username (ignore the BBF bit that's a typo blush

I have not missed one episode and actually started to binge watch again after season 7 it's fab.

Fiveredbricks Thu 28-Feb-19 19:36:15

Greys. Always Greys. I stuck with House too. Apart from that nada. Greys just stays amazing 😍

ShowOfHands Thu 28-Feb-19 19:52:19

Supernatural which started in 2005.

73kittycat73 Thu 28-Feb-19 19:54:30

Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel.

JazzyBBG Thu 28-Feb-19 19:55:00

Homeland even when it got shit in season 3.

Jupiters Thu 28-Feb-19 19:56:35


Celebelly Thu 28-Feb-19 19:56:51

Before I even clicked on this thread I instantly thought 'Grey's Anatomy'! I love it and I don't care how ridiculous it gets.

GraceMarks Thu 28-Feb-19 19:57:22

I don't know whether I want to admit to this, but... Casualty! I've been watching it for about 20 years and it feels oddly comforting to tune in now. I know it's a bit rubbish but it's like an old friend whose quirks you've grown used to and would miss if they changed.

BartonHollow Thu 28-Feb-19 19:59:08

I ended it with Greys but only at Season 13

I stuck with Lost til the end and it didn't reward my loyalty

They need to let Greys go IMO

Namechangedbecauseiwantto Thu 28-Feb-19 19:59:22

Casualty for me too, haven't missed one.

WineCheeseSleep Thu 28-Feb-19 19:59:47

Supernatural, I still really enjoy it too even though you'd think it would have run its course.

cornishpixue Thu 28-Feb-19 20:04:02

Kittycat - definitely Buffy & Angel, I'm currently re-watching with my DD discovering it fir the first time - brilliant!

MolyHolyGuacamole Thu 28-Feb-19 20:05:30

Criminal Minds! Just finished it's 14th season and sadly the 15th will be the last sad

chuttypicks Thu 28-Feb-19 20:06:38

Greys Anatomy. Watched all of them several times and have it on most days.

moglovesredroses Thu 28-Feb-19 20:08:19

Dh has always watched casualty.

AragonsGirl Thu 28-Feb-19 20:08:48

Criminal Minds, had a massive binge during maternity leave to catch up!

ooooohbetty Thu 28-Feb-19 20:10:28

Coronation street. I can remember when Ken's first wife died (1971). grin

Hellywelly10 Thu 28-Feb-19 20:10:40

Gilmore girls. I miss it so muchsad

PuppyMonkey Thu 28-Feb-19 20:11:05

I was brought up watching Corrie and just can’t give it up even when it is shit.

The programme started in 1960, but I wasn’t born till 1966 so not sure quite how many episodes I’ve got to.grin

InsomniaTho Thu 28-Feb-19 20:11:48

Another one who’s been watching Supernatural and Greys since they started. In my teens. Now in my thirties.

thefirst48 Thu 28-Feb-19 20:12:08

Law & order svu, greys, supernatural, real housewives, blue bloods.

InsomniaTho Thu 28-Feb-19 20:12:30

Buffy Angel and Firefly get rewatched yearly here!

Lemonsquinky Thu 28-Feb-19 20:13:20

Mad Men
Breaking Bad
The Big Bang Theory
Young Sheldon
Blackadder 2-4.
Back in the day Sex and the City.

Deadbudgie Thu 28-Feb-19 20:15:33

As a teenager I used to watch Morse, then Lewis now Endeavour love them all

Meralia Thu 28-Feb-19 20:16:13

Supernatural. It’s the only series that hasn’t lost its way or gone off the boil.

Livid21 Thu 28-Feb-19 20:20:56

Okay I only started Grey’s a few months ago but I’m on S11 ep21 half way through and BAD THINGS ARE HAPPENING and maybe I should just turn it off and never watch it again and they all have long, happy lives full of appropriately-timed CT scans, yeah? wibbles

laurG Thu 28-Feb-19 20:21:32

Currently rewatching all of sex and the city. However, I also like a bbc comedy like Alan partridge, the office, more recently fleabag and c4 classic Father Ted!

CouldBeAnyoneReally Thu 28-Feb-19 20:22:55

Holby City. I was shock when I realised it was 20yrs old this year. Never missed an episode.

tor8181 Thu 28-Feb-19 20:23:35

i re watch supernatural,grimm and auf wiedersehen pet

checkoutchick22 Thu 28-Feb-19 20:25:04

Sons of Anarchy... completely into it!

sleepylittlebunnies Thu 28-Feb-19 20:25:10

Criminal Minds
Law and Order SVU
Home and Away (Got to have something lighthearted)

TwoleftUggs Thu 28-Feb-19 20:26:07

Casualty. I’ve watched it since the first episode. I was only 10 or 11 when it started so it feels like It’s like a warm comforting link back to my childhood.

YouFellAsleep Thu 28-Feb-19 20:26:08

Friends, watch the whole series on a loop, usually an episode at night to fall asleep to, then at the end of series 10 start again.

And Only Fools and Horses, never fails to make me laugh and I know it backwards smile

Figgygal Thu 28-Feb-19 20:27:07

Ha I instantly thought greys but because I went off it about 4 years ago yet still slog on

Only 17 episodes behind now with little motivation to catch up

Oh and walking dead utter dross but still on going

BobbinThreadbare123 Thu 28-Feb-19 20:27:19

Sons of Anarchy
Red Dwarf

EnolaAlone Thu 28-Feb-19 20:27:34

Holby City I've watched since the first episode. Even in phases when it's annoying or boring me.

jcmayj Thu 28-Feb-19 20:28:34

SATC, Friends and Desperate Housewives

BrizzleMint Thu 28-Feb-19 20:29:49

Casualty for me as well, I watched it when it first started and I still watch it now.

WillGymForPizza Thu 28-Feb-19 20:29:57

Corrie for me as well, and Eastenders. And erm... Neighbours.

Dontstepinthecowpat Thu 28-Feb-19 20:30:39

Greys. I am so attached to it and the characters. I’d probably ditch my DH for Alex Karev. I’ve rewatched it during my pregnancies and never miss an episode

ooooohbetty Thu 28-Feb-19 20:31:27

@PuppyMonkey Corrie is a habit for me too. I put it on but don't really watch it half the time.

DanielRicciardosSmile Thu 28-Feb-19 20:31:35

Buffy. I like to think I could have it as my chosen specialist subject on Mastermind, but they'd probably ask questions like "Who played the clown that scared Xander?" so I couldn't really.

Moonflower12 Thu 28-Feb-19 20:31:36

Me too - except I was 17 when it started but still a link to being at home with no real responsibility!

neuroticnumpty Thu 28-Feb-19 20:31:53

Greys too!!!
As so many of you have said Buffy I might give it a try. Is it light hearted or make me anxious at all??

elephantoverthehill Thu 28-Feb-19 20:34:36

Casualty for me too. I have watched since uni, 30 odd years ago. It used to be filmed in my home city and knew people who worked on it. The family take the mick out of me.

WhoGivesADamnForAFlakeyBandit Thu 28-Feb-19 20:35:02

Doctor Who!

I've watched all of many things - I could watch certain Buffy episodes again and again, I could watch all of the West Wing again. I can dip in and out of Frasier.

But Greys, Suits, Scandal, How to get away with Murder - all could have been done in 3-4 series max. They haven't changed/evolved as much as e.g. Homeland has.

BareBelliedSneetch Thu 28-Feb-19 20:36:26

Neighbours. I must have been watching it for 30 yrs. (had a bit of a break at one point).

Other series that I’ve watched all of are Buffy, ER, Friends, black books (but there are only 3 series of that) death in paradise, call the midwife, doctor who.

FrenchyQ Thu 28-Feb-19 20:36:43

Greys Anatomy too
Dexter...the ending was highly disappointing
Lost....first time around the ending felt underwhelming but watched it all the way through again and it felt like it all made sense.

Criminal minds

GrandTheftWalrus Thu 28-Feb-19 20:39:06

All of the CSI episodes. I can still quote episodes from that.

Criminal minds and greys I stopped watching when DP moved in as we actually talked to each other where when I was with exH all i done was watch TV to get away.

I really need to get back into grey's. It's on sky box sets so may catch up soon.

GrouchyKiwi Thu 28-Feb-19 20:42:29

Criminal Minds and Bones.

DanielRicciardosSmile Thu 28-Feb-19 20:50:12

Oh yes, Doctor Who too. I would have said Torchwood also, but then I'd have to pretend that Miracle Day never existed which it didn't

PippaParty Thu 28-Feb-19 20:51:49

Cold Feet.

Right from the start. They have aged as I have, family issues similar overtime given they were all young couples in the early days and now have teenage children.

SnowyAlpsandPeaks Thu 28-Feb-19 20:52:24


heymammy Thu 28-Feb-19 20:57:26

Grey's for me too op! I can remember it first starting and the hype around it. Just can't give it up.
I've also watched all episodes of Buffy and Sex and the City and I had seen every episode of The Simpsons up until around 6 yrs ago!

It's weird the ones that we stick with and I suppose that will change now that we can binge almost anything we want.

heymammy Thu 28-Feb-19 21:01:40

Oh god yeah, CSI I watched the full first 10 seasons and all of CSI Miami

WaddIelikeapenguin Thu 28-Feb-19 21:03:17

Firefly (Too short to count & I rage about that every time I rewatch!)

Alicecooperslovechild Thu 28-Feb-19 21:03:25

Greys for me too. Also Midsomer Murders (feel that I should apologise for this one).

WaddIelikeapenguin Thu 28-Feb-19 21:04:19

There was some research done that showed the music you love as a teenager stays your preference later in life - I wonder if it’s the same for tv

Grumpasaurous Thu 28-Feb-19 21:06:01

Criminal minds
Supernatural (tho have started again as life took over about S7)


Prison break (not the last season)
Flash forward

Starburst8 Thu 28-Feb-19 21:08:31

Buffy, Angel & Charmed - the original not the crap remake. Castle.
I did watch Bones but I stopped on season 8 (playing catch up now)

Tbh I think I've had longer relationships with the tv series than actual people 😂😂

Wildcate Thu 28-Feb-19 21:10:44

The West Wing
Grey’s Anatomy

I luffs them all.

TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Thu 28-Feb-19 21:11:08

I watch box sets rather than as things are broadcast usually but am a TV addict so LOADS!

Series I have watched in their entirety include Buffy, Angel, Friends, House, Charmed. Am coming to the end of my Vampire Diaries box set too.

Series which are still going that I watch: Supernatural, Law and Order SVU, Elementary, plus the DC series with DS - Arrow and Flash and so on.

Seren85 Thu 28-Feb-19 21:13:15


67chevvyimpala Thu 28-Feb-19 21:14:16

The office US version

67chevvyimpala Thu 28-Feb-19 21:15:09

Oh and house and firefly!

Starburst8 Thu 28-Feb-19 21:16:26

@TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Ooh I forgot about vampire diaries.
It's so good isn't it? I'm gutted it ended (more than I should be for my age)

My current series are;

The Flash, super girl, Young Sheldon, Big Bang Theory (12 seasons of that) and the mentalist (now it's on free view)

DoneAdulting Thu 28-Feb-19 21:16:44

I also clicked on the thread to say Greys.

I really miss Callie. And Cristina. Wish they would come back! Especially if Callie came back with Arizona.

67chevvyimpala Thu 28-Feb-19 21:17:07

And west wing! smile

user1471592953 Thu 28-Feb-19 21:20:49

Chicago Fire (can’t believe no one has mentioned this one yet!)
Law and Order SVU

PutyourtoponTrevor Thu 28-Feb-19 21:23:35

Ally McBeal
Boston Legal

NCforthis2019 Thu 28-Feb-19 21:25:41

The Walking Dead
Law and Order SVU
The Originals
CSI (all)
Handmaids Tale
Days of Our Lives
Ally Mcbeal

Seniorcitizen1 Thu 28-Feb-19 21:28:19

Watched the first episide of Corrie and still watching although not sure why

TwinkleTits70 Thu 28-Feb-19 21:28:19

Mad Men
Desperate Housewives
Car Share
Peaky Blinders

PlayerOne Thu 28-Feb-19 21:33:28

Not all current, most were back in the day...
Also Greys Anatony!
Dawson's Creek
Gossip Girl
Ally McBeal
BattleStar Galactica
Babylon 5

mrscat83 Thu 28-Feb-19 21:35:02

The Sopranos
Big Bang Theory
Father Ted grin

isseywithcats Thu 28-Feb-19 21:35:39

Longest Dr Who from William Hartnell to now (yes i am old)
more recent call the midwife loved it from episode one

IndianaMoleWoman Thu 28-Feb-19 21:37:18

The X Files
Greys (obviously!)
Peep Show
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (even more obviously!)
Clinging on hoping that the next (final?) few episodes of Arrested Development aren’t to terrible when they’re released next month.

crosser62 Thu 28-Feb-19 21:52:07

Handmaids tale
Friday night dinner

My confession and secret love.. teen mom original series.

NurseButtercup Thu 28-Feb-19 21:53:47

Grey's Anatomy
Game of Thrones(I'm slowly rewatching every episode in readiness for the final season in April, I know it's ridiculous but I don't care).
Law and Order (I regularly watch reruns of old episodes even though I know the ending).
Law and order SVU

All of these TV shows have had either entire seasons or episodes that are rubbish, but I watch and convince myself that it's going to get better.

Look for New Amsterdam on Amazon Prime, it's better than Grey's Anatomy reminds me of St Elsewhere/ ER

Sophiathefortyfirst Thu 28-Feb-19 21:55:12

I've always watched the Big Bang Theory. Gutted it's ending!

TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Thu 28-Feb-19 22:06:22

Starburst - OMG, I forgot about The Mentalist!

I LOVE that programme! Love it love it love it.

I was properly tearing up at the ending (happy tears). Can't believe I forgot about it!

CaptainJaneway62 Thu 28-Feb-19 22:14:12

Dr Who from the very first episode - hiding behind the sofa as a kid when the Daleks first appeared!! Even the music scared the life out of me but I was addicted to the tv series from the start and still am.

(you may have guessed from my user name!,)Star Trek, Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Enterprise, and now watching Star Trek Discovery Netflix.

Holy City from the very fist episode.
Call the Midwife - I think it's the nostalgia of growing up in the 50's and 60's as a kid that makes me love the series.
Grey's Anatomy rewatching on Amazon

I am also a fan of all the different Marvel and DC comics TV series and films
especially Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Agent Carter Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Arrow, Gotham, The Flash.

CaptainJaneway62 Thu 28-Feb-19 22:18:38

Agree with @NurseButtercup New Amsterdam is a definitely a brilliant series and is better than G A. Half way through the first episode I said to myself "Oooh this is good!" smile

MagicKeysToAsda Thu 28-Feb-19 22:18:47

Joining the Greys love.
And Buffy.
And House.

Lulurollup Thu 28-Feb-19 22:25:16

It was Greys but I can’t watch anymore- it’s like a whole new show. Was never the same since ... (you’ll know what- don’t want to spoil wink). Still weepily watch the old episodes missing the characters as if they’re real people

Osirus Thu 28-Feb-19 22:31:53

Walking Dead, Coronation Street.

Some old ones like Friends, SATC, and the fabulous wonder that was ER. Also loved Ally McBeal, though it did get a bit weird towards the end.

OkOkWhatsNext Thu 28-Feb-19 22:33:02

The West Wing. Have watched it all through many times. Currently rewatching season 6 and enjoying it again alongside The West Weekly Weekly podcast (fans may recognise my username), which is giving it all a whole new lease of life!

OkOkWhatsNext Thu 28-Feb-19 22:33:52

Also ER. Enjoyed rewatching the whole lot on several maternity leaves!

ParmaViolet44 Thu 28-Feb-19 22:34:11

Oh wow, I realised I could have written half of these replies myself if I expanded my list!
Supernatural - just started re-watching as I LOVED that show, currently on Season 3. They are just stupidly handsome.
Firefly - so tragic that it got cancelled, it was so different and well written
Buffy/Angel - watched them both to the bitter end, still re-watch occasionally, although David Boreanaz/SEAL Team is a really good watch now.
Watched all of West Wing too, twice!

Greys is the only one I think I watch that is still running currently. I did get to about season 12 of Criminal Minds and then lost it slightly so need to restart that from somewhere! Never got over my ridiculous crush on the guy that played JJ's husband? The cop from New Orleans. blush

Greys - Deluca is definitely making me come over all unnecessary at the moment too...grin

alaric77 Thu 28-Feb-19 22:36:16

Buffy, Angel, Charmed, Allie Mcbeal, Once Upon a Time, The Vampire Diaries, Ghost Whisperer, Medium.

OwlinaTree Thu 28-Feb-19 22:36:58

Lol no one had put mine... Doctors! Started watching on Maternity leave 5 years ago and been taping it ever since! It's so bad but I love it!

WoollyMummoth Thu 28-Feb-19 22:39:36

In my teens I loved Robin of Sherwood. I even stuck with it when the gorgeous Michael Praed was replaced by Jason
I moved on to Xena Warrior
Princess, loves every episode and still comfort watch them now.
Also can happily watch endless reruns of Big Bang Theory.

Tawdrylocalbrouhaha Thu 28-Feb-19 22:44:39

Desperate Housewives (and I'm still angry about that shitey shitey ending).

plominoagain Thu 28-Feb-19 22:47:09

Oh yeah to Chicago Fire !
Criminal Minds
Hawaii Five O
All the CSI’s

I think there’s a theme there ..

Every episode of the Simpsons ( family tradition )
I watch Greys with my DS as DH doesn’t do medical dramas !

CloserIAm2Fine Thu 28-Feb-19 22:47:56

Orange is the new black. I binge watched the first season just before the second season was released then binge watched each of the next seasons as they came out.

NigellaAwesome Thu 28-Feb-19 22:50:58

Greys - although feeling it is getting boring and formulaic.

Lost - I was

Breaking Bad

Modern Family - love it

Slazengerbag Thu 28-Feb-19 23:15:42

Greys! I felt it lost it a bit after....... but boss it’s back and op I agree with you Deluca is just lovely 😍

SquigglySquaw Thu 28-Feb-19 23:19:24

One Tree Hill
The OC
Sons of Anarchy
Breaking Bad
The Walking Dead (though my love for it is wearing thin)
Game of Thrones
Pretty Little Liars

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