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Resting heart rate

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jcmayj Thu 28-Feb-19 15:43:18

My resting heart rate is never below 100bpm. I can often feel palpitations and find it hard to catch my breath sometimes, even though I'm sat down not doing anything.

Is this normal during pregnancy? Other than this I'm not experiencing any other symptoms and feel fine within myself.

MrsTerryPratcett Thu 28-Feb-19 15:44:44

This is a question for a HCP, not internet strangers! Call someone!

SeaToSki Thu 28-Feb-19 15:46:47

DO you ever feel dizzy? If you do, you need to see the GP urgently, otherwise you do need to be seen, but not as quickly. Something else you can do is take a magnesium supplement, the full daily amount, it helps with palpitations and most people are defficient.

jcmayj Thu 28-Feb-19 15:46:48

@MrsTerryPratcett I was at maternity unit last night and it was the same then, she said it was high but that was it.

So I'm wondering if anyone else had experienced it that's all

jcmayj Thu 28-Feb-19 15:47:18

@SeaToSki yes I do get dizzy periods.

They told me I was borderline anemic but prescribed nothing

MrsTerryPratcett Thu 28-Feb-19 15:50:21

Might have led with that! I was worried about you!

What's your normal resting heart rate?

jcmayj Thu 28-Feb-19 15:51:28

Pre pregnancy resting heart rate was about 70-80

Fiveredbricks Thu 28-Feb-19 15:54:11

Go and see a medical professional. You need to call your midwife and go and see your GP.

DailyMailWankers Thu 28-Feb-19 15:55:57

Definitely not normal but quite a common problem during pregnancy. If you go to your GP tomorrow they can refer you. Try not to worry flowers

jcmayj Thu 28-Feb-19 15:57:44

@DailyMailWankers thank you. I'll book in and see what they say thanks

SeaToSki Thu 28-Feb-19 16:31:06

Make sure you tell them that you are breathless and having dizzy spells. It's those symptoms that take it from an annoyance to something that needs to be seriously looked at

Brownzy Thu 28-Feb-19 16:47:44

I have this - if I am ever on a treadmill it tells me to get off because my heart rate is too high.
I was diagnosed during my last labour with mild mitral valve regurgitation- it basically means I have a leaky valve. It's worse when I am pregnant and I have been warned to keep my weight down or I will develop heart failure when I am older.

I am currently 16 weeks pregnant and my resting heart rate is just sitting below 100. I get palpitations at night particularly when lying on my side
I think about 10% of the population has it but aren't diagnosed.

jcmayj Thu 28-Feb-19 16:50:02

@Brownzy this sounds like me, it's very scary. Heart problems haven't ever been mentioned to me, perhaps I should ask for an investigation?

I've been hospitalised previously with tachycardia and had ECGs but nothing's ever been picked up

Lipstickandlashes Thu 28-Feb-19 16:51:59

Get it checked straight away. My DH had the same, turned about to be heart failure ( he's only 37). Demand an appointment immediately, he was fobbed off by a v young GP and ended up very poorly as a result.

Lipstickandlashes Thu 28-Feb-19 16:53:34

He's fine now, BTW, but will be on meds for the rest of his life. Sorry got sounding dramatic but I wish someone had said this to us.

jcmayj Thu 28-Feb-19 16:58:10

@Lipstickandlashes maternity were aware of it last night when I was in for monitoring and they didn't seem worried?

I feel fine in myself, just have these random periods where my heart races for no reason.

Glad your husband is better!

suziedoozy Thu 28-Feb-19 17:41:48

I am pregnant and my HR resting has gone from about 70 to 94 which apparently is completely normal but as soon as a get going - walking / stairs etc it zooms up and can easily be 140.
But my BP is consistently 120/80 abs Midwife’s & consultant are totally happy. I am older with a high BMI but am pretty physically active - gym 3/4 times a week & I am 38 weeks.

If the medics say it’s ok then I wouldn’t worry but if you feel at all unwell then go and seek help

Lipstickandlashes Thu 28-Feb-19 18:22:17

Thanks, me too! I'm sure if they're monitoring you it'll be fine, I'm probably just oversensitive given what happened. The good thing is you're aware and keeping an eye on it.

HolesinTheSoles Thu 28-Feb-19 18:26:02

I was going to question whether you are anaemic - have you tried floradix - nice gentle iron supplement. My resting heart rate has always been high and was also in pregnancy but it wasn't an issue.

SeaToSki Thu 28-Feb-19 18:31:57

If you can afford it, buy a kardia from amazon. ITS a little device that can work with an app on your phone and it takes a really good ecg. It was recommended to me by my cardiologist. It saves the ecgs as pdf files and you can email them to your doctor or show them when you go for an appointment. If you do a recording when you are having tachycardia and feeling dizzy, it might be really helpful for working out what is going on. Heart conditions are never helpful enough to demonstrate themselves when you are hooked up to the machines at the doctors. 😬

123drink Thu 28-Feb-19 18:36:53

My rhr was around 130-150 when pregnant and I had tachycardia. (Went within a few weeks of giving birth)
See your gp

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