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Car Vs pushchair, which mum was right? School run, plus diagram

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Barrenfieldoffucks Thu 28-Feb-19 10:33:58

I saw this happening this morning and can't decide which mum was right.

Situation is a small village school situated on a small lane. No pavement along the lane, until a very small bit just next to school entrance. Quite a high one.

Parent 1 usually drives up lane to next to small pavement, puts hazards on and sits on double yellows to let little boy out, and sits there while he goes in and to his door. I initially leapt to thinking she was unreasonable because this is really annoying for pedestrians coming past due to cars having to avoid her.

Parent 2 walks along lane with buggy and two small children.

In this instance, parent 2 was walking along and passing the pavement to go up into school entrance. Very short pavement so I assume she decided not to try to get buggy up it just to get down off it again a few paces later for entrance.

Parent 1 comes along in car, puts hazards on and starts coming in alongside the pavement. Thereby squashing (she only stopped when parent 2 waved in the open window) parent 2 against the kerb.

So. Parent 1 apologised but said she "assumed parent 2 had got up on the pavement".

Parent 2 asked whether parent 1 had been able to see her or not

Parent 1 said she had seen her but then assumed she had got on the pavement so started coming in. And that she stops there so that she can U turn in the entrance of the road opposite school to go back the way she came.

My initial thoughts were that 1 was unreasonable, but then I wondered if she was correct that 2 should have got on the pavement?

Or both?

IVEgottheDECAF Thu 28-Feb-19 10:35:56

Parent 1 needs to pay more attention she could have really hurt someone

Home77 Thu 28-Feb-19 10:35:56

Blimey. I think YABU to make diagrams and focus on this so much...

Home77 Thu 28-Feb-19 10:37:17

However think it sounds dangerous the squashing and also letting child run across road (depending on age and whether road worthy)

Finfintytint Thu 28-Feb-19 10:38:28

Parent 2 puts herself at risk of encountering traffic in the road by not using the pavement but parent 1 is at fault here. You can’t assume hazards are out of the way, they should check!

Barrenfieldoffucks Thu 28-Feb-19 10:39:28

Well, feel free to choose another of the many more worthy threads about all manner of detritus on aibu Home 😂

Child doesn't need to cross road.

Barrenfieldoffucks Thu 28-Feb-19 10:40:13

That's the conclusion my idle mind wanderings came to Fin. 2 should use a pavement when available and 1 should pay more attention.

SoftPlant Thu 28-Feb-19 10:41:39

The driver was wrong. It's the responsibility of drivers to look out for pedestrians.

Plus, all the primary schools in my area have big "Do not stop outside school" signs for cars, highlighting how it's very dangerous and shows a lack of care for children's lives. I can't believe the driver thinks it's okay to drop their child off right outside the gates like that. What if every parent in the school did it? Or is the driver's child so special compared to all the other children?? Walk to school or park round the corner.

I can't imagine the school encourages parents to park with their hazards on outside the school gates to drop off.

Seeline Thu 28-Feb-19 10:42:59

Parent 1 shouldn't be stopping on double yellows outside a school.
Putting your hazards on does not remove the dangers!
I also doubt that doing a U turn in the road opposite meets the restrictions of the Highway code.
Strictly speaking, I suppose if there is a pavement there, pedestrians should use it, but in the circumstances you describe (very high, very short, buggy) I can understand why it might not be practical.
It is always a driver's responsibility to check everything - no assumptions should be made.
I would say the driver is more at fault.

AnnieOH1 Thu 28-Feb-19 10:43:10

Ultimately it is down to the driver. No driver should assume anyone else (any driver, cyclist or pedestrian) isn't a blithering idiot with a death wish.

Nesssie Thu 28-Feb-19 10:44:57

Driver shouldn't be stopping on yellow lines. Driver should be aware of pedestrians. Totally in the wrong.

SmashedMug Thu 28-Feb-19 10:46:22

Both daft but Parent 1 needs to pay attention before she hurts someone. Parent 1 shouldn't be doing what she does, parent 2 shouldn't be walking in the road when there's a pavement (but parent 1 should have spotted her and reacted accordingly).

newmun Thu 28-Feb-19 10:48:22

School crossings should be kept clear at all times. No cars should stop at all! What a twat

Soubriquet Thu 28-Feb-19 10:49:23

Parent 1 is in the wrong all the way

A) she shouldn’t be stopping on double yellow lines

B) she shouldn’t assume anything about other pedestrians. She should act on what she sees instead

Cheby Thu 28-Feb-19 10:49:27

Parent 1 is the unreasonable one, by a country mile! She can’t stop on double yellows and block the pavement every morning. She needs to park her car legally and safely and escort her DC into school.

And she should absolutely be able to see pedestrians!

formerbabe Thu 28-Feb-19 10:52:13

The woman in the car was wrong. You don't assume you know where a pedestrian actually look and wait until you're sure.

Sockwomble Thu 28-Feb-19 10:53:28

Parent 1 is an idiot. I don't heave ds's sn buggy up and down kerbs for short distances of pavements on low speed limit roads.

sashh Thu 28-Feb-19 10:54:22

Parent 1 should not be parking on double yellow lines even with hazards on.

Parent 2 (well everyone) has priority on the road. Humans have first priority, horses second etc.

Parent 1 should be done for dangerous driving.

ThatssomebadhatHarry Thu 28-Feb-19 10:54:23

I pretty sure you would have to read the Highway Code pretty hard to find.

‘If you spot pedestrians assume they will move and manoeuvre into the position you want’

TeaforTwoBiscuitOrThree Thu 28-Feb-19 10:54:54

Oh I like a diagram!

Billballbaggins Thu 28-Feb-19 10:55:19

Pedestrians have right of way, clearly the parent driving the car was wholly in the wrong

TeaforTwoBiscuitOrThree Thu 28-Feb-19 10:57:00

Parent 1 was in a car - she would be at fault if anything were to happen.

IamaBluebird Thu 28-Feb-19 11:03:26

It's not difficult to decide whose in the wrong here. Think of the damage a moving car could cause a buggy and small children. Then drive with more consideration for pedestrians. Can you tell driver 1 gets my vote .

hairygodmother Thu 28-Feb-19 11:03:33

Parent 1 clearly in the wrong. She needs to park somewhere else and walk down with her child. Drives me mad the number of parents who do this at our school. What makes them so special that it's ok for them to endanger everyone else's children?

lunar1 Thu 28-Feb-19 11:03:37

The driver was wrong no matter which way you think about it. She should never be stopping there in the first place. She should never make an assumption on what someone else should do, she should have bloody looked!

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