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DH, taking me for a mug?!

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Nothinglefttochoose Thu 28-Feb-19 06:04:27

No drip feeding:

I study full time. It’s my exam week. DH and I usually share cooking although lately I’ve felt he’s been a bit lazy.

Tonight I was finishing class late (6pm) so we discussed him picking kids up and cooking tea. I did this the night before.

Well I got to, studying hard for my test tomorrow. At 6.45 my DH rocks in and asks me what for dinner?

I said nothing! It was his night and he agreed he was cooking. He offered no excuse for being late or not cooking. Honestly I think he was being lazy and hoped I would have already done his job.

This is happening more and more. I don’t think I am being unreasonable! What would you do? I’ve no interim being in this relationship unless it’s an equal partnership.

Weenurse Thu 28-Feb-19 06:08:49

I used to cook before I went to uni in the evening as he had to do homework, dinner, bath, story and bed on his own.
If he had agreed to cook, he is just being lazy.
What was his response?

honeylulu Thu 28-Feb-19 06:27:49

Honestly I think he was being lazy and hoped I would have already done his job.

I think you have the measure of him. "Forgot" my arse! I hope you didn't cook. I world have refused and if he failed to provide food then made myself a sandwich and announced that I was not cooking the next night as his turn was still waiting to be taken.

Some people (I'm not saying they're all men but they often seem to be) will do as little domestically as they can get away with. Don't let him get away with it!

We take turns to cook in our house. The non-cooker is in charge of kids homework, bath and bed. Stayed the same when during maternity/ paternity leave (Which we shared - I insisted on that!) Slackers need not apply!

Weenurse Sat 02-Mar-19 22:15:55

How did the test go?

Raspberrytruffle Sat 02-Mar-19 22:52:50

My lazy shit of a dh has done this loads.
I do 95% of the cooking and when it's
His turn he will sit as late as possible
With his stomach rumbling and eventually
Turn round at 9pm and say what's for tea?

Que me spitting feathers, he knows it's his
Turn he has has the pep talk and both agreed a plan of action but once the day
Arrives he gets amnesia.
I'm fed up off all the times when I've been
I'll or in pain with my condition but I've
Battled on and cooked meals to ensure
That my kids get a good hot meal as left
to lazy dh who used to be a chef will only
Stretch to a ham sandwich or Macdonald's
For the kids if pushed.
Now anyway il get to the point ! I was really
Sick with the proper flu which I haven't
Had in 15 years combined with sickness
And the trots and felt like I wanted to die
And knobhead pulled the same stunt he actually came and woke me to ask what's
For tea when he said he would take care of
Everythink, so I'm embarrassed to say I
Exploded at him called him a choice few words etc, told him that I knew what his
Game was and that from now on he could
Live like we were single.
Do his own clothes, cook his own food,
Even order his own food and he would
Be responsible for cleaning up for his self.
I even got a separate bank account for my wages to go in to and separated the money
It was extreme but I was at breaking point
So its been a few months and knobhead
Has had a major reality check after having
To be a big boy and do everything for his self.
He's actually admitted he didn't realise or appreciate how much I did.
Things are great now grin

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