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To put bars on my windows?

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Doggydoggydoggy Wed 27-Feb-19 19:54:44

Fire, I don’t know...
This is a problem.

It is sad indeed beana

I feel conflicted about what to do for the best, a number of properties here have been burgled already, our house is loaded with CCTV after I got paranoid after an incident I won’t go into about online when out walking my kids, it ended in a prison sentence for the person responsible and then my aunt got mugged while with my DS (totally different area), I hear in the news all the time about stabbing a, robberies gone violent etc and all in all, I don’t feel safe.

updownnconfused Wed 27-Feb-19 19:54:36

I just googled it and it was two boys who died because they couldn't escape the fire. Awful.

easyandy101 Wed 27-Feb-19 19:54:20

It's totally normal in so many places it's always struck me as peculiar that it's not so common here

fezzesarecool Wed 27-Feb-19 19:51:32

You can get the bars put on the inside of the windows and you’ll be able to unlock them

They are some really nice designs as well to pick from

SayNoToCarrots Wed 27-Feb-19 19:51:28

Bars do look ugly and could stop you escaping in a fire. Have you considered wooden shutters?

ApplestheHare Wed 27-Feb-19 19:51:17

We had bars on the doors and windows in London (rental flat) and I always really appreciated them. You could open the door and keep the bars closed for security if you weren't sure who someone was. You can get ones that you can open for fires, etc., too.

missmartini Wed 27-Feb-19 19:50:58

So sad it's come to this. We've been burgled and 2 cars stolen from it and to be honest I was tempted to do the same. Still wake up at the same time every night I heard them in and to be honest will need to sell soon as I don't feel comfortable in the house anymore. However fire escape with 2 kids put me off the ideas of bars.

We've installed cctv, upgraded our locks and got better security lights instead, would this be an option for you?

updownnconfused Wed 27-Feb-19 19:50:15

I remember when I lived in a student flat, people a few streets up had a flat fire. The boys had all just moved in and started uni. At least one of them died because they were stranded inside. I wouldn't.

Even if you had a mechanism to open from inside, what if fire brigade were trying to get to you from outside? We also have break-ins on my street. I lock the two downstairs back rooms at night and when I'm out. Someone broke into the house once but couldn't get further than the kitchen.

IceRebel Wed 27-Feb-19 19:49:21

I'm always more bothered about house fires than burglaries

/\/\ This

You can always replace stuff if it's stolen, but you can't replace a loved one if they die in a fire. sad

Backwoodsgirl Wed 27-Feb-19 19:48:30

Sounds like a sensible security feature, don't see why it wouldn't be legal.

RedHelenB Wed 27-Feb-19 19:47:00

I'm always more bothered about house fires than burglaries, so I would nt want bars. Plus, they are ugly!

beanaseireann Wed 27-Feb-19 19:46:30

Isn't it so sad you feel you have to do that to feel safe.

daisyjgrey Wed 27-Feb-19 19:46:14

How are you planning on getting out if theres a fire?

Doggydoggydoggy Wed 27-Feb-19 19:44:54

Painted a nice pink or mint green, so hopefully attractive looking?

Doggydoggydoggy Wed 27-Feb-19 19:43:43

Is it even legal?

Live in a lovely house, in a nice enough street but burglaries are becoming more and more regular here...

Had the police over again today asking for CCTV footage.

I was thinking something like this?

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