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About this teacher?

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FlagMum Wed 27-Feb-19 16:59:58

DD is in her GCSE year and has a teacher we will call Bob.

Bob is a great teacher academically, Bob last year has a 100% pass rate of A to C equivalent (he teachers a BTEC).
Bob teaches a small option subject in a very small school with very few children with any significant level of SEN.

Bob this year has DD. DD has significant issues with language and writing and reading and processing and has various methods in place to assist with this.

Bob wants his class to do well again and is pounding them with pressure to achieve what previous classes have.
DD is achieving anywhere between a level one pass, merits and even a distinction and to he quite honest we are thrilled at this.

Unfortunately Bob really isn't and is piling pressure on DD (who is already on a reduced week because of school related stress )to get a level two merit or distinction.
Bob is knocking every bit of confidence from DD, making her think her best is never going to be good enough and making it clear she won't go on study leave with everyone else as he won't sign off her work which is causing huge issues as we are literally scraping the last few months to keep her in school.

Bob is making DD really very miserable.

DD has a place on a level one or two course for September in a different subject area as she has had an awful year and we want to give her space to get her confidence back so it's not imperative that DD get a level two.

How do I deal with Bob please?

To not drip feed we have already spoke to Senco on this matter who said they would have a word with Bob but nothing ever happened.

MinisterforCheekyFuckery Wed 27-Feb-19 17:08:04

To not drip feed we have already spoke to Senco on this matter who said they would have a word with Bob but nothing ever happened

I would email the Senco asking how her conversation with Bob went. Should hopefully remind her if she has forgotten or spur her into action if she just hasn't gotten around to it yet.

butterflywings37 Wed 27-Feb-19 17:12:05

As above, email or wrote to Senco. Ask how the discussion went and reiterate your concerns and the impact it is having on your DD

NWQM Wed 27-Feb-19 17:12:22

I’d be asking for a meeting with Bob and the senco or her form tutor. If you have already done this I’d go higher....but do you know what you want? Sounds a daft question but I always think you need an idea. To be clear what is a win from the meeting. Obviously it’s to stop the pressure on your DC but I think you need to tell Bob what that needs to look like as he won’t get it. If you can’t pinpoint specifics I might be looking for pastoral support for DC to cope for the last few months as Bob may not be able to change and DC may never suddenly develop confidence in his lessons unless she has space to come up with strategies. You need your ‘lines’ drawn - my DC needs to be treated the same as others and given study break, we do not think extra tutition would be valuable etc.

Blissx Wed 27-Feb-19 17:15:10

Have you posted about this before, I recognise the scenario and if you have, an vwry sorry it is still going on. In slight defence of Bob, if he is in a small option subject, he will be under a lot of pressure to maintain results otherwise his subject may not run next year. Secondary schools, especially academies are cutting subjects left right and centre to save money. Of course, this is not your or your DD’s problem but just trying to explain why he might be pushing her.

I think if SENCO hasn’t replied, you might need to go through a different person, preferably SLT because they will be able to relieve Bob of the worry that DD’s results won’t affect his performance management and future budgets/timetable. If it comes from SLT that he can ease up on your DD, it will be easier for him to do so.

FlagMum Wed 27-Feb-19 17:29:50

In terms of the last conversation SENCO had with Bob, Bob was given recommendations of things he needed to do to meet DDs needs.
Nothing seemed to have happened or been followed.

DD has today apparently been given the coursework back again today to work through in school again (I haven't seen it yet so can't comment on how much there is) which DD will struggle to access and which must be completed in school which requires DD to stay after-school.

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