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Advice please!

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Ibiza7 Wed 27-Feb-19 16:59:15

Two DD's used to belong to a local all girl social group which they loved. Apart from weekly meetings they used to go on lots of trips inc Harry Potter, Eurodisney & Summer camps. There had been a few emails regarding parents who owed money and then personal family issues with the group leader before the christmas term ended early due to the leader hurting herself. A couple of days b4 the start of Spring term email was received saying group was closing. Reasons given were as above and we were told that deposits for forthcoming trips would be paid back providing she was able to get deposits back from venue. Heard nothing since and today at pick up spoke to another Mum who's daughter attended and shehad emailed the woman to ask when we might expect deposits. She had also heard from another Mum that a deposit had not been paid to one of the venues so had called the venue and they confirmed no pyt made. She had requested her refund by chq and was told that the woman was v busy and would need to find the chq book and it wouldn't be anytime soon. I've emailed her twice and not rec'd a response and I'm owed over £1,000. Whilst I feel very sorry for the lady I can't understand why it's taking so long to return peoples money especially now we know that deposits weren't paid to at least one of the venues. Any advice on how to go about this?

aibutohavethisusername Wed 27-Feb-19 17:18:58

I’d ring her and give a deadline for receiving the payment and then you may need to take things further.

DorisDances Wed 27-Feb-19 17:23:12

Oh dear, sounds as if the money may have gone astray. I would definitely send a letter requiring repayment within 7 days and the follow up with small claims if eligible.

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