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To ask for a reminder of how newborn smiles start?

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MaidofMuswell Wed 27-Feb-19 16:27:46

So all babies are different and I’m mad as a box of frogs but for semi legitimate reasons (posted on a different thread but TLDR there were, now totally resolved, concerns about brain bleeds and other things when bub was born) and semi just am mad person reasons, watching my new baby girl pretty closely and things seem quite different to my son. I thought he was blind for 5 or 6 weeks (see mad person) because he never seemed to look at anything to point I took him to HV about it and he seemed throughly cheesed off most of the time then at about 7 weeks he suddenly seemed to see me for first time and smiled same day and then every day after that grins got bigger and clearer. 6 week old Baby girl has been staring at my face and others and deep into our eyes w mixture of disapproval and disappointment vibes since I think about three weeks and doing something very like a smile for a week or more but either super quick little ones or where she looks away as she does it or massive ones but not “at you” so much as at world in general whilst you’re “chatting”. Anyway. I’m not really worried because the buzzword in nicu was alert and think looking at us and clearly seeing us makes me think she is but the smiling thing is weird - I remember it as a sudden transformation with the boy, can it sometimes build up quite subtly?

Rtmhwales Wed 27-Feb-19 16:30:10

How old are they now? DS built up to it very gradually and wasn't properly smiling until he was about ten weeks past his due date (he was born two months early so we have to adjust). He also seemed to just look through us IYSWIM. Now he's nearly nine months old and giggly and super engaged with everybody around him.

MaidofMuswell Wed 27-Feb-19 16:33:51

She’s 6.5 weeks and to be honest think if she was my first and all had been plain sailing would be saying she was smiling but even my mum who really doesn’t worry about this stuff commented on how it’s weird she looks so intently at us but then when smiling it’s either blink and you miss it or she looks away as she does it....

MaidofMuswell Wed 27-Feb-19 16:37:17

Also two months early is tough - fair play to you and do exactly know what you mean, that was how my son was who was also early but far less. Did the build up sound like I describe sort of smiling when you’re with them but not at you etc? Not sure what really worried about here bevahse she can see and is alert I guess just worried generally so hooking it on something and wondering if this is normal...

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