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AIBU to think my credit rating is never ever going to get better

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RissolePlease Wed 27-Feb-19 12:41:30

When I was younger I was awful with money and I am still paying off debts now. I estimate I am in about £8k of debt which I suppose isn't THAT big a deal?

Anyway, my credit score is so low (129 on Clearscore). Everyone suggests I get a credit card to improve it with small purchases but I can't even get one!

I am much better with money now and pay my debts every month - never late with these. I had 2 CCJ's outstanding which I have also paid off.

I will never own my own home will I? I am 37 and feeling a bit shit so any advice would be great.

MojoMoon Wed 27-Feb-19 13:24:15

Yes, it can improve.

As to whether you will ever buy a home - that depends on the ratio between your income and the property you want to buy. You'd struggle to get a 90pc mortgage, true. But a small mortgage and low income multiple is not impossible to achieve within the next few years. If you are able to make a monthly rental payment, you can make a monthly mortgage payment.

It concerns me you say you estimate the debt is 8k - firstly, you really need to know exactly what your owe, to who and at what interest rate and to update this monthly.
As to whether 8k is a lot - again, it depends on your income and necessary expenditures.

Do you have a spending budget and stick to it? Do you know exactly what your money is being spent on?
At what rate are you paying the 8k off and when do you expect to be clear? What is the plan for putting as much money as possible into savings as soon as it is clear? How much would you need to save to have a deposit? Etc

chillpizza Wed 27-Feb-19 13:29:15

Once your defaults and ccj’s drop off your credit rating will shoot up with simple things like a contact mobile. 6years from the registered date of default/ccj.

RissolePlease Thu 28-Feb-19 11:45:11

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

There are a few debts that I know are hanging in the background, I have moved several times over the years. For instance I know I owe HSBC £1k but I cant remember account details so whenever I contact them they can't locate an account, I want to pay it.

I am on the electoral roll so hoping they "catch up with me".

I budget everything, I know exactly what my outgoings are and I pay the same amount off my debts each month, interest is frozen on all.

I have a little surplus to put away for emergencies so I save that each month. I have to have an emergency fund, I would be stressed otherwise.

I pay £200 per month off my debts.

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