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To ask if this is normal?

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DaisiesAndCompasses Wed 27-Feb-19 12:23:37

TLDR: Is it normal to have blood when you wipe after exercising?

More details: I lost my home to a violent relationship at the end of 2016 and was homeless for a while, sleeping at work. The only way to get away with that was to offer to help out with client events, which involved drinking a lot of wine, and thankfully getting fed quite often. I put on about 4.5 stone.

I'm trying to lose it now. I've been on a PT routine at the gym for about five weeks, have cut out all alcohol and am eating well. Other people seem to be starting to see little indications that it might be working. For the past two weeks, there's been a bit of blood when I wipe after urinating. On Monday this was a bit worse than normal, and it hasn't really let up yet.

In case it's relevant, I've been on Microgynon since I was 14, and it works like a charm for me. I've never had any breakthrough bleeding or anything. I'm not due a period.

I've called my GP, who offer telephone consults first now, but he was quite dismissive and said it was probably a sign of pregnancy and to take a test and phone back... I will, but that seems unlikely.

StealthPolarBear Wed 27-Feb-19 12:26:12

No! And I'd be worried too. I'm not medical so hopefully it is nothing serious but don't be fobbed off

OMGithurts Wed 27-Feb-19 12:26:17

Is it coming from your bladder or vagina, or it it possible you have some sort of chafing on your labia? Anyway I am pretty sure than any unexplained bleeding from those parts should be properly checked out as it can be the first sign of various nasty urinary or reproductive illnesses. Your GP sounds like a prize knob.

Noonooyou Wed 27-Feb-19 12:26:36

Can I ask how old you are? Maybe it's your body's way of needing a break from the pill? You are supposed to take breaks from it.
Obviously check if you're pregnant first off.

I'm sorry about what you went through - sounds horrendous and I hope you're in a much better place now

janetforpresident Wed 27-Feb-19 12:28:29

Well you say it's unlikely so not impossible. Take the test and ring back if it's negative.

It's not normal, no.

adaline Wed 27-Feb-19 12:31:01

I have had this before and for me it was totally normal - well, it wasn't anything sinister, anyway. A sudden change in exercise can mess up your periods but I would see a different GP anyway just for peace of mind. I insisted on a smear test and I had an STI test to rule everything out.

Everything was absolutely fine but it panicked me! I'm now on pills to lighten the bleeding during my period and the mid-cycle bleeds have stopped completely. Though I have noticed if I miss one of my tablets it returns again a little bit!

MaintainTheMolehill Wed 27-Feb-19 12:31:20

I had this when I started exercising after years of doing none. I went to the doctor about it and I had a cervical erosion, nothing to worry about but had to get it cautarised at hospital.

MrsPussinBoots Wed 27-Feb-19 12:32:08

I had spotting a few times after doing exercise and sit-ups. My GP referred me for an urgent scan and turns out I have endometriosis and scarring from taking the pill. Weirdly it sorted itself out with no treatment. Can you try a different GP at your surgery?

adaline Wed 27-Feb-19 12:33:23

Regular exercise can cause subtle changes in your hormone levels that interfere with the cyclic buildup and shedding of the lining of your uterus. The lining of your uterus may respond to these mixed up signals by randomly shedding, which causes the breakthrough bleeding. This bleeding may be dark or bright red. Typically it is just spotting or a flow lighter than your typical period. You may also experience breakthrough bleeding during or immediately after strenuous exercise.


So to PP's saying it's not normal - that's really not entirely correct!

arielmanto Wed 27-Feb-19 12:48:46

This is interesting info - I bleed (vaginally) after strenuous exercise when I haven't done any for a while. Running / spinning. It doesn't last for more than a couple of hours. However I have also had mid cycle bleeding lasting up to ten days during 6 out of 10 of my last - irregular anyway- periods. (No, they're not just more periods. Totally different flow/colour/pain).
Dr hugely unconcerned. Can't see any polyps and smear normal. I'm not on the pill and don't want to start, so I guess my exercise is just messing with my hormones.
Why has no-one shown me this before?!

DaisiesAndCompasses Wed 27-Feb-19 13:34:40

Thank you all for responding flowers

I'm 28. I will get a pregnancy test after work, just to rule it out.

Adaline That is reassuring and I hope that it's just that and it settles down!

I'll go to the gym as planned tonight, take a test when I get home and try and speak to a more sympathetic GP tomorrow.

adaline Wed 27-Feb-19 13:37:04

@DaisiesAndCompasses I was the same age when I had this issue - it was two years ago now. I went to the (female) GP and she was lovely - got me all the tests I wanted and put my mind completely at ease.

Once anything sinister was ruled out, I was put on tablets to lighten my regular bleeding and I've had not had a single issue since! I hope it's the same for you smile

Noonooyou Wed 27-Feb-19 22:27:03

Good luck op

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