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I need help

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Aorus123 Wed 27-Feb-19 11:32:25

Hi, I need help. II am mum of one who has been constantly traveling with DH for his work for almost many years. now DD is two and a half and I also completed my master's degree and unable to find a job. Now DH says he wants to move again! he works in Pharmaceuticals Industry. when we moved to the UK all I wanted to settle here for good. I have bachelors and masters degree from here and people speak English that just play a great role in my life. previously I lived in Colombia, Chile, Spain etc.. I have put in all the efforts to learn the language and adapt! Now with my lil one starting school soon, I want to live here in the UK. If I tell DH that I am happy here I can't find a job elsewhere he says that I haven't found here yet! I am very frustrated 1st of all having Masters degree I am unemployed! now that lil is adapting well he wants to move! I am scared of everything to be it moving, learning a new language, adapting, my DD making new friends what not! I need some motivation and advice.

Damntheman Wed 27-Feb-19 11:55:50

Your DD is still small enough that she'll adapt with no problem. But you? You've done more than enough! You've lived in several countries now with (I assume?) several different languages. You've shifted and you've adapted for his career, and now it is his turn to give YOU some stability. If you don't want to go then don't let him bully you into it.

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