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AIBU: Dairylee or Dairylea!

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sapientia99 Wed 27-Feb-19 10:40:37

My childhood is destroyed, my mind blown. Am I the only one who thought Dairylea was spelt and said Dairylee!?! DAIRYLEE is what my mum said, DAIRYLEE is what my friends said but now I find out that it was DairyleA all along! There's an A! I think we need to petition immediately to have it changed to Dairylee...

SmashedMug Wed 27-Feb-19 10:42:24

YABU 😂 It was never and should never be dairylee.

dontlikewinter Wed 27-Feb-19 10:42:30

Dairylea is pronounced dairylee like sea is pronounced see

VelvetPineapple Wed 27-Feb-19 10:42:34

I think you’re the only one. Apart from anything else, it’s printed on the packet, so as soon as you could read you’d have known it was Dairylea.

Dairylea and Dairylee are pronounced the same though.

LostInShoebiz Wed 27-Feb-19 10:42:47


FrancisCrawford Wed 27-Feb-19 10:42:55

It’s on the wrappers

Plus “lea” is pronounced “lee”

Houseonahill Wed 27-Feb-19 10:42:57

I thought this was going to be the bizarrest baby name thread I'd ever read. I'm a bit disappointed now.

ScrambledSmegs Wed 27-Feb-19 10:44:02

How old are you?

Butterymuffin Wed 27-Feb-19 10:44:08

It IS said 'lee'. How do you imagine 'lea' would be said?

TheFaerieQueene Wed 27-Feb-19 10:44:37

Did you also think the film was: ‘Interview with a Vampire ‘? 😂

sulflower Wed 27-Feb-19 10:44:50

I thought this was going to be the bizarrest baby name thread I'd ever read. I'm a bit disappointed now.


cardibach Wed 27-Feb-19 10:44:55

As others have said, how does that spelling misconception affect they way everyone SAID it? They’d be pronounced the same...
It’s from Lea: an area of open or arable ground, is where the cows graze. Lee would make no sense...

ScrambledSmegs Wed 27-Feb-19 10:45:39

Btw a lea is an area of grassy land, such as wot cows graze on.

cardibach Wed 27-Feb-19 10:45:46

Should say i.e. where the cows geaze, not is.

cardibach Wed 27-Feb-19 10:46:19

Nice set of cross posts there, Scrambled.

ScrambledSmegs Wed 27-Feb-19 10:48:09

Great minds, cardibach, great minds grin

ZeroFuchsGiven Wed 27-Feb-19 10:51:04

So now you think it is pronounced dairy lee ah?

lavalamp08 Wed 27-Feb-19 11:02:26

Has anyone tasted it recently it's horrible, I thought I'd bought a faulty tub cos it was sloppy when I opened it 🤢 so sad as it's such a childhood favourite

Hunter037 Wed 27-Feb-19 11:17:40

Are you sure you didn't get a dodgy batch. We have dairylea all the time and is not at alll sloppy

shpoot Wed 27-Feb-19 11:29:46

Pronounced the same confused

22Giraffes Wed 27-Feb-19 11:50:55

They are pronounced the same op! But no, can't say I ever thought it was leewink

Santaclarita Wed 27-Feb-19 11:52:56

How did you not know how its spelt? It's on the packet! grin

I pronounce it like dairylee too. Dunno how else you would say it.

lavalamp08 Wed 27-Feb-19 14:44:50

@Hunter037 oooo I really hope so then, I bought two tubs which were the same and other people have said it doesn't taste like it used to. I got some dairylee light and that weren't too bad but really if you are getting dairylee you need the full fat creamy stuff surely hahaha. I might try another tub then, fingers crossed 🤞🏼

needthisthread Wed 27-Feb-19 14:47:50

I don't understand your post. Lea is pronounced Lee. Have you never seen Dairylea? How did you know they existed without every having seen them either in the fridge, on the TV or in the supermarket?

Quintella Wed 27-Feb-19 14:50:49

You're lucky the makers of La Vache Qui Rit translated their product name for the UK. That would have really fucked you up.

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