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To think I need to get married again?

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PersonaNonGarter Wed 27-Feb-19 07:39:05

To get a new Wedding List.

12 years in and the gratefully-received glasses have all smashed, the kitchen gadgets have gone, and even the naice towels saved for guests are getting threadbare.

I’m mooning around the John Lewis website like a Bride to Be, wishing I could have my time again.

PersonaNonGarter Wed 27-Feb-19 07:49:00

I’ve got 12year itch based on crockery alone.

CustardCreamLover Wed 27-Feb-19 07:57:21

But if you got married again now you'd have to write one of those horrendous poems on your invite begging for money instead of presents because you've been together so long and you don't need them 😏

PersonaNonGarter Wed 27-Feb-19 08:07:13


I pity the poets. They have to buy and stain their own le Crueset.

PersonaNonGarter Wed 27-Feb-19 17:48:08

I’ve seen a pancake pan I NEED. Whither the Aunts?

FudgeBrownie2019 Wed 27-Feb-19 18:18:23

Oh no, don't do it. Friends of ours sent out their invites recently alongside the obligatory begging-for-money-poem and DH's head nearly fell off with rage because they're richer than God and have everything in the world imaginable already.

Foslady Wed 27-Feb-19 18:43:46

Aldi have an electronic crepe maker on sale tomorrow Persona, might be cheaper!

WhoGivesADamnForAFlakeyBandit Wed 27-Feb-19 19:03:50

Perhaps this is why people have vow renewals that and someone had an affair

Iflyaway Wed 27-Feb-19 19:14:32


Nothing better than to be an independent woman!

You only need to look at Relationships Forum here to say "YES! Thank Fuck I got out!"

Life gets better when you stop being a doormat, desperate to be with some wanker who will never respect you. just for some expensive wedding fantasy

OnlyFoolsnMothers Wed 27-Feb-19 19:16:20

No you don’t need a poem because you actually want stuff not money.

BusySnipingOnCallOfDuty Wed 27-Feb-19 19:20:43

Hmm. Le Creuset. That may be the winning argument in the mexican stand off between me and my partner over the whole marriage thing. He doesn't believe in marriage but oh god he believes in Le Creuset so badly

KanielOutis Wed 27-Feb-19 19:21:13

Isn't this why people renew their vows?

Hollowvictory Wed 27-Feb-19 19:21:45

Been married 20 years. Dinner service and assware intact. One glass jug broken.

Hollowvictory Wed 27-Feb-19 19:22:11


Iflyaway Wed 27-Feb-19 19:23:43

Just make sure you have your own bank account.

All this crap about "We're married, all should be in a combined bank account''.

Never seen a woman on MN who runs off with her new man taking all the money from the joint account. - maybe I missed it--

SpiritedLondon Wed 27-Feb-19 19:24:02

Asswear sounds so much more fun.

GinisLife Wed 27-Feb-19 19:24:07

I've been divorced 30 years. I need to get married again just so I can ask for Le Creuset on a wedding list !!

lottielady Wed 27-Feb-19 19:24:10

Glad your assware is intact, Hollowvictory

I take it you and your DH have never holidayed at Center Parcs?


Hollowvictory Wed 27-Feb-19 19:26:02

Intact assware is the key to a happy marriage 😉

rosamacrose Wed 27-Feb-19 19:26:13

MY head nearly fell off laughing at your post star
Still snorting.
That'll stay with me grin

Bubbinsmakesthree Wed 27-Feb-19 19:28:23

If your assware is still intact after 20 years you’re doing something wrong

PersonaNonGarter Wed 27-Feb-19 19:31:41

adds ‘assware’ to the John Lewis wish list

Renewing of vows - do people get a wedding list for that? Can’t see my relatives cracking out the cut glass serveware for that but it might be worth a try...

rosamacrose Wed 27-Feb-19 19:32:49

Le Creuset, though..... hmmmm
I have one from 1976 (buggered but still used) and one, dating from 1987 from a pair (separated in the 2004 split)
I long for new and browse often.
even though I am single and do not need any more pots

rosamacrose Wed 27-Feb-19 19:35:13

I think if you shell out for a bumper renewal party, then gifts it is. assware included

ImperfectTents Wed 27-Feb-19 19:59:28

Just buy it yourself. Make a list and work your way through it. No tedious thank you letters and minimal risk of ghastly patterned dinner set that you need to produce every time aunt Irene visits

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