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Getting a dress ironed at dry cleaners

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hennypennyjenny Tue 26-Feb-19 22:25:55

Apologies it's not exactly AIBU. I have tried google but could only find ironing ladies or dry cleaning services neither of which is really what I want.

Can I get a dress (same day) ironed at a dry cleaners? Or am I just dreaming?

I'm wearing dress tomorrow night to a function in a city several hundred miles away . On the label it clearly says not to be dry cleaned. It is creased, hanging it in a steamy room has made no difference. Plus i still have to travel with it in the morning. I wouldn't want to risk ironing it myself as I am a shit ironer and the fabric is very delicate!

So is it worth me taking it into a cleaners tomorrow and asking them to press it? I would need it back within 4-5 hours of dropping it off.

IcaMorgan Tue 26-Feb-19 22:27:42

I did exactly that for a black tie event in December. Had it back in about an hour

Shylo Tue 26-Feb-19 22:29:15

Yep, totally do-able .... I worked in a dry cleaners and we pressed things all the time. Usually pleated skirts that were too much of a ball ache to be ironed at home lol

Meandyouandyouandme Tue 26-Feb-19 22:30:26

I did that once when going to a wedding, they charged more to iron my dress than they did to wash, dry and iron my husbands shirt! He had been away on business and and met me at the wedding destination the day before. So yes, you can but ask the price.

Meandyouandyouandme Tue 26-Feb-19 22:31:44

And it was a very basic dress, no pleats!

hennypennyjenny Tue 26-Feb-19 22:31:58

Ah fantastic! This is such a relief. As long as I can have it back in a few hours that'll be grand.

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