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To ask if you can be a self-employed fundraiser

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MamaSharkDooDooDooDooDooDooo Tue 26-Feb-19 20:43:59

This is a weird one... I'd love to work as a fundraiser but I'm currently unemployable as I have no work experience as a fundraiser (only in retail management). I have hosted a few, small voluntary fundraising events and can continue to do so, but need a job and if I can combine the two, that would be handy. Obviously I don't want to deprive a charity so could work on commission, like 10%? But I don't know if this is a done thing...? I can't find anything online...

HK20 Tue 26-Feb-19 20:45:19

Loads of charities employ fundraisers on a commission basis if that's any good.
Check out Indeed and look at charities like St John Ambulance.

mindutopia Tue 26-Feb-19 21:09:34

Yes, I have a friend who does consulting for charities around fundraising. The thing is though that they will genuinely want people who are quite experienced. Running a few small fundraisers probably won’t cut it. But you would be much more attractive if you sought out employment in charity work, did a few years working for someone else to demonstrate your experience, and then went self employed. Also a good time to build up your business skills because running a business is a lot of work and you’d benefit from knowing how to draw up business plans, do accounts, etc., things you’d gain some insight on working for someone else.

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