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To ask for your delicious treats for kids, urgently?

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HappyGoLuckyGo Tue 26-Feb-19 18:15:41

13mo DS is poorly with a cold and hardly eating. Am popping to the shops right now- what can I get him to tempt him to eat and hopefully fill him up??

PetuniaPetunia Tue 26-Feb-19 18:16:29

Ice lollies, ice cream, pizza

Mumof1andacat Tue 26-Feb-19 18:18:08

Cocktail sausages, cheese sticks, yogurt, fruit he can grab and munch, little sponge cakes (most shops do them with no icing on)

Junglerum Tue 26-Feb-19 18:18:44

Milkshake, orange juice, aldi do chocolate waffles which my ds loves

itsbritneybiatches Tue 26-Feb-19 18:19:59

My daughter lives strawberries with a little pot of melted buttons.

Dips them in with a fork.

Fatted Tue 26-Feb-19 18:20:14

Ice lollies, yogurt, milk, fruit pots.

MollyHuaCha Tue 26-Feb-19 18:20:18

Nutella on toast.

zzzzz Tue 26-Feb-19 18:21:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BikeRunSki Tue 26-Feb-19 18:22:34

Cadbury’s mini roll

Jemma2907 Tue 26-Feb-19 18:22:47

My 3 year old is ill, not eating or drinking. Requested French fancies (not that he's eaten any yet but hopefully will tomorrow!) Hope He feels better soon Op x

Karigan195 Tue 26-Feb-19 18:23:27

Honey on toast

Witchend Tue 26-Feb-19 18:25:19

Can he use a straw? I found at that age a straw was such fun they'd drink anything (even water) with it.

SpiritedLondon Tue 26-Feb-19 18:25:29

Fresh mango ( preferably from M&S). Toast from a white unsliced loaf but what does he actually fancy?

YoThePussy Tue 26-Feb-19 18:45:30

Seconding jelly. Tinned fruit in it as well and a few blobs of squirty cream. Is my favourite when I feel ill. Cold and slides down easily.

22Giraffes Tue 26-Feb-19 18:47:50

Milkshake, small cupcake with custard, chocolate buttons

TrendyNorthLondonTeen Tue 26-Feb-19 18:53:00

Seconding ice lollies. I still crave them now if I'm feeling a bit rubbish!

MadameJosephine Tue 26-Feb-19 18:55:37

Pancakes with Nutella
Jelly made with milk
Ice cream
Ice lollies/choc ices

RelaxWithACupOfTea Tue 26-Feb-19 19:05:38

If he's unwell and not wanting to eat, just try and get him to drink - he'll make up for the food when he's feeling better. Can be hard not to worry but doctor once told me not to worry about food but focus on getting enough fluids in

poglets Tue 26-Feb-19 19:06:15

Rice cake with one side covered in chocolate.

Thesearmsofmine Tue 26-Feb-19 19:07:20

Pancakes with Nutella and fruit arranged to make a face on it. Tbh though I wouldn’t worry about not eating as long as he is regularly drinking and having wet nappies.

HappyGoLuckyGo Tue 26-Feb-19 19:10:41

Thanks everyone! Just got back from the shops, ended up with watermelon and blueberries and two types of biscuits... We're living in South America so some of the branded stuff like Nutella is either extortionate or doesn't exist - and ice cream is available in bucket-loads so I've already got some in the freezer grin

Thank you for vindicating my decision to buy some junk food for him, I'm usually so health-conscious (with him... I'm a hypocrite with my own diet!). Hopefully he'll feel better. He does enjoy drinks with his cup-with-a-straw, but not as much as I'd like him to be having. Still breastfeeding though so getting fluids that way. I'm sure he'll be right as rain soon...

GreenOliveOrBlackOlive Tue 26-Feb-19 19:10:56

Little sandwiches cut into shapes.

GreenOliveOrBlackOlive Tue 26-Feb-19 19:12:05

Hope he’s feeling better soon xx

Lwmommy Tue 26-Feb-19 19:14:27

One of my DDs favourite treats is strawberries with a splodge of honey and some squirty cream for dipping.

I present it like a dipping platter, sometimes adding nutella or chopped hazel nuts so she can have different combos with each bite.

HappyGoLuckyGo Tue 26-Feb-19 19:34:03

Thanks smile Some great ideas on here for when he's better as well! He's in a throwing phase, which is a bit frustrating, but just scoffed half a small punnet of blueberries (before starting to chuck them!) so I'm a bit happier...

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