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In thinking that my letting agents are complete morons??? (sorry long winded)

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mother2b Fri 06-Jul-07 16:09:26

i will just list what has happened, will be easier for you to follow

-found house we liked to start with enquired about it for a couple of weeks via email to the company, didnt get any reply at all.

-when finally rang then(because they are obviously imbeciles they cant reply to am email)they decided to tell me that it had bee taken off the market but not updated the site.

-found another house we liked and i veiwed it on my own and paid the administration fees making an appt for ASAP so DP could see it befroe we went ahead fully.

-rang day before secong veiwing to cancel veiwing so i told then that we're not handing in our app forms until DP has seen property.

-they sent somebody in on their day off who was either a total moron or was just super pissed at having to come in on day off.

-she was late, then turned up at the wrong house, didnt have the keys.

-got the right keys, got rushed around the property and out the door, didnt get to see in the shed (where apparently the washing machine goes but i havent seen inside to see that we can connect one there)

-handed forms in which had been given and told to hand in, was called back and told that we needed to pay more money to them (wtf) so demanded to speak to manager, was told he would call me the following morning.

-ended up calling him and expecting him to be understanding and helpful told him what had happened and explain very niced that i was pissed off (didnt say that though) and TBH he was the rudest man i think i have spoken to, and begrudgingly told me that we could just pay what we were supposed to pay in the first place.

-as my FIL was supposed to be the guarentor for the house he need to be referenced and as he is self employed the agents told him what paperwork they needed him to get off the tax office, which he did.

-they contacted him a week later afeter he had handed it in and told him it was the wrong peice of paper and told him the other peice of paper he needed to get, this peice of paper arrived two days ago.

-just before FIL took in this peice of paper DP got a call saying that if they didnt get the paperwork they needed that day then they were putting property back on the market, even though these mistakes were all the companys fault -lucky we had them wasnt it?

-DP went in today to hopefully sign the paperwork needed and was told that they had recieved the wrong peice of paperwork - i wonder how long it would have taken them to contact us again?

-feck knows what is going to happen now


mother2b Fri 06-Jul-07 16:13:09

sorry didnt realise it was quite that long
i feel a bit better now though

Bouncingturtle Fri 06-Jul-07 16:14:54

Not sure what to advise you, since you are going ahead, but yes they do sound like complete morons!

RubySlippers Fri 06-Jul-07 16:16:55

put it in writing to their head office
i hope your move goes smoothly after all this

mother2b Fri 06-Jul-07 16:22:39

i dont want to mention their name (although have been tempted to name and shame them) but the guy i spoke to had the surname of the company(is a double barrelled company name(eg mr flintstone from flintstone warners) and i know there are only two offices(i guess the other surname runs the other office)
so im not sure where i would stnad with complaining?

mother2b Fri 06-Jul-07 16:24:27

first we were supposed to be moving in last weekend, and i have had to book and unbook holiday which must be peeing my bosses off just because of their incompetence

RubySlippers Fri 06-Jul-07 16:26:14

well if he is the owner, then write to him and copy it into the other office as well
ask for a written response with 5 working days
don#t letting agents have a regulatory body they belong to?
it sounds like you had had a really bad time

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