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Letter from the csa closing my case.

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jmh740 Tue 26-Feb-19 16:42:06

I've just received a letter from the csa saying they are permanently closing my case against my ex as they don't think they can recover any money from him. Considering he moved to New Zealand in 2005 and I havent had a penny since, and he died 3 years ago I'm wondering why they are only closing it now?

BusySnipingOnCallOfDuty Tue 26-Feb-19 16:43:44

Well that's an odd one.

MummaMeerkat Tue 26-Feb-19 16:45:06

They're obviously reviewing lots of old cases as I also got a letter. I rang them to inform them ex died 17 years ago hmm

MrsTommyBanks Tue 26-Feb-19 17:02:54

Yep. I got one a couple of days ago.
He moved to St Helena, so they are writing off the 2k he owes me angry

Awwlookatmybabyspider Tue 26-Feb-19 17:11:54

Obviously this doesn't apply to you op as your ex has as passed on.
However cases such as MrsTommyBanks make me seethe. Why is the absent parent always given the easy ride.
Different system of course so probably daft to compare, but morally i suppose you could. If a single mum owed 3 years of Council Tax. She'd be hounded and haunted until she paid every single penny back.

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