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Claiming on drivers insurance

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Ineedhelpsobadly Tue 26-Feb-19 11:37:58

Posting here too for traffic because I know there's alot of knowledgeable people here who might be able to help.
I hate asking about this but I suppose it needs to be done.
My husband was involved in a car accident a few weeks and sadly didn't make it.
Its only now that my head is slightly more clearer that I feel ready to deal with the financial side of things.
If I was to claim on the drivers car insurance (he wasn't doing anything illegal at the time he hit my husband) or even if I can, how would it affect the driver? How would I even go about putting in a claim?

dietcokemegafan Tue 26-Feb-19 11:38:41

So sorry for your loss. Maybe ask the police to start with as they will have the other drivers details?

Buster72 Tue 26-Feb-19 12:01:02

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

hastingsmua1 Tue 26-Feb-19 12:06:10

Start by calling your husband’s insurance, inform them of the accident and his unfortunate passing, get the policy cancelled and let them investigate the claim.

Lifecraft Tue 26-Feb-19 12:08:04

1. If your husband had comp cover, his own policy will have a small death benefit, maybe £5K. Not a fortune but still.

2. If he had comp, his own insurers will pay to repair or write off his car. If the accident was the fault of the other driver's due to his negligence (regardless of the fact that he isn't being prosecuted,) then they will claim this back of the other driver's insurance.

3. If the other driver was at fault, then, and only then, can you claim the financial loss of your husband (sounds callous, but claiming off a tp is about financial loss). That could be anywhere between a couple of thousand if your husband was elderly, retired etc, or many millions if he was a 21 y/o premier league footballer. Speak to a specialist solicitor

Sorry for your loss, and good luck.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Tue 26-Feb-19 12:19:35

Lifecraft has covered it well.

Did he have any life insurance? Some have clauses relating to additional payouts from insurance companies; etc.

I'm so sorry thanks

EdithDickie Tue 26-Feb-19 12:37:53

I'm so sorry OP.

I work in that area of law so do feel free to PM me and I can point you in the right direction.

Take care

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