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To ask what can we do about the shocking footage of migrants in Libya as seen on Channel 4 News yesterday?

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why100000 Tue 26-Feb-19 06:07:45


The Libyan government paid by EU countries to keep migrants off our shores, they are then rounded up by the “coastguard”, and housed in detention centres where the living conditions are appalling, and lead to illness and death.

Worse still, some are trafficked and regularly tortured to extract money from their families.

EU governments (including ours) apparently turning a blind eye to what is going on.

Apart from writing to our MP and MEPs, what else can we do?

why100000 Tue 26-Feb-19 18:41:08

Very distressing content.

7salmonswimming Tue 26-Feb-19 19:09:03

The silence on your thread is deafening, isn’t it.

And to think how pro-EU/FOM, not racist, liberal etc MN posters claim to be. And how much vitriol they spew at Leavers who are all racist, anti-immigration thick scumbags.

Makes you wonder, eh?

museumum Tue 26-Feb-19 19:17:18

Yes. It’s horrific.

But are you saying if we leave the EU it will stop?

Imissgmichael Tue 26-Feb-19 19:21:02

That’s horrible why.

It’s worrying how some atrocities attract sympathy for the vicims but others don’t yet at the same time we have mumsnet bleeding hearts for Isis members and hardly a nod to Isis victims.

TeaAddict235 Tue 26-Feb-19 19:21:27

It might sound daft OP but I have written anonymously to the politicians of certain African countries who should be doing more. I have also written to their media broadcasters (you can find this out by a bit of online trawling) and told them how they are portrayed in the west.

Reallyevilmuffin Tue 26-Feb-19 19:31:19

The answer is not picking up the migrants and taking them to Italy etc from the boats. It's not nice but once they realise getting in the water means an expensive dip then being dropped back in Africa without any follow on it will stop the flow. Initially it may cause more harm but in the long run will save lives.

OftenHangry Tue 26-Feb-19 19:41:38

@Reallyevilmuffin you are right. If they know they will not be allowed in, there won't be business for that bastard traffickers. It will die out. Less people on dingies in a sea dying and less people trying to get through Morocco, Lybia and other countries in region. Hence, less people drowning there.

Also "charities" picking people up in Lybia's waters are very much at fault here imho. They are basically providing a pick up near Lybia's cost. People are less scared to get on that questionable vessels because everyone knows there is a charity ship nearby. I actually suspect some people from that charities are getting bribes from the traffickers.

It's sad, and something has to be done. But not allowing them in. That could actually cause an increas in number of people trying to cross the sea dangerously.

Reallyevilmuffin Tue 26-Feb-19 21:02:38

Yup. And I think a lot of blame lies with Merkel and her open offer - come and we will welcome you, although I haven't told anyone and you just have to get here first without killing yourself or your loved ones.

OftenHangry Tue 26-Feb-19 22:18:26

It all plays in hands of the trafficers. @Reallyevilmuffin

I honestly believe thatthey are using dodgy boats to attract the charity shios and most likely have the "pick up" in their "advertisement"

It's really sad situation, but sometimes tough decisions are the best for everyone.

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