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OLD - what they say and what they mean

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lettymoo Mon 25-Feb-19 17:18:38

OLD is such a minefield, there's so much choice but how do you spot someone who really could be right for you when people write so little about themselves? When you go on dates, they're often a bit disappointing, many of the intrepid explorer types don't actually have much to say. So many of the profiles have virtually the same things written on them and there seem to be a lot of euphemisms. I thought it would be good if people could share the ones they've come across and perhaps help others spot potential red flags.

Some of the ones I've noticed are;

"Let's see what happens" - looking for a shag and no intention of forming a relationship

"Open minded" - you might find yourself being asked to do things you wouldn't be prepared to

"Polyamourous" - shags about

"Likes going out and staying in" - couldn't really get more bland

"Likes nice food, good films and nice wine" - because so many people like horrible food, bad films and atrocious wine

"Looking for someone to take me out of my comfort zone" - not very good at think of ways to occupy themselves

"Looking for my partner in crime" - 🤢

"My kids are my life" - of course they should be important to you, but expect to fit round their schedule

"No time wasters, gold diggers etc" - obviously but sounds very bitter

"I'm a nice guy" - run! No nice guy feels the need to tell people

"Adventurous, Likes abseiling, skydiving etc etc" - can't sit still for five minutes

"Time to settle down" - has decided they ought to stop playing the field if they want a house and a family any time soon

"Looking for an easygoing woman" - could mean nothing, often means someone who will put up with them being a slob

"You should be (lists criteria)" - a very passive aggressive type

"I like beautiful women" - has a wondering eye

You can also make what you will of topless gym selfies, posing with drugged up tigers, group photos with lots of women in bikinis, pictures of them participating in extreme sports and so on.

Please add anything you can think of!

RoseAndRose Mon 25-Feb-19 17:25:27

"'I stay at the ex's house at the weekends because that's best for the kids' = I'm an experienced adulterer who will text you from the bog and at other odd moments. I'll tell you the 'wife' is horrible but 'm telling her she's fabulous.

You do not want to be the latest shag when the whole edifice comes tumbling down

"No time wasters" = shag ideally in first date and certainly no later than third

lettymoo Mon 25-Feb-19 18:11:12

@RoseAndRose you make some very good points!

lettymoo Mon 25-Feb-19 20:51:20

Bump - anyone?

MoistMolly Mon 25-Feb-19 21:06:32

Coincidentally, I have been helping a male friend with his online dating profile this week, and reading through some female profiles was eye opening.

Most of what has been listed in the op is also used on female profiles, but I would say that the majority of profiles had no information and some, not even a photo.

All I would advise, is that maybe you should make sure your own profile is perfect before criticising others.

OrangeJuiceandArmchairs Mon 25-Feb-19 21:35:32

'Living life to the max'

- 9-5 job with a bit of clubbing at the weekends with mates then a late night kebab.

Nothing wrong with that but it's not really that amazing.

kabanner Mon 25-Feb-19 21:47:53

Looking to see what happens if def looking for a shag.

The thing is you just want to keep it vague until you actually meet someone you like. The wishy washy is something I do so not to have to say actually random bloke I'm just not into you.

I fucking hate OLD and don't see it as a good place to meet someone but limited opourtunity.

isseywithcats Mon 25-Feb-19 21:51:44

Im in my fifties and do **** for a job Equals i am Knackered from doing said job, i now have a bad back, arthritis and im actually on ESA because i cant work any more Surprising how many men i met like this when i was OLD

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