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Aibu about dog?

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Worriedallthebloodytime Mon 25-Feb-19 17:17:38

So I'm currently pregnant and worrying about everything (previous mcs and just generally an anxious person).

Last night our dog (beagle 16 months) hurt his foot on a walk. We weren't sure what he had done but it was bleeding quite a lot. Took him to the vets today and they have cleaned it up and given him a collar to stop him licking it. They have said it looks okay but he needs a check up in a week and if it hasn't started to heal he will need a wound cleaning and stitching under GA.

Before we went to the vets dog was happy as Larry bouncing about 🙄.

Since we got home he has become very lethargic (hasn't had any sedation etc) and is sitting under the stairs alone. For context he never wants to be alone and always wants to be in the sitting room or kitchen with us. I'm quite worried about him. I know I'm probably being overly anxious and hormonal but he is literally what got me through our miscarriages and i would be devestated if something happened to him.

dh thinks he is just in a huff at being prodded by the vet (it's true he is not a vet fan after his neutering 🤦🏻‍♀️) and that we have put a big cone collar on him.

Aibu to ring the vets and just check ? Or should I wait it out seeing as we were only there an hour ago? He has antibiotics to take tonight but she said wait until his evening meal.

GruciusMalfoy Mon 25-Feb-19 17:24:40

It's the cone, they can take a few days to get used to them.

simonisnotme Mon 25-Feb-19 17:27:03

his paw is probably sore and hes wearing the 'cone of shame' so hes sulking grin and wants lots of treats

yearinyearout Mon 25-Feb-19 17:27:16

If he really hates the cone you can get inflatable collars that are more comfortable, might be worth asking around in case anyone local can lend you one? Our dog had the hump with the cone too.

Meandmetoo Mon 25-Feb-19 17:27:35

It will be the Cone of Shame. Dogs can't stand it.

My dog gives me a "omg she's really really poorly" scare about once every 2 weeks.

AlanThePig Mon 25-Feb-19 17:31:45

seconding inflatable cones. So much easier for you and the dog.

Worriedallthebloodytime Mon 25-Feb-19 17:32:16

Oh good :-) that's reassuring :-) I knew I was probably being a bit daft because he was absolutely fine until we came back from the vets :-) he can be a little huffily sometimes 🙄

@Meandmetoo yes I do this too 🤦🏻‍♀️ I think our vet thinks I'm some kind of nervous doh owner because he's our first dog so I always check out things with them. A few months ago I posted on here as I thought he had ear mites...£40 later we were told he just needed his ear cleaned 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Worriedallthebloodytime Mon 25-Feb-19 17:33:22

I've put a trail of treats from under the stairs to the kitchen and am now making tea waiting to see if he comes in :-) he usually wanders by on the off chance I might drop some food off the bench as I'm cutting it up 😂😂

SpannerH Mon 25-Feb-19 17:35:32

When we put one of those collars on one of our dogs she literally freezes and won't move and sit down or anything... imagine a statue grin i'd put it down to that.

heartshapedknob Mon 25-Feb-19 17:37:38

He’s not happy about the cone. My dog does the same as Spanner’s; takes a step, freeze, take another step, baleful look and so on. I hope his paw heals well!

nellieellie Mon 25-Feb-19 17:38:26

Yep. It’s the cone. Inflatable collars are much better. My dog though was able to get anything off so I tended to just watch him all the time!

Worriedallthebloodytime Mon 25-Feb-19 17:39:43

He has come two steps forward...taken the first treat the retreated back under the stairs 😂😂 least I know he's not too ill 🤦🏻‍♀️

recrudescence Mon 25-Feb-19 17:40:13

Dogs can most definitely sulk! Be careful about too many food treats - it can be difficult to get them to accept their regular food when things return to normal.

Worriedallthebloodytime Mon 25-Feb-19 17:41:38

@recrudescence oh don't worry his idea of treats are carrots 😂

babysharkah Mon 25-Feb-19 17:41:57

Oh bless him he's sulking in the cone of shame!

Meandmetoo Mon 25-Feb-19 17:43:27

I'm a nightmare op! Kids have a rash? Glass test then forget about it. Bang their head? Kiss better and a bag of peas. Trip up? Wet kitchen towel on the graze. The dog doesn't eat her food immediately? Im planning where her ashes will be scattered. She's not even 2 yet 😂

SoupDragon Mon 25-Feb-19 17:43:39

Wouldn't it be less of a pain to have taped a sock over his foot?

Meandmetoo Mon 25-Feb-19 17:45:54

There's always one who comes swooping in with their common sense hmm grin

Worriedallthebloodytime Mon 25-Feb-19 17:48:27

@SoupDragon id originally done that with a sock 🙈 but the vet said to let it breathe and only put a boot on when we go out for walks :-) tbh he hated the sock even more hahaha kept trying to chew his own leg off !

@meandmetoo glad it's not just me 😂😂 I'm ashamed to say I cried a while back because I thought he loved the dog walker more than me and wanted to live there....I'd had a very stressful day at work and I'm putting it down to pregnancy hormones 🙈🙈🙈

Brilliantidiot Mon 25-Feb-19 18:02:55

My dog is currently wearing the cone of shame too. Poorly eye and won't stop rubbing it. Two trips to the vet in less than a week and she's royally pissed off with me and is ignoring I exist in favour of DD.
If you're worried in the morning still though give them a ring. Hope he's fine though.

Worriedallthebloodytime Mon 25-Feb-19 18:05:18

@Brilliantidiot they know how to make us feel bad don't they! I know he's not in any pain as he was letting the vet prod it etc quite happily but now he is sat crying in the hallway 😩 he keeps almost falling asleep but not sure he can get comfy 🙁 I've ordered an inflatable cone from amazon so thanks everyone who recommended that! :-)

Ellieboolou27 Mon 25-Feb-19 18:07:21

Awww i thought this was going to be a thread about wanting to get rid of dog now your having a baby grin so glad it’s not!!!
Definitely the cone, ours had to wear it for six weeks after cruciate surgery and it changed his personality while he wore it - sulking toddler is how I’d describe him.
Lovely to hear you care so much for him

Spudlet Mon 25-Feb-19 18:07:24

Deffo the Cone of Shame. I'd put money on it. Our old dog was the most appalling cone sulker.

Think on though, my friend's spaniel goes even more manic when coned. It's like having a crazed lampshade on the loose! So it could be worse grin

x2boys Mon 25-Feb-19 18:09:16

Oh bless him I have a Beagle (Bitch) They are lovable pains in the backsides !

WiddlinDiddlin Mon 25-Feb-19 18:11:54

It's the cone but I don't think its funny as some posters seem to..

It's suddenly changed things for him - he used to know where his body fit, because his whiskers told him, because he was aware of how wide he was at the shoulders etc etc.

Suddenly hes got this thing in his peripheral vision that he can't get rid of, and its totally screwed up his proprioception.

So hes scared, he doesn't want to move for fear of hurting himself or getting trapped.

I would only put one on a dog that was actually bothering a wound - if hes not persistently bothering it I'd leave it off and only use it when you cannot supervise. Ideally, the inflatable collars are better but depending on which paw it is may not work.

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