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AIBU to feel so down?

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momofone18 Mon 25-Feb-19 15:01:03

Hi All, I'm new to Mumsnet, I've got a DD who is two. She's a perfect little girl, struggling slightly with her speech and sleep routine but other than that she is so cheery and loving. I work a lot of hours which I do across four days (40 hours with an hour each way commute) and I have been with my partner for ten years. I'm really struggling at the moment with anxiety and stress. Some days I feel so overwhelmed and lonely the only thing that gets me through is spending time with DD. I have a great family and a few close friends but because of going back to work so soon I have no mum friends. Another concern is that because of a lack of mum friends my little one rarely sees anyone her age as my parents are our childcare. I feel like I am trying to balance so much and working less unfortunately is not an option. I have so many things to be grateful for I can't help but feel annoyed at myself that I feel the way I do. Any advice?

CrazyBaubles Mon 25-Feb-19 18:50:33

Look at any play group type activities on the weekend and take DD to one of those. Try different ones until you find one you like.
Remember children meet lots of other children in nursery so she will have plenty of opportunity to make friends then.

WRT anxiety, can you have a chat with the GP? From my experience, it tends to grow and get harder to handle if you don't nip it in the bud early and there's no shame in asking for help thanks

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