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M&S have rejected my 5-star review as unpublishable

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LarkDescending Mon 25-Feb-19 08:26:46

Before anyone points it out, I am aware this is by no means an end of the world issue, but I confess I am scratching my head here.

I bought some jeans from M&S - my first new jeans in a while, as I have very painful abdominal scarring from recent surgery, which makes it difficult to wear anything with a waistband.

They needed to be comfortable. They are. I was pleased - so much so that I submitted a 5-star online review, as follows:

Brilliant jeans

Really pleased with these - they live up to their billing of softness, stretch and fabulous fit & comfort. Outstanding value for money. Unfortunately I have been too slow off the blocks to get a second pair in a different colour, as they are so popular and currently sold out. Will keep checking back though.

I subsequently got an email saying, to my surprise, this had been rejected as unpublishable by reference to the relevant guidelines. An inquiry to customer services has not yielded enlightenment - the emailed response says “Please be reassured that we don’t reject negative reviews but we do have some rules about writing them...we may refuse to publish any reviews that contain any wording that could be viewed as offensive”.

AIBU to be baffled? What am I missing?

ALongHardWinter Wed 27-Feb-19 19:02:32

The only reason I can think of is that they didn't like you saying that they were out of stock of something. Ridiculous I know,but I know that some shops get SO touchy about having this pointed out,to the extent that I have actually been told in certain stores when enquiring if they have a certain item (which I know they usually have) that it's 'been discontinued'! Madness. (I know it's NOT been discontinued,because a week later,there it is again!).

BarbaraofSevillle Wed 27-Feb-19 09:17:24

The website is now showing that the skinnies are back in stock, but the others are more or less out of stock unless you are a size 6 or 24.

CSIblonde Wed 27-Feb-19 09:14:02

The sold out thing makes them look like they have supply & demand /stock issues.

Prometheus Wed 27-Feb-19 07:29:13

M&S blocked my review of a pair of slippers! Nothing inappropriate in it so no idea why. I re-typed it, re-submitted it word for word and it was accepted.

GreenOliveOrBlackOlive Wed 27-Feb-19 07:20:50

M&S are often out of stock of sizes/colours. If (that’s a big ‘if’ tbh) I can find something I like, sure as anything they don’t have my size 🙄
I just lose interest and rarely look at the site nowadays.

BrizzleMint Wed 27-Feb-19 07:11:15


There's certainly nothing offensive there but I wonder if they don't like the fact you've said their product has sold out? <gropes>

Is that bollocks or straws that you are clutching at?

SabineUndine Wed 27-Feb-19 06:55:24

I wonder if it's an automated system scanning the review and it thinks 'blocks' is suspect.

MaybeitsMaybelline Wed 27-Feb-19 06:52:20

A gave a negative review about a lamp, and they published that. I am waiting to see if they publish the one I just wrote about a lidded basket that didn’t have a lid!

Lightson Wed 27-Feb-19 06:48:06

Thanks op after 5 years of living in jeggings I’ve finally found some comfortable jeans , I bought 3 pairs.

LarkDescending Mon 25-Feb-19 11:59:51

@BarbaraofSevillle yes they are in the "best ever fit" range and bargainous indeed at £19.50. I'd hope they plan to replenish out-of-stock sizes, as otherwise selling out one week after the big launch would rank high in Merchandising Own-Goals of the Year. We shall see!

(I really am not on commission).

Namechangedbecauseiwantto Mon 25-Feb-19 11:21:24

I can't comment on the review, but thanks for the info, I struggle with jeans due to having reflux, so I've ordered a pair 🙂.

GahWhatever Mon 25-Feb-19 11:12:57

21 word review of product followed by 32 word review of availability.

Resubmit abou thte jeans only and you'll be fine.

Gth1234 Mon 25-Feb-19 10:52:44

It seems strange, but I shouldn't worry about it.

BarbaraofSevillle Mon 25-Feb-19 10:42:53

OP, were they the 'best ever fit jeans' for £19.50?

They came in last Monday and already the skinnies are completely sold out on the website and the other two styles low stock in most sizes and colours confused. I wonder if they will be getting more in? I bet they won't because they never seem to do so.

I know they came in last Monday because the Sunday before I went to the local (huge, out of town) M&S and managed to find some other jeans (mid rise skinny, also £19.50 and pretty nice) in my size and I bought a pair, but I wanted them in another colour too, so I looked on the website to find they had none.

So I went back on Monday, only to find that the jeans section had been completely rearranged, with the new jeans in stock. Happily for me, the jeans I wanted had appeared in the colour and size I wanted (miracles do happen) but I never even looked at these magic, bargainous new jeans on the one day of the year where I could have had my pick of colours, styles and sizes. sad.

And now it seems, just one week later, that my chance for 'best ever jeans' has gone forever.

ppeatfruit Mon 25-Feb-19 10:36:11


WHY CAN'T M&S STOCK MORE OF THE AVERAGE SIZES???? It's not rocket science is it???????

LarkDescending Mon 25-Feb-19 10:05:42

@Poodloo yes, there is a 22 Feb review from someone saying “I like them so much that I decided to order another colour (12L) but there are none in stock which is a shame”.

Anyway, I will obviously get over the rejection. Some day. grin

Ingesw Mon 25-Feb-19 10:03:15

negativeto? I’m not sure where that came from! Thanks iPad.

Ingesw Mon 25-Feb-19 10:01:14

It’s been said already up thread, but my first thought was that you’d used ‘unfortunately’. People scan read and may see that but not bother reading the rest of the sentence I guess.

I worked for years in sales and certain phrases and words were just banned as too negativeto use even if you were saying something positive. Stringing sentences together that consisted completely of ‘positive’ words became second nature after a while.

Frangipane Mon 25-Feb-19 09:44:31

@Hoppinggreen crossed posts with you. That explains why my review was rejected, thanks. It is ridiculous though. The product I was buying was water softener salt. There isn't much to differentiate between one bag of salt and another. For me, the quality of the experience rests on the customer service.

Frangipane Mon 25-Feb-19 09:41:13

Amazon once rejected my review of a company which was effusive in praise but stated something along the lines of 'they delivered so much more quickly than any previous supplier I have used, and were cheaper too!' I can only assume they didn't like me casting aspersions on any other supplier even though I didn't name them. It's daft, imo. As a customer I want to read that other customers have shopped around and found this supplier to be the best.

Fwiw, I can't see anything wrong with your review and have read far more damning ones on the M&S site.

thecutecouple Mon 25-Feb-19 09:41:07

If it is not an adminerror, is it because you are saying they are sold out-out of stock and they don't want customers getting the impression the shop is badly stocked.

Poodloo Mon 25-Feb-19 09:38:25

I've followed the link to the jeans.... read the reviews. There are other reviews on there which mention stock levels and other negative reviews. No idea why yours is deleted!

SchadenfreudePersonified Mon 25-Feb-19 09:36:39

Maybe some officious little jobsworth of a computer saw the word "unfortunately" and went no further?

BlueMerchant Mon 25-Feb-19 09:36:03

Definitely the reference to stock! I'd bet my M&S jeans on it!

Hoppinggreen Mon 25-Feb-19 09:27:34

I got an Amazon review rejected because I said that the item arrived damaged but that the company had reacted quickly and efficiently to get me a replacement. I also said that the product was lovely and a good price
I can’t remember the wording but it was something to do with the fact that I was supposed to review the product not the customer service .
It was odd because it was a really positive review

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