To think people mowing their lawn in FEBRUARY are bonkers?!

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earlyrisingcat Mon 25-Feb-19 07:53:12

Just that really!

Went for a walk yesterday, and passed about 200 houses en route to the woodlands 20 minutes walk away. At LEAST 30 people have mowed their lawn, or were mowing it.

It's February! confused

It may have been sunny and warmish, but it didn't top 14 degrees C where I am, the washing only half dried, the solar lamps have faded 80% by 6am, and it was ONE degree C last night.

The poor lawns were battered by a severe drought, and severe heat last Spring/summer, for 4 months, and now they're being shaved down to nothing in February, and being exposed to almost zero degrees at night! And...... it's FEBRUARY!

Has anyone on here mowed theirs yet? If so. WHY? confused

If a deep, hard, frost sets in, in one or 2 weeks (which could well happen as it will still be early March!) it will damage it!

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troubleswillbeoutofsight Mon 25-Feb-19 07:57:06

I'm in the SE England and everyone of my neighbours has mowed their lawns in the past few days. It's been really warm here, T shirt weather in the garden and the grass was really growing. The whole winter has been so so mild. I know it's probably not 'true' spring but my grass looks great

Seniorschoolmum Mon 25-Feb-19 07:58:28

It got to 16 degrees here and people were talking about barbecues grin
I didn’t hear anyone cutting lawns though.

CigarsofthePharoahs Mon 25-Feb-19 07:59:40

I haven't done mine yet because I'm bone idle, but it was warm enough this weekend where I live and my grass getting quite messy and long.

earlyrisingcat Mon 25-Feb-19 07:59:52

Oh it was a nice day yesterday (and the day before, and today too!) smile But it's just so early in the year, and was down to almost zero C overnight. I'm just afraid it will kill the poor grass... sad

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earlyrisingcat Mon 25-Feb-19 08:00:45

I probz need to get out more. grin

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Peridot1 Mon 25-Feb-19 08:00:56

DH did ours yesterday. First trim of the season. It was just a trim though. Makes it easier to pick up dog poo when the grass isn’t too long.


QuirkyQuark Mon 25-Feb-19 08:01:04

It was 16 here, all laundry dried on the line and we mowed the lawn. The grass has shot up andim not a fan of rooting around in long grass picking up dog deposits if I don't have to hmm

TheQueef Mon 25-Feb-19 08:01:40

My snowdrops are still flowering in the lawn so no cutting.
One of our neighbours mowed yesterday.
There's always one Judas.

BlueJeansNiceTop Mon 25-Feb-19 08:02:06

I was wondering only yesterday whether to get a gardener in! How much do they charge an hour these days?!

soulrider Mon 25-Feb-19 08:02:15

I cut mine as one side was really long. It's not a manicured lawn so not worried about damage - it's full of primroses and moss.

I didn't want to leave it to get longer as otherwise all the baby froggies take up residence and it makes mowing traumatic.

berrybubbles Mon 25-Feb-19 08:02:54

Try telling that to my NDN’s, they’d have me mowing it once a week if they could!grin Private rented I wish I could rip it up, it’s planted too grrr

Pk37 Mon 25-Feb-19 08:03:34

Yep, did it yesterday .
Was 17 degrees here and we needed to see what state the grass was in as we will need to re turf some bits in the spring due to a very soggy garden.

havingtochangeusernameagain Mon 25-Feb-19 08:03:35

Yes as soon as the sun comes out people have to wash their cars and hoover their lawns. Really people, can't you find pleasure in life in other ways?

LakieLady Mon 25-Feb-19 08:06:24

My grass needs cutting. We've had very few frosts and only one tiny dusting of snow all winter. Grass cutting is becoming almost a year-round thing here in the SE.

BiteyShark Mon 25-Feb-19 08:06:55

I did mine a few weeks back as patches of it were getting long. It's already grown again in that time.

If it killed the grass quite frankly I wouldn't notice as the dog is doing such a good job of that grin

gauntletthrown Mon 25-Feb-19 08:07:08

DH did ours on Saturday. It's so warm here and now the garden looks nice.

He's not bonkers he was bored at home with a sick DC.

What a ridiculous thing to get annoyed about.

earlyrisingcat Mon 25-Feb-19 08:07:20

Yes as soon as the sun comes out people have to wash their cars and hoover their lawns. Really people, can't you find pleasure in life in other ways?

LOL. grin

Yeah loads of people were washing their cars here too .. And one woman had her kids in the little paddling pool in the garden. It was 14 C.

And did I say IT'S FEBRUARY! grin

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Sirzy Mon 25-Feb-19 08:07:33

Mine needs doing but it’s still a bit too soggy. If it stays dry for a few more days I will give it a cut with a high blade

Whatsforu Mon 25-Feb-19 08:08:09

I am with you op its kinda like an obsession with some people. Where I am most people mow their lawn within a half inch!!!! Of its life!!! We let ours grow a bit, caused uproar someone even commented on facebook about it!! I don't want a manicured dead lawn!!!

earlyrisingcat Mon 25-Feb-19 08:08:14

lighten up @gauntletthrown smile

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NameChangeNugget Mon 25-Feb-19 08:08:25

It was Sunday, a lovely sunny day & 17c here. DH couldn’t wait to mow the lawn!

earlyrisingcat Mon 25-Feb-19 08:09:16


Yeah we get people hacking the lawn to death too. It's gonna be shagged before Spring! shock grin

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RavenLG Mon 25-Feb-19 08:09:51

washing dried in a few hours here. MIL cut her grass and she is a keen gardener so I trust that she knew it was good. Our garden looks like a jungle and needs a massive rake before we can even attempt the garden.
I don’t know how people don’t get pleasure in gardening, nature is wonderful!

BiteyShark Mon 25-Feb-19 08:10:17

And did I say IT'S FEBRUARY!

OP are you one of those people who turn heating on and off at set dates or do you do it when the weather dictates?

It doesn't matter if it's February because if the weather is mild things still grow. Grass doesn't give a shit about the months we have labelled on the calendar grin

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