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To think some people shouldn't be driving on a motorway?

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lostelephant Sun 24-Feb-19 22:45:48

Exactly that. The majority of driving I do is on the motorway and it amazes me how some people cannot understand how they work???

Tonight I was in the third lane, driver in the middle lane decided they didn't want to be overtaken or let me behind them so decided to match my speed every time I sped up or slowed down!

What is the point? There's 3/4 lanes on a motorway for a reason, if you're not in the far right lane then you should totally expect to be overtaken...that's how they flipping work! I ended up putting my foot down to 80mph to get past them for my junction and now I'm shitting myself in case I've got a speeding ticket!!

nowifi Sun 24-Feb-19 22:47:45

I agree OP, I drive on the M25 a lot and the amount of people I see who shouldn't be driving. It's really scary actually! Lots of people veering into another lane as they clearly aren't concentrating, probably on their phone!

Wild123 Sun 24-Feb-19 23:34:22

I avoided motorway driving for 4 years after taking my test and although been driving for 8 years now and regularly on the M20 they still scare the shit out of me. They should 100% be made part of your driving test.

BackforGood Sun 24-Feb-19 23:42:19

It isn't just on motorways though, is it?
Don't start me on how many people seem ignorant of what a yellow box is for.

Thing being, I don't think it is not knowing, it is more an attitude of 'it doesn't apply to me', and a general lack of consideration for others, that some people seem to go through life with.

Honeyroar Mon 25-Feb-19 00:00:06

That happens so much - middle lane drivers speeding up when you go to overtake, then slowing right down again if you give up and drop behind them. I don't understand what's going on in their heads! I find it happens so much more to me when I'm in my small, older car than when I'm in my husband's Range Rover.

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