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And do I have high expectations?

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Jax07 Sun 24-Feb-19 22:10:22

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years. His job is very demanding and he travels a lot abroad. I'm struggling jobwise, trying to make a change but right now I only have a full time retail job which means I work from Monday to Friday and every other week I work on Saturday but having a day off during the week. My BF is going away at the beginning of March and looking at his work calendar it seems like the only weekend we could have together is next weekend (first weekend in March)
I mentioned him that perhaps we could do something nice as I'm off that weekend too and it looks like the following 4 weeks/weekends are busy for him. He then replied that actually he was thinking of going to visit his friend(lives 4hrs from us) on Friday till Saturday night next weekend to work on their hobby project. He didn't go this weekend because it did not suit for his friend. He was looking at me with big eyes and said he already told me this - I mean he has mentioned dates but never actually confirmed anything.

I'm hurt. It's a shit feeling. I wish he wanted to spend some time with me but it looks like and feels like I am down on the bottom of his list of priorities.
Aibu to feel like this? I'm happy for him having his hobby and all but I would like some proper quality time with him and not feeling like this only matters for me.

CripsSandwiches Sun 24-Feb-19 22:12:14

I would probably be hurt too OP. It might be that after being together a while he's begun to take you for granted. Can you mention to him that you'd love some time together and see when you can make sure that happens?

Jax07 Sun 24-Feb-19 22:19:52

If only he would care the slightest... I don't think he cares. This makes me feel so sad. I don't know what else to say. I'm not angry or upset I'm just sad and feeling a bit sorry for myself

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