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AIBU to ask what you’ve mindlessly eaten today?

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Aberforthsgoat Sun 24-Feb-19 19:04:55

Just eaten a white lindt bunny. All to myself
Without really even thinking about it

I was doing so well with the weight loss but I guess I’ve given myself the day off grin

What have you been mindlessly eating?

Tomtontom Sun 24-Feb-19 19:05:44

Three bowls of ice cream.

Shortly to be four.

Finfintytint Sun 24-Feb-19 19:06:46

Cheesy chips for lunch.

Aberforthsgoat Sun 24-Feb-19 19:06:54

Ooh what flavour ice cream?

Aberforthsgoat Sun 24-Feb-19 19:11:11

I now feel quite sick

TipseyTorvey Sun 24-Feb-19 19:26:20

Well today has NOT been good. DHs birthday so.... Full roast with Yorkshire puds, I didn't hold back well, then we (me and dcs) made him a Vic sponge with fruits of the forest and cream topping, then went to the pub and ate crisps. I am on IF for the rest of the week!

tellmewhenthespaceshiplandscoz Sun 24-Feb-19 19:31:15

Literally seconds before finding this thread I was mentally beating myself up for the crap I've eaten this weekend! So glad I've found you lot smile

Today specifically -

M & S Apple hot cross bun for breakfast
Pizza for lunch
A gold bar
Granola for tea
Probably another hot cross bun shortly!

Tomorrow I'm going to be very good and run slightly further than normal to make up for it all!

Aberforthsgoat Sun 24-Feb-19 19:33:17

Mmm that cake sounds amazing @tipseytorvey

tellme hot cross buns seems like an excellent decision to me

WeCameToDance Sun 24-Feb-19 19:49:41

A big bar of Cadbury's whole nut blush
I just kept eating chunks of it every time I needed to go in the fridge until it wasn't there anymore.

Newadventure Sun 24-Feb-19 19:52:19

I roasted some pork loin for lunch today. I could not leave it alone blush

isseywithcats Sun 24-Feb-19 19:54:09

went food shopping this morning and two fresh cream doughnuts just sort of jumped into my trolley all on their own, the box is in recycling now

Mmmhmmokdear Sun 24-Feb-19 19:57:54

I haven't mindlessly eaten anything today, but I have eaten more than I usually would. Meh, that's life.

DareDevil223 Sun 24-Feb-19 20:30:14

Nothing. I'm doing the Fast 800 diet. Every calorie accounted for and savoured grin

Aberforthsgoat Sun 24-Feb-19 20:41:29

@daredevil223 can I have some willpower
Please? grin

Fartingisfun Sun 24-Feb-19 20:41:49

I ate everything.

And I mean everything.

Now feel bloated, uncomfortable and slightly disgusted.

tellmewhenthespaceshiplandscoz Sun 24-Feb-19 20:42:26

Issey have you heard of Car Cakes? If you buy cakes while food shopping then eat them in the car and don't tell anyone they never actually happened grin

Hoppinggreen Sun 24-Feb-19 20:43:22

I accidentally ordered a multipack of monster munch with my online shop instead of 1 packet
They arrived this morning and I’ve eaten 3 packets

JaceLancs Sun 24-Feb-19 20:43:37

Bell peppers stuffed with cheese
Dark chocolate florentine
As well as all my meals
Feel bloated and annoyed with myself

dellacucina Sun 24-Feb-19 20:44:49

I am basically unable to eat mindlessly, but I have had lots of food and sweets. Creme brulee, two small pieces of cake (blueberry and chocolate cherry, respectively), coffee with whole milk...

Aroundtheworldandback Sun 24-Feb-19 20:47:14

I do this all the time. For me it helps to know that in week’s time, I HAVE to be able to put on my new outfit. That’s the only way it works otherwise nothing in my kitchen is off limits.

DareDevil223 Sun 24-Feb-19 20:50:14


My motivation is disgust at how big I've got and desperation sad I've lost 8lbs in 6 days though but a long way to go.

AllTheGlitter Sun 24-Feb-19 20:50:51

Too many Greggs sausage rolls AND 2 doughnuts blush blush diet starts tomorrow!

crumpetsandacuppa Sun 24-Feb-19 20:52:15

6 mini chocolate croissants

Meangirls36 Sun 24-Feb-19 20:52:37

I'm about to make crepes had bolognaise with a whole garlic bread and a massive bowl of crunchy nut

Hellohappy Sun 24-Feb-19 20:53:14

Chocolate raisins.

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